Mutant: The Aberration

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In the World of Darkness, there exist mortals. Amongst them, there exists the few whose genetic codes and form aren't set in stone. They may be the latest descendant of a bloodline who has a history of genetic defects. They may be born in places with high pollution or radiation. Yet some are the products of cutting-edge scientific experiments, while others are the product of strange magick seeping into their bodies. They are Mutants. They could have bug eyes. Extra limbs. Tentacles. Jaws filled to the brim with teeth. Skin like bark.

initial ideas (as far as I can remember):

-Mutations aren't 'permanent' like disciplines. They can be discarded and taken.

-You get mutations, somehow, by eating other mutants, or eating chemicals/stuff which can alter your genes.

-There's supposed to be some kind of 'morality' system that makes them acceptable to society or not.

thus, I propose the mechanics as such:

-Genes: a kind of 'inventory space' for mutations. More Genes = more possible Mutations you can have at one point.

-Mutagens: points spent to acquire a Mutation. You get this by eating other mutants or eating chemicals and stuff what can damage your genes. Examples of possible Mutagen sources include LSD, asbestos, radioactivity, radioactive materials, pollutants.

-Aberration: level of bodily horror you've acquired. Tied with how many Mutations you have. Ab 0 is a normal human being, Ab 10 is something like The Thing (the one that crashed in Antarctic, not the Fantastic 4). Higher Aberration counts makes you more prone to drops in Morality. Also affects Social attributes with non-Mutants.

-Mutations: body modifications that is more like 'equipment' rather than 'skill'.

-Mutation Categories:

-Predatory: teeth, spikes, poison glands, claws, anything that can hurt your enemies.
-Defensive: shells, camouflage, skunk fart, tough skin, bone plates, anything that can defend against your enemies.
-Locomotive: legs, arms, tentacles, tails, pseudopods, anything that can move you in different ways.
-Sensory: eyes, ears, dermal nerves, olfactory bulbs, antennae, anything that lets you feel the world in different ways.
-Miscellaneous: other stuff that can't be classified to any of the above, like gills, auxiliary lungs, pheromone glands, rapid regeneration rate, metabolism, and others.
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