Mortal inferno

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Mortal Inferno is a game setting in which the upper levels of Hell have revolted, fighting their demonic overlords back to the lower levels and establishing their own precarious rule, resulting in a surreal-gothic-fantasy-wild-west. Set in hell. It was created by a poster named 'Revlid' on 4chan's /tg/ board.

The First Circle has rebelled. The virtuous pagans, the enlightened unbelievers, and the well-meaning heretics, all rose up from their City of Artificial Light, bringing war and freedom to the lower circles.

All circles bar the final two have fallen before the armies of mortal spirits, through the two before them are too rife with wandering demons to be anything but a wilderness, and safety is no guarantee even in the highest circles.

A new order has risen in hell, far removed from the First Among Fallen, trapped and raging in his cell at the icy center of the Inferno. The Mortal Order, though divided and frail, stretches across most of the abyss, fording rivers of blood, bridging cliffs of bone, over roads of half-cooled lava. Its cities and townships are inhabited by souls from every period, all those too bright to become demons and too tarnished for Paradise's liking, speaking the universal tongue of Babel.

Perhaps you are a soldier under one of the great warrior-kings, incarcerated in Hell and then freed - a warrior of Boudicca's Woad Legion, tirelessly and rowdily keeping the peace around the border to Purgatory. Or a rider in the Seventh Horde of the Great Khan, subordinate to one of his thousand nephews as they sweep across the Dodo Plains, dust ground from the bones of a million extinct species blowing about clawed hooves. Or maybe even a foot soldier in Alexander's Last Push, besieging the twisted and blackly metaphorical walls of Pandemonium itself with siege engines of soul-hardened wood and polished brass.

Perhaps you are a trader, part of a caravan carrying ashen spices, bubbling brews, and delectable meats of dubious provenance from the Third Circle's presses and farms, three-headed guard dogs settling round your camp to keep watch in three shifts for the night. Or maybe you're hauling weapons that forever glow red-hot from the forges of the Fifth Circle, bundled alongside beetle-like precious stones and liquid gold from the mines of the Fourth, ready to guard against theft by the infamous bandits and green-eyed monsters of the Invidian Hills. Perhaps you take your wares by barge or salvaged galleon, travelling up and down the treachorous and shifting River Styx, your journey's main waypoint the port city of Iracedia, its harbour set on the shores of the Lake Stygia, the living battleship Leviathan guarding its safety.

Perhaps you are a more traditional adventurer, a modern sceptic travelling this weird and hellish afterlife alongside a Viking berserker, a heretical warrior-monk of the dark ages, an Elizabethan victim of the Inquisition, and a millennia-dead Greek witch. Together you search for the Resplendently Golden City of Mammon, mythical even in Hell. Or perhaps for demonic lore sealed in clay tablets of Babylon and yellowed pages of Edwardian tomes, lost even to the prying eyes of the fallen angels. Or maybe you seek battle with some creature of the deep, some Gorgebeast or Stained Glass Mantis, or one of the unslain demons that still roam the upper circles - The Gristle Pilgrim or Good Lady Cratchet or J'ul-shannazar.

Maybe you've even been unlucky enough to get yourself involved in the politics of the First City of Limbo, running interference between the various cults, guilds, block-wide fiefdoms and rival businesses - negotiating a truce between the Aristotleans and Socratites in Club Bub, investigating the murder of a wealthy Hellion and the blood-straw-and-porcelain thing that has legitimately taken her place, or preventing an assassination attempt by a deranged devotee of Ovid on a poem reading of Homer's latest work.

Whatever you do, whoever you are - whatever you've done, whoever you were - this is New Hell. A Wild West more inherently cruel and marvellously twisted than any that might have been found in life.

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

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