m♥♥t = Dawww

The most well-known instance of interaction between moot, the creator of 4chan, and /tg/ was when moot banned one of /tg/'s most obnoxious tripfags ten years ago. A friendly chat and some drawfaggotry ensued.

The thread can be found in the archive, it currently holds the title of the most upvoted one. Scratch that, the most upvoted is Krogmor now.

On the 22nd of January 2015, Moot retired from 4chan and there was much lamenting (and rejoice, depending on whom you ask) as he parted with his final utterance of "See you later, space cowboy" (proving that he fails at quoting) after a 4-hour long Q&A session streamed through Google Hangouts via Youtube.

All things considered, 4chan has calmed down a lot since moot left. Say what you will about moot's policy of waging raving wars of attrition to stop people from liking what he didn't like, the site sure hasn't been in the news much lately.