Monsterpocalypse is the most fuckawesome thing ever produced by Privateer Press. They have managed to take everything that is awesome about Japanese kaiju movies, but without the weeaboo and turn it into an affordable minis game. The plot is mostly just an excuse for the game, giant monsters all around fighting while also have small armies helping them, but who cares, it's giant monsters fighting each other. The game itself, is however, is quite complicated and puts an emphasis on individual combat between monsters.


The game and its setupEdit

Short version of the rules is that each player controls one or more Monsters, and a set of smaller units called, well, Units, which are everything from tanks, jets, robots, and smaller monsters. Players also get a number of buildings, which are used to create the city to be smashed. Spaces around the map provide spawn points for Units, add Power to the player's die pools, or allow them to capture and hold buildings, which provide various effects when controlled, attacked, or destroyed.

Monsters come in two forms; their normal, or Alpha form, and a Hyper form. In the first edition, the Hyper form was represented by a differently-painted model and altered set of stats, and could be switched at will, while the second edition reserves it as a generally more powerful form that activates when the Monster is down to it's last third of life. Units could attack the enemy monster, fight each other, or hold buildings, among other abilities. Units were weaker, usually dying in one hit, but could be respawned each Unit turn. To encourage using both sides of your force, player turns alternate between controlling the Monster and the Units. The game ends when one side has all of its monsters destroyed(both forms).

The game initially had six factions, split into six agendas, Protectors (who want to save world, but since you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs they still cause heavy collateral damage), Radicals (eco-freaks that dislike the modern era and want to pound humanity back to the stone age), Collaborators (they want save world and may want to take it over afterwards), Invaders (they well, invade us and want our resources), Destroyers (they just destroy everything, its what they do), and Fiends (they rampage around because they're Evil). The game's second block, in addition to releasing more monsters and units for each faction, also added a new faction for each agenda.

The game's second edition simplifies the Agendas into Protectors (which include the original Protectors, Radicals, and Collaborators(Shadow Sun) agendas) and Destroyers (Destroyers, Invaders, Collaborators(Ubertech) and Fiends), and for now at least, reverts back to the original six factions. The biggest change is in the packaging. Units and Monsters are no longer bought in blind packs, so you can now get exactly the monster and faction you want. They now also come as unpainted plastic/resin models.

Factions and AgendasEdit


Protectors are pretty much the Good Guys, doing their best to protect the innocent, but these are giant Kaiju/Robots/Golems, so some buildings are gonna get wrecked.

  • The first Protectors faction was G.U.A.R.D (Globally United Advanced Research & Defense), a U.N funded organization that uses futuristic tanks, jets, and uses giant robots for their "Monsters". Basically a cross between Super Robot anime like Mazinger Z and Gao Gai Gar and 'the Pacific Rim films, with the Maser tanks and other vehicles from the Hesei-era Godzilla movies.
  • The second Protectors faction was the Elemental Champions, monks that use magic to summon elemental themed monsters and magic armor to turn into giant warrior gods to fight evil.


Radicals are nominally good guys, but tend to be a bit on the batshit side. So they can cause just as much destruction as the bad guys.

  • The first Radicals faction was the Terrasaurs, giant dinosaurs(basically Godzilla, Anguirus, Rodan, etc...) that attack nuclear power plants and toxic refineries to eat their waste. They also have the support of crazy Eco-terrorists called Green Fury, because if they're attacking polluters, they must be the good guys, right? Contains the obligatory Godzilla-inspired monster, Terra Kahn.
  • The second Radicals faction was the Empire of the Apes. As a gorilla faction was one of the biggest requests, this faction was created. It contains giant apes of various sizes that feel humanity controlling nature is bad and want to beat us back to the stone age. Contains the obligatory King Kong inspired monster, King Kondo, and probably the most amusing looking models in the game, like a monster sized ape that swings a bullet train around like a whip, and gorillas that carry around howitzers like normal guns.


Collaborators are out for themselves above all, and will work with or fight against both sides as their interests dictate.

  • The first Collaborators faction was the Shadow Sun Syndicate, a crime syndicate that uses sleek, iPod-like army units and its monsters consist of Ultraman-inspired super-ninjas called Zors that turn into giants. They will likely try and take over the world in addition to saving it.
  • The second Collaborators faction was UberCorp Internation. This faction was created in response to the desire for a robot version of Terra Khan (since one of Godzilla's classic enemies is a robot version of himself called Mechagodzilla), so this faction was created that uses robot versions of everything that isn't a robot. They mostly respond to protecting people that can afford to pay for their services.


Invaders have come to Earth to conquer.

  • The first Invaders faction was the Martian Menace, which surprisingly, is aliens from Mars. Their planet's resources are depleted, and so to survive they're moving in on Earth. Their monsters and units are inspired by 50's sci-fi movies, which include flying saucers and War of the Worlds-style tripod walkers.
  • The second Invaders faction is the Tritons, an empire of from beneath the sea that seeks to sink coastal cities and add them to their territory. They just want to take a Part of your World. They use a combination of futuristic machines and giant sea monsters.


Monsters here to eat and wreck shit.

  • The first Destroyers faction was the Planet Eaters, aliens from who knows where that arrive via comet(the comet was later named after its founder Blots Folly), and they eat everything in sight. So basically Gigan, King Ghidorah, and the various Ultraman invading monsters.
  • The new Destroyers faction is the Savage Swarm, a swarm of giant insects that are attracted to bright lights and smash buildings that have bright lights. Based on THEM! and other 50's style giant insect films.


Fiends have come to spread pain and suffering across the Earth. So yeah, Kaiju-scale trolls.

  • The first Fiends was faction was the Lords of Cthul, H.P. Lovecraft inspired monsters, most of which are based on Cthulu & co., from another dimension, that want to destroy humanity for the lulz. Of course, in stride with Lovecraft's spirit, what might seem to humans to be a rampage may be a stroll in the park for GOOs. Have a scary Solstice and a horrible new year!
  • The new Fiends faction is the Subterranean Uprising, an evil empire of mole people from beneath the Earth's surface that rule with an iron fist and now want to conquer the surface as well as block out the sun because their eyes are sensitive to light. They use giant cyborg mole monsters with drill and cutting implements for hands.

More on this later.

Reasons for awesomenessEdit

One reason this game is so fuckawesome is that it contains mechanics for classic monster "wrestling" allowing you to head-butt, throw, body slam, and swat away enemy units.

Another is the fact it gives you reminisce until your balls turn blue about all the things you loved about giant robots and monsters as a kid and gives you the chance to re=enact it in person.

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