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"Why are monstergirls better than a real woman?"
"Because the monster is on the outside."

– Exchange posted on /monster/


I'm 12 and What Is This?Edit


I'm Now 18 and Always Was and What Is This?Edit

Anon explains the differences between furries and monstergirls.

Alright, you've probably heard of the Furry fetish - for all the absolute hate it gets on /tg/, it gets mentioned around here enough. Monstergirls aren't furries - /tg/ is very adamant about this, and if there's one thing more likely to get you ballbusted than bringing up furries, it's trying to argue about the difference/lack thereof between the two. Monstergirls are where /tg/ and /d/ have their greatest overlap - sexy, decidedly not-human, girls who happen to be among the things everyone on /tg/ loves the most. To put it simply, were Rule 34 and a Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual to have hardcore ball-busting sex, monstergirls would be the product of their sweaty lust, and both parents would look upon their children with pride.

In essence: Take a monster and add bits of female human anatomy until you have something left that's fairly sexy. Then, for good measure, add a bit of behavioral changes similar to the creature before. The most common form of this, especially from Weeaboo artists, is basically a human girl with tails, ears, inhuman limbs, spikes, tentacles, or whatever; they often ending up looking like cosplay creations if not handled well. Ironically, more monstrous-looking monstergirls (lizardgirls with scaled human faces, for example) are just as likely to be blasted as being "furry scum" as they are to be defended by fa/tg/uys. 'Better' yet, animal monstergirls like centaurs, minotaurs and harpies suffer the most from the constant quarreling over where the line between monstergirl and female not-quite-so-furry lies, but /tg/ is generally willing to ignore the furriness of anything an actual furry would happily call a "20% or less furry".

The Japanese like to use the term "Kemonomimi" to describe this kind of girl, which literally translates as "animal ears". Most otherwise animalistic monsters fall under this category by giving them more human features than their original versions (i.e. harpies, minotaurs, sometimes sphinxes, etc). Gnolls and kobolds occupy an uncertain place in particular, since even most MG fans can't really picture them without a bestial-looking face... except this is totally not the case. Go to ANY furry board, especially Fchan, and you will find long arguments about how monstergirls ARE furries. And oddly, lot of furries do not want this to be so, yet others insist on it.

In /tg/'s eyes, the difference is this: There's anthropomorphic fans; people who dig humans with animal features. This is common and HARMLESS, and these people can be found in dozens of different boards. Hell, there's even Touhous with Cat Ears.

"Girls with cat ears are so cute!"

This is normal, and there's nothing wrong with this.

Then there's furries who have a sexual fetish for people-shaped animals, or who want to be people-shaped animals AND dress up as animals. These people are hated but they're usually not so ba- *BLAM* Showing one atom of sympathy is HERESY!

"Oh god, Chakats are totally hot, I'd do them so hard"

As you can see from our friend the Commissar, this is Heresy to be shunned.

Please, they are just a bunch of fu*BLAM* anyone who try to compare monstergirls with furries or otherwise using monstergirls to cover for furries, please contact the Inquisition as soon as possible.

A wide variety of monstergirls exist - a comprehensive list may be impossible, but some of the most common ones seen on /d/ and /tg/ alike are below:

Suffice to say, there's ten shitloads. Monstergirls are one of the few things /tg/ will defend to the death - getting between a fa/tg/uy and his monstergirls will result in fa/tg/uy rage that will give an Angry Marine pause. Note that there are other, decidedly-not-monstergirls that are seen in these threads too - elves aren't exactly Monstergirls and get fucked way too much - but they're still allowed, as are miscellaneous catgirls, kitsunes, etc, in spite of the obvious Weeaboo. There's also a few more monstrous girls, such as Thri-Kreen or Mindflayers, thrown in the mix for both hilarity and lulz. So if you happen upon some desert insect women in a Monstergirl thread? Don't be afraid -- it's all good. Make a grapple check if you know what I mean.

So, what's the difference between Furries and Monstergirls?Edit

This is a matter of some debate; we have a subsection of our Furry article dedicated to this, but two of the main points are:

  1. Supercreepy (and actually, literally, DSM-5 diagnostically insane) furry fans are the problem the internet has with the fandom, to the point that even the worst monstergirl fans could manage pales in comparison.
  2. Monstergirls are a more "ordinary" (if porn-heavy) internet fandom, while Furrydom overlaps with being a "lifestyle", thus throwing any fucked shit associated with them into greater focus.

What about Monsterboys?Edit

"Monsterboys" is a recognized term, if less famous, that serves to refer to male monsters who are given a similar "sexy revamp" to the females. Ironically, whilst monsterboys are fairly common in non-/tg/ media - the genre of "supernatural romance" is pretty much built around sexy male vampires (and more rarely werewolves or other mostly human monsters) seducing human women - they are generally not well liked by monstergirls fans. This is because A: most monstergirls fans are straight men and thus couldn't care less about male versions, and B: monsterboys are often seen as a "challenge" or an "interference" to the desired human guy/monstergirl nookie.

As a result, with monstergirls, either there is an extreme sexual dimorphism going on, where the females look like exotic but sexy humanoids and the males are ugly deformed brutes (something that Oglaf pokes fun of in one famous comic), or the monstergirls are just presented as an exclusively female race that either is totally dependent on human men to breed or has some way of breeding without humans (simply acknowledging the existence of males of a given monsterperson species without showing them naked is surprisingly rare).

The /monster/ board on 8chan absolutely despises monsterboys, demanding that they be shunted off into their own remote splinter-board - /chaos/ - to avoid "contaminating" their precious waifus (yeah, sometimes we're almost as bad as furries here).

Official Tabletop GamesEdit

Despite their appeal to the fans of /tg/, monstergirls rarely get any sort of serious shake-down in actual tabletop games. Unfortunately, it's far too easy for such a setting to get derided as a magical realm (though not without reason) ,so many DMs are afraid to work homebrew settings featuring them, and official settings don't want the "overly sexualised" stigma.

In Dungeons & Dragons, the closest one usually gets to any sort of monstergirl content is in the form of elves. Maybe because of their connection to The Lord of the Rings, elf/human romances have a legitimacy that many other races lack. Demihumans and monstrous humanoids have, traditionally, been portrayed as very unappealing to human semblances; goblins and orcs as wrinkled, warty, big-nosed and snaggle-toothed horrors, dwarf women as so heavy-faced and hairy that they're indistinguishable from their menfolk, she-gnomes as prematurely aged crones, halflings as fat midgets, and so on. When they are beautiful, such as in the case of the succubus and the lamia, they're usually described as pure evil, shattering men's minds for abusive sexual pleasure before sucking the life out of them or devouring their flesh. However... as time has passed on, and artists have improved, D&D artwork has slowly been sliding more towards a monstergirl-friendly interpretation. The days of hideously ugly demihuman women and irredeemably evil monstrous humanoids are dying, leaving more attractive forms and broader possibilities for racial relations than "axe to the head!" in their wake.

Pathfinder, meanwhile, can't seem to make its mind up on the subject. It has a surprising array of attractive monstrous females, even a few monstergirl races; the Girtablilu, a race of ruin-guarding scorpion-taurs, has a very hot female as its iconic bestiary artwork depiction, whilst the Thriae are a race of sexy bee-girls who explicitly need human men to serve as consorts for their queens and even the sterile non-queens often take human lovers. However, officially, these races tend to be given traits that make mating with them unappealing at best; the ironclad cultural standard amongst harpy flocks that they must eat the fathers of their children, thriae keeping their consorts as slaves until they're too old/weak to perform and then euthanizing & cannibalizing them, and so on. But in their adventure paths, they also sometimes throw bones at the fans of monstergirls; their 4th adventure path, "Legacy of Fire", has a non-cannibalistic harpy as a potential love interest; their 12th one, "Reign of Winter", has a polymorphed Winter Wolf female named Greta as another potential monstrous love interest; and Wrath of the Righteous has a ascending-succubus NPC whose road to redemption is explicitly easier if some kind PC is giving her some lovin'.

Living With Monstergirl seriesEdit

Whenever a monstergirl thread starts, someone will inevitably start posting the "Living With _____" aka "My Life With _____" comics. These are one-page cute erotic stories of a man who has a monstergirl waifu. The author assures us (in an interview vignette) it's not the same guy two-timing these girls, but actually eight identical brothers who each happened to fall in love with a different monstergirl. The brothers sometimes meet one another (and their spouses) mid-comic.

The ones that have been seen/translated are:

For those of us who love this kind of thing, the original artist Inui Takemaru (aka Okayado, aka Crabman) has an ongoing monthly manga based loosely on this series. It's been tamed-down to ecchi for the most part -- you'll see tits at its most adult moments -- but the art style and writing is pretty much what it was back in his old stuff. Somehow it got turned into a harem manga, but that's cool and all. It's not like they're going to do a story arc about the protagonist having to choose a girl. As of now Lamia, Harpy, Centaur, Slime, Mermaid, Arachne, and Dullahan girls have joined the harem/happy family, but plenty others have made appearances, including Zombie, Ogre, Cyclops and Mimic girls in a paramilitary squad, a cowgirl, sheepgirl, and two cotton girls out on a farm, a dryad, a kitsune, a scylla, a hallucinogenic mushroom girl that makes you see in JRPG-vision, and many many more.

It's going under the title Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou (Daily Life with Monstergirls) and is being scanned and translated as it's released. Not securing yourself a copy is considered treason. Treason is punishable by death. There are now officially translated print versions as well, for purchaseplunder wherever monstergirls manga are sold. The official manga has sold so well that it always debuts at number 1 on the NYT best-sellers list, and at one point was so popular it had a literary critic predicting the return of printed porn. The translations are punnier in the official version, so truly invested fans may want to consider reading both the scanlated and official versions.

An anime for this series aired in 2015, with OVAs and sequel teasing. Buy tissues and hand lotion shares now.

As a side note, although the original one-shot comics and the ongoing print manga both use the same template ("X no Iru Nichijou" and "Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou", respectively) for their Moonspeak titles, the generally accepted English titles are "Living With Monstergirl"/"Living With X" for the originals and "Daily Life with Monstergirl(s)" for the current manga.

The Monster Girl EncyclopediaEdit

This is the setting that provides a lot of the art in the gallery below, and it's one of the most well-known settings on /tg/ that isn't Monster Musume above. A guy named Kenkou Cross is writing and illustrating a NSFW encyclopedia on a world where all the monsters have been converted into hybrids between their old forms and Hot Chicks. Basically, they are all lustful and want to rape and/or marry whatever men they see (mostly the former).

The setting is quite notorious on /tg/. Although KC gets a lot of credit for being one of the oldest and most prolific "devoted to publishing monstergirls arts/setting" artists (Felarya is technically older but much, much more niche, and so less popular), he also gets a lot of flak. Why? Well, for starters, the big problem is that his setting design attracts an assload of roasting. It is scarily simple to read the many complaints listed for a certain pile of festering failure and substitute in the demonic race and its leader from this one.

For more details, read the Monster Girl Encyclopedia page.

Monster Girl QuestEdit

Being gang-raped to death by a group of sentient zombie monsters is kind of one of the tamer aspects of this game. Believe it or not, more extreme things happen.

For those of you who prefer your Japanese content in a more interactive medium, this might just be the game for you. Go on a quest, slay monsters who are also girls, before they slay you. We're not kidding, in most cases, your character is either milked to death or raped and then fucking digested alive upon defeat. Beneath that, the game also has a surprisingly good story and some very good self-aware jokes that take shots at its own genre. A well known and well-liked game amongst a special brand of /d/eviant, it is quite like a visual novel. If you don't know what that means, go ask /jp/. We don't take kindly to those kinds of questions around here.

Also, this game is even more grimdark than the MGE above, and it doesn't hide its grimmer elements away in background lore, either. In Monster Girl Quest, you are warned from the start that most monster-girls will casually enslave, kill or eat humans after sex, and this is not anti-xenophile propaganda like it is in the MGE. As stated above, death or devouring are the most common outcomes if you lose. Even fan-favorite partner Alice will casually swallow your character whole and digest him alive if you tick her off, and many monstergirls you encounter casually reminisce about their latest prey, one of them, Red Ooze, happily kills and eats the husband of a worried harpy woman desperately asking about her mate in the village. Per typical cringy Karma Houdini JRPG Custom, the murderous monstergirl is merely wounded and retreats, although the developing storyline eventually reveals that most monster-girls are only this brutal because of the recent Church-inspired repression against their kind, murder and predation still doesn't get justified. For many of the monster-girls in this game, losing a fight means losing their life and their entire generation as they require human males to mate with to reproduce and sustain themselves (which makes the ones who eat people who are cool with them even dumber). With the ongoing xenophobia enforced by the Goddess Illias, monsters will slowly die out and most of them think that the only way to survive would be to force themselves on others (as opposed to anything else that doesn't make people hate them), which causes a feedback loop in that now the church is proven correct in their claims. Thus, just about every monstergirl you encounter will molest you violently to the best of their abilities even if they won't kill you.

For more information, see: Mon Musu Quest!


Felarya is an... odd setting. Every so often, you see something that is created with the root of appealing to a certain fetish. Felarya is designed with a focus on the softcore variety of the vore fetish (i.e. people getting eaten alive and, in this case especially, potentially digested alive), done by naked monstergirls. Oh, wondering how that's supposed to work? That's simple. The monstergirls are are at least four stories tall, at a minimum, and it's not uncommon to see some that over a hundred feet. This whole thing can put people off easily, since the monstergirls, called predators here, eat humans alive and condemn them to a horrible death via digestion. The only bright side is that this setting is a prime example of there always being a bigger fish. The predators that eat humans? They're something else's dinner too. In fact, nearly everything in this setting is some sort of dangerous fake-boobed monstergirl that eats some other sentient creature for lunch.

TL;DR: It's the Monster Girl Encyclopedia if you replaced the pedophilia with vore.

If that description put you off, there's probably not much for you there. The giant boobs get disturbing quick if you aren't into the concept of unrelenting lethal vore.

What, no mentioning the Bards Adventures?Edit

An artist named Frederik K. T. Andersson does a lot of interesting monstergirl (and monsterboy) artwork, sometimes in the form of comics. One of his recurring characters is a highly charismatic, lecherous fool of a bard who runs around like an animal in heat, sleeping with (and usually impregnating) every monstergirl he meets, much to the rage of his (implicitly jealous) female elf teammate. Perhaps his greatest achievement(?) was siring a human/rock hybrid. Not with a golem or earth elemental. Just, a rock. Even he wasn't sure how that had worked.

Monster Girls on TourEdit

A humor comic with a cast composed entirely of monstergirl (and monsterboy); the protagonist is a Salamander warrior. The website has also a lot of monstergirl artwork:


We have an entire website for monstergirls purely dedicated to written and drawn art.

The spicier tales from several artists can also be found in Literotica, often in both sites.

Oh Dear God, There's More?Edit

Hell yeah, there's more. Besides lurking down the rabbit hole of /d/ and /d/-lite for singular artists and old one-off doujinshi, Daily Life with Monstergirls turned monstergirls from an undercurrent to an industry trend. There's more monstergirl works out there now than ever before, all with varying levels of lewdness. If you want in on the action, go read the artist lists on the back of the I Heart Monster Girls collaboration books, or just poke around the "related books" banners on your web-based literature purveyor of choice. Literotica's NonHuman section has received quite a bit of monstergirl stories.

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