Mobile Suit Mechanicus

This actually happened

It's like Adeptus Evangelion.

Except not at all.

Mobile Suit Mechanicus is a Dark Heresy and Adeptus Evangelion modification designed to allow players to run games in the wonderful world of Gundam.

Its core book will be based around the One Year War, but later releases are slated to include Zeta all the way to Char's Counter Attack for the UC and either 00 or Wing for its first Alternate Universe book.

This game will be done god knows when, but we're damn close to PDF making time.

Oh shit nerds, this one's new as fuck SOON TO BE REPLACED BY NEW MANAGEMENT!

Mobile Suit Mechanicus PDF Beta

By the way, the link doesn't work due to the utter faggotry by the American Government. Unless someone else has another one, the Mobile Suit Mechanicus is lost forever.

Your wish is my command.

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