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Aliases Bearer of Light, the Blue Lady, Empress, Healer in the Home, the Healing Hand, Ka-Mel-Sha, Ke-en, Light Bringer, Mesalax, Meshal, Mishas, Quenesti Pah, Quen Illumini, Skymistress
Alignment Neutral Good
Divine Rank Greater Deity
Pantheon Krynn (Gods of Light)
Portfolio Healing, Mercy, Fertility, Beauty
Domains 3E: Community, Good, Healing, Protection
5E: Knowledge, Life
Home Plane 2E: Healer's Home (Elysium)
3E: The Dome of Creation
Worshippers Healers, Artists, Midwives, Scholars
Favoured Weapon Healing Strike (Quarterstaff)

Mishakal is the gentle and beloved Goddess of Healing and Compassion in the Dungeons & Dragons setting of Dragonlance. The wife of Paladine after he was abandoned by his sister-spouse Takhisis, she is the mother of their three sons; the twins Kiri-Jolith and Habbakuk, and their youngest, Solinari.

Whilst compassionate, gentle and loving, seeking to minister to all creatures, Mishakal is neither weak, a fool nor oblivious to the darkness of the world. When roused to anger, she is a formidable force. Her depest enmity is reserved for the servants of Morgion, whose portfolio of disease and decay is anathema to her.


Heal all who require it, even if they are your enemies. Drive out disease, cut away decay, and bring light to those who live in darkness and ignorance. Heal the wounded land, promote harmony and peace, and lend help where it is needed - particularly to those who cannot help themselves. Do not raise weapons in anger, but defend yourself and those whose lives are in danger. Honor those who have passed on to a better life, but remember that your duties lie with those who are left behind. Comfort their pain, bandage their wounds, show them compassion, and ease the sorrow in their hearts.

The deities of Dragonlance
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