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Minecraft is a fantasy game created by Swede of renown Markus "Notch" Persson.

The game is first-person LEGO blocks; you walk about in a virtual reality, everything is made of cubes -- including the water, lava, animals and monsters -- and you can rearrange the cubes to suit your needs or desires. The maps are pseudo-random, allowing for a surface area that scales to larger than the surface of the Earth, in fact it is so large that a group of scientist predicted it was the size of Neptune, yes you heard me, size of NEPTUNE! There's no goal; it's a pure sandbox game.

Some have used it to build models of D&D adventure maps, such as Kobold Hall from D&D4E, or the Keep on the Borderlands from old 1st Ed. AD&D.

However, it should be noted that this game will make your computer choke to death. No kidding. Like Dwarf Fortress choke to death, but worse. It's sort of a toss-up, actually, because both games have the same problem of being single-threaded and needing to account for a billion little things at once. Dwarf Fortress eventually becomes lagtastic as your fortress grows, but Minecraft stays moderately tolerable for the entire playthrough.

Despite the shitty graphics, shitty physics (trees will hover in midair when you cut a section of the trunk out), shitty combat, and so on, it's still better than 99.9% of games being made today.

The full release of Minecraft was uploaded on November 18, 2011. It is still receiving regular updates, including new items, new gameplay features, and new mobs. Plans for features that have been in the works since its Alpha test phase are finally getting attention. One of the main additions to the full release was an end-game scenario - getting to the void dimension called The End and defeating the Enderdragon. Crafting was expanded and overhauled in a number of areas as well. Bringing it even closer to its dwarfier cousin is the recent addition of cats, which thankfully only breed when you want them to. While many later-day changes have been welcomed by players, the back end code is getting more and more obfuscated, making it an almost impossible task for mod-makers to update to the latest editions. Many long-time players play with modpacks that use years-old version of Minecraft, because that was the last time the mod-makers could be arsed to comb through the to-this-day-API-lacking source code. Also, the Adventure Update fucking ruined everything and Beta 1.7.3 was the last actually good version of the game.

As you can see, not all of /tg/ likes Minecraft. It is a /v/idyagame, after all, and games without rules or objectives don't sit well with everyone.


Minecraft vs. Dwarf FortressEdit

As a sandbox game with retro graphics and fantasy elements, some compare it to Dwarf Fortress, though the two are nothing alike:

Minecraft Dwarf Fortress
3D look with a first-person perspective. Blocks are textured, and changing texture sets is easy. Dwarf Fortress uses ANSI graphics, which were good enough for your Dad so shut yer yapper.
Each world is a huge sprawling pastoral setting, where you can happily dig and build and farm. Monsters come out at night, so build fortifications. A world of strife and pain where you can happily watch your dwarfs go into a tantrum spiral and destroy themselves in riots unless they pass out dead drunk in their own puke. Monsters will siege your home for months at a time, which is not as bad as your own nobledwarfs doing crap like forbidding the use of coal, or sentencing your best axedwarf to death for drinking the wrong booze ale.
Minecraft starts at casual, letting you build a cottage home right away, but you can get deep into it, planning out huge mining operations or constructing castles that cover hundreds or thousands of square meters. Crafting recipes may not be obvious, so reading the wiki is advisable though not necessary. Dwarf Fortress starts so deep you can't even see casual with a telescope. There are hours of video tutorials on YouTube teaching you how to play the game. The combat system keeps track of the status of each individual finger on both hands for every dwarf, and umpteen internal organs. Look at the wiki, it's a very good wiki that makes this one look like shit. There's hundreds of pages for creatures and stone types.
In Minecraft, logistics are simple enough to work out, seeing as food grows on its own. You do everything yourself, so give yourself food in case you get too far off building your castle's fifth basement. In Dwarf Fortress, getting your Dwarves to do like you say is not as hard as many people may make it out to be. Everything lives at a dynamic equilibrium, and one wrong click can topple that stability like the Horus Heresy. Nobles exist to ruin the economy, but no one can get rid of them. You may however need nobles for certain reasons. Certain resources are so rare and vital that you need entire economies devoted to making them. Problems compound onto themselves until a starving hoard of Dwarves is running naked across a lake of their own bile, dragging the Nobles along the floor and eating themselves, all the while outrunning the legions of hell.
You can harvest materials to build tools. Same in df as well. You hopefully have the right materials to build the tools you-- "Craftsdwarf Gregor has stopped task: building granite doors; interrupted by zombie elephant. Craftsdwarf Gregor has been struck down." --oh for CRYING OUT LOUD!
People post screenshots of the pixel art they made with the colored-wool blocks. People write huge sagas about their colonies, with fortress names like "Boatmurdered" and "Headshoots"[1] spoken in reverent tones.
You can open the Magma Gates, which will bawleet pretty much only you, creatures, flammable things, and thing you drop. Mostly, its just fun to watch, but make sure you can close them again! You will open the Magma Gates, which will bawleet EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE, and is an economic and engineering tragedy from which your fortress and dwarves may never recover. Except if you own dragons, which can swim in magma.

/tg/ and MinecraftEdit

The previous release (Sept 2011) was v1.8 "the Adventure Update," which promised to have new map generating methods, "villager" NPCs and NPC/monsters that will also construct their own buildings. Once it rolled out, Minecraft was supposed to have become a full-fledged adventure game, and /tg/ would have rejoiced.

Except that isn't how things went. Most of 1.8 was total bullshit, from a hunger and starvation system that was more complicated than the previous "food = instant healing" system but didn't offer any actual gameplay improvement, to a useless experience system, to the lowering of the sea level from y=64 (a lovely, reasonable, perfect number) to y=63 (a stupid number that can burn in hell for eternity), to functionally exterminating friendly mobs, to the homogenization of the terrain... where was I going with this?

If you want your adventuring fix, you're best off downloading "Adventure Map" world saves meant to be played in Adventure mode; it disables block destruction/placement in most circumstances, but oftentimes come with various puzzle-filled dungeons and prizes, depending on how well-designed these maps are. Sure these maps are probably only entertaining for a single play-through, but the fact that people make new ones all the time tends to make up for that. Thanks to the robust in-game's programming tools, it's possible to have a fairly complex and nuanced experience if you're clever enough to design it. playing an adventure game, not a voxel-based sandbox construction one.

It's nowhere near as popular with fa/tg/uys as Dwarf Fortress; or, god forbid, Touhou. It's still a bit more popular than Terraria though, mostly because Terraria is 2D and just doesn't offer the same level of design capability that Minecraft does (though Terraria does have a more dungeon crawling to it, so adventuregamers prefer it). But, while Dwarf Fortress is more diverse than either by several magnitudes, Minecraft doesn't require a graduate degree in civic engineering, and feels more familiar to people who were raised on Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake, and so forth. Some people got annoyed early-on that Minecraft was wandering away from it's more "realistic" (read: Dwarf Fortress hydrology) roots, and created an old total-conversion mod called Better Than Wolves. This was known for a time as a more Dwarf-authentic experience, before it stopped being actively worked on.

Notch did include an interesting mechanic to the game right before he passed the project on to Jeb: Enchanting. This gives a reason for the experience system to exist, although a non-essential reason. A player who has more experience has access to a wider variety of enchantments, which are randomly offered to you in an incomprehensible code from a book which lays on a table you had to craft. It can give your weapon many varying effects, not all of which are good. If you have the time, you can decode the book, but few actually care to. This, combined with the potions system, has given the RPG-loving fa/tg/uy more to enjoy once the mining has lost its fun, but the vidiots reacted to these new systems as if they were covered in skub. Which is always fun to watch.

As stated, further additions and corrections have been made with Minecraft 1.0, the unintuitively-named First Release after many previous releases with version numbers higher than 1.0. Mojang waves it off as "oh that was version 1.8 BETA, this is version 1.0 for REALS", despite the fact that Minecraft is still technically in beta phase of releases. This means it is still driven by live user testing to discover bugs and gamebreakers, but some staff-shuffling at Mojang and new hires means they're finally doing in-house debugging before passing it on to the player base. Also Jeb is the kind of crazy that puts giant metal robots in a town full of caveman Squidwards. Most of the bugs and glitches were stabilized and cleaned up by early 2015, and additional biomes were added since Notch entombed himself in his California mansion, creating a more fully-realized world and encouraging players to explore for places with rare or otherwise-non-existent resources.

With the recent acquisition of Minecraft by Microsoft, there is both hope and fear regarding continued development. Current changes see additions of cosmetic ceramic blocks and an expansion of the End. However, mod support is getting worse and worse, and nothing has been said about the much-awaited modding API or the much-needed (proper) multi-threading support. The Xbox version has been frequently marketed and updated though, and the game's price has steadily increased. It should be noted that Microsoft has created a parallel dev team to Mojang which is making an out-and-out copy of Minecraft written in C# instead of Java.

fa/tg/uy ServersEdit

The real reason that Minecraft remains relevant to /tg/ is the quiet history of the servers that are made by and for it's denizens. The two big players back in the 2011 days were /tg/ Minecrafters and Dwarf Fortress Role Play. One was more more focused on roleplaying, while the other was more focused on the /tg/ community (I'll let you guess which was which). These two communities have a lot of history between them, including plenty of interior turbulence and several months-long periods of inactivity. A few archived threads from back in the day hint at the far-off shitstorms which /tg/ itself was thankfully not privy to. DFRP was actually split in twain over a massive magnitude-9.0 shitquake, and never recovered. (DFRP has been remade into the Broken Worlds server, see below.)

Current Servers
Name Armokcraft - Dwarf Fortress RP
IP armokcraft.fluctis.net:27869
Description Armokcraft is a Dwarf Fortress themed towny RP/PvP server. With a community more focused on the RP side. We use a custom resource pack and items themed around dwarf fortress, the ability to choose a race and eventually a class and a custom map that makes farming impossible in certain areas and mining equally impossible in most. There's magic and lots of different things to play around with. More shit gets added every week and there's frequent events. Still active as of late may 2019.
Where discord.gg/nSe3Se8
Admin Dagoth Hyde
Other Links armokcraft.fandom.com
Name Broken Worlds
Description The old DFRP community remade, remoulded and reborn. New leadership, new worlds, new plugins and a new attitude.
Where Our Wiki
Admin Tavolk1
Mods Small modpack, mostly custom plugins. Read more on the wiki.
Name /tg/Minecrafters Thunder Server
Description Thunder is a modpack based off of /tg/'s original modded servers with magic, technology and a whole variety of mods to make minecraft that little bit more interesting.
Where https://steamcommunity.com/groups/tgminecrafters/discussions/0/616189106523636871/
Admin Brick
Mods The mods and a short summary of what they do can be found here https://steamcommunity.com/groups/tgminecrafters/discussions/0/616189106523636871/
Other Links The actual steam group https://steamcommunity.com/groups/tgminecrafters/
Name /tg/craft iteration 2 - Silea Ravni
IP tgcraft.pw
Description /tg/craft is a newer /tg/ server, primarily meant as a light fantasy RP server. It requires no installation of mods to play. Currently it is set in an early industrial revolution setting, with guns and primitive industry being available. Additionally, it has the magic spells, werewolf and vampire plugins from previous /tg/crafts, along with a tonne of other neat stuff such as extra crops, new plants, melee weapons, buyable NPC guards for your towns, etc.
Where https://discord.gg/A28pdFQ
Admin Leskovar
Other Links 8ch.net/tgcraft
Old Servers
  • /tg/Minecrafters Tekkit Server,, maintained by Chocoboo. 2012. Group on Steam
  • /tg/Minecrafters (Vanilla Server),, maintained by Giam. 2012. Group on Steam
  • /tg/entoo, location URL broken, maintained by TomCo (tgminecraft@gmail.com). 2010.
  • Sanderson Ur,, maintained by Zemus. June-August 2011
  • SkyRome, ( then then a skylands world, maintained by Giam.
  • Little Chiron, (IP Secure), Private Server maintained by a Seggellion. (see livestream/pink08 for details)

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