Milan Section (Mechanized)

In Team YankeeEdit

An option that is (in the British army) unique to the Irish Guards, the Milan section provides affordable anti-tank firepower with its own transport. For two points, you get a Milan fireteam with 2 Milan missiles and an FV432, presumably doubling as a supply vehicle. You may also spend four points for 4 Milan teams and two FV432s. As with other infantry units, they benefit from concealment in buildings and foxholes, making them 5+ to hit within 16" with bulletproof cover. Deploy these in wide, open spaces where their missiles will make their points back VERY quickly, even if they are destroying BMPs instead of tanks.

Now, the question of whether your Milans belong with the platoon or as an independent team. While you would probably choose to purchase both platoon Milans and the dedicated Milan section, platoon Milans grant the player some versatility. If the enemy closes in too quickly, these teams would be protected by the rest of the platoon's 66mm rockets and Carl Gustavs or may serve as meatshields for your more important units. Choosing to separate your Milans makes them far squisher, potentially giving a free kill point if focused on, but allows them to be deployed at the rear while your platoons hold the frontline.

An excellent choice, albeit a rather overpowered one. Essential for tournament infantry companies, potential cheese in casual games.


While Milans were technically a Company issue weapon often allocated to the platoons, there were never truly enough to outfit every single Battalion with their issue of Milans. While most were indeed shipped to the BAOR, Paratroopers and Royal Marines, the raw numbers of Milans in the British Army were less than portrayed in the Irish Guards list. It was theoretically possible for a company to have 12 Milans, but extremely unlikely due to logistical issues. Consider placing a cap of 6 or 8 if you are a historical aficionado.

British Forces in Team Yankee
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