Milan AT Section

In Team YankeeEdit

Just like the outback...

The ANZAC Milan section is the ANZAC's only anti-armour solution that can reliably engage third-generation tanks...which says more about the strength of this nation than anything else.

In a nation severely lacking anti-armour, the Milan section is somewhat overcosted. While you may take up to 8 Milans and have more transports than the French and British equivalents, the the next biggest tank killers in your arsenal would be the Leopard 1, the 106mm recoilless rifle or the Carl Gustav. Essentially, you are being shoehorned into these units if you wish to play a dedicated ANZAC force that has the chance to defeat T-64s or Abrams tanks.

Fortunately for the Kiwis and bogans down south, these are still infantry Milans. With two smaller units, it becomes much easier to conduct fire movement tactics with the milans: one section engaging enemy tanks while the other dashes to a new position. While they might be more balanced than the undercosted British equivalent, they are still a very dangerous unit and not one to underestimate: especially when this is quite literally an ace up your very thin sleeves.

An infantry company may take up to two Milan sections. 4 Milans and 4 M113s come in at 6 points, while 2 Milans and 2 M113s are 3 points.


ANZAC Forces in Team Yankee
Tanks: Leopard AS1
Transports: M113 (T50)
Infantry: ANZAC Mechanized Platoon - Milan AT Section
Artillery: M125 Mortar Platoon
Anti-Aircraft: M113 Redeye SAM section
Tank Hunters: AT Land Rover
Recon: Scorpion - M113 MRV - M113 LRV
British Support: Abbot Field Battery - M109 Field Battery - FV432 FOO - Harrier Jump Jet - Lynx HELARM