MidHammer 40,000: Royum Ultramar

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Royum of Ultramar
Mh40k Ultramari flag.png


Official Languages

High Ultramari, High Gothic, Espandori, Konor Technical Dialect
Various Pidgens and Local languages somewhat recognized


Regional Power


Small-Medium sized segmentum
500 core worlds
Thousands of planets in the galactic southwest.

Head of State

The Regency Council, The Dauphin of Ultramar

Head of Government

Counsilier d'Ultramari

Governmental Structure

Migrant Armada (During The Great Treachery)
Feudal State, power shared between Theocracy and Aristocracy (Ultramari Crusade-41st Millennium)

State Religion/Ideology

The Aurelian Cult


Humans, Tarrasque (Winged sub-species of kroot), Mud Caste T'au

Military Force

Ultramari Trilileurs (tithed to Imperium), Grand Army of Macharia, Various Local Armies, Ecclesiarchic Forces of the Aurelian Cult

Founded in Exile, and refounded during the Ultramari Crusade of M33, the Realm of Ultramar has far exceeded the "500 Realms" of Gulliman's founding and at its height covers much of the South West of the Ultima Segmentum. The region is internally fractious and is covered with squabbling noble princes, Mark II clad spiritual warriors, Religiously blessed pilgrims, and Imperial "Advisory Corps."


Differences from VanillaEdit

In Vanilla Warhammer 40,000, The 500 worlds of Ultramar are depicted as the most well goverened region of the imperium. Free from the brutal authoritarian control of The High Lords, and protected by the overly glorious and plot armor protected ultramarines. In midhammer, Ultramar is territorially much larger, and is a much less idyllic place. Conditions in the Imperium varry by the primarch governing them, but here ultramar is an autonomous basket case. Midhammer Ultramar is a cross between the Bretonnians of Warhammer fantasy and The Vanilla Imperium. Much of the work Roboute Gulliman put into administration and governance was lost during the Desolation of Lorgar and subsequent Reign of Darkness. Following Ultramar's Reconquest, the beauty and majesty of this realm was forever desecrated by the cultists and demonic forces of The Ruinous powers. Ultramar is an impoverished schizophrenic state where every single leader, noble, bishop, has its own army only loosely bound by the rules of religion and chivalry. The actual government is headed by a corrupt aristocracy while the actual affairs of the state are managed by the Aurelian Cult (MidHammer's Ecclesiarchy), spymasters (Vigil Ordinatii), and Noble militaries. The Divine Aurelian and The Queen Mother regularly interact within the Realm with pilgrims seeking the favor of the queen mother's favor, in the hopes of becoming Living Saints or Charismateurs (Grail Knights/Demonic Champions). The upside to all of these squabbling governments and petty armies is that The Realm is stable in its instability. While often incapable of mounting an offense, the number of small armies and warrior culture has proven to be a formidable opponent to the T'au Imperium, who have learned the hard way that conquering an Ultramari world is only the beginning of the battle, and often the prelude to a reconquest. When the Ultramari forces are able to mount an offense (usually at the behest of a Great Religious figure, or the Primarchs) the results have been spectacular, as a civilization that has no concept of peace, only varrying stages of war, gets the chance to display the courage and honor worthy of its great father.


Counseiller d'UltramariEdit

The Governing body of The realm of Ultramar, though to say that they don't so much govern as much as they do "strongly advise." The Council is composed of the major political forces of the Realm, and primarily govern the "Grand Army of Ultramar", collect tributes of the Vassals, as well as control the Vigil Opertii.

Members Include:

The Steward
Leader of the Ultramari Realm. Position is inherited.
Aurelian Cult Nuncios
11 of the 13 Spiritual Lieges (ie all but Holy Terra and SUEU) have representatives on the council.
The Macragge Estates
Descendants of the Maccragge Migrant Fleet, the founders of the New Ultramar, the head noble houses or "Captains" all have positions on the Council.
Oeuil D'Ultramar and Adobers
The public head of the Vigil Opertii, he along with each publicly known branch of the Realm has a "Adober" seat on the council. The Vigil operti has a disproportionate sway in the council and often encourage them to focus on the particular interests in the vigil at the time.


The Estates are the many noble houses of Macragge. The Estates represent the basic political unit of Ultramari Politics.

Grand EstatesEdit

The Planetary Nobles, Titanicus orders, and other Great houses. These are the most illustrious families of Ultramar who run entire continents as though they were personal property.

Maccrage EstatesEdit

Though not landed, the Maccragge estates are considered to be houses of the most noble birth in Ultramar. Their most blessed ancestors were from the Macragge of the Primarch himself. From the refugee fleet that was sent out during the Desolation of Lorgar, these individuals were the first to fight against the neverborne, bore witness to the Ascension of The Queen Mother, and rebuilt The Ultramari realm during their many great crusades. The Nobility of The Macragge Estates take on the name of their ancestor's vessel. Each of the Vessels' descendents (who can prove no less than 1/8 descent from the house are considered part of the "Manifest" (a sort of noble clan). The Manifests each have their own method of appointing Captains who then manage The House affairs.

Though being part of the Macragge estates does not garuntee an individual wealth and privilege, it certainly helps, and it offers numerous advantages including the sponsorship and protection of the Captaincy of the manifest. Members of a manifest are considered to be part of a separate government in Ultramar, and often the nobility and planetary governors have little control over members.

The Estate folk speak an archaic, and carefully maintained culture, often working to ensure that Maccragge's way of Life before the desolation is maintained.

Petit EstatesEdit


Vassals d'UltramariEdit

Tarrasque PeoplesEdit

WuNi EnclavesEdit

The DauphinEdit

There have, on occasion, been certain individuals blessed by the Aurelian to lead Ultramar in their time of need. These men and women are "The Dauphin" blessed with the Lord and Mother's own gifts for administration and holy power. When these leaders come Ultramar roars to life and suddenly the anarchic destitute realm rises above its squalor and begins its walk to greatness. When such leaders come to power their authority within Ultramar is all but absolute. There has not been such a being in Ultramar for thousands of years however.

Imperial PresenceEdit

Though the Realm of Ultramar is an "independent ally" of the Imperium by terms of treaty, it is in many ways more closely linked to the Imperium than its rival subject state, the also nominally independent Adeptus Mechanicus. While the Mechanicus is a begrudging servant of the imperium tied by economic and military dependence, the Royum Ultramar is for the most part militarily independent. The Ultramar Realm more closely bound on a cultural, institutional, and religious level than the Mechanicus. The imperium's presence is felt through its joint institutions with Ultramar, particularly the Codex Astartes chapters, who have a outsized presence in the region. Most major systems of Ultramar have some sort of Imperial presence.

Imperial "Consulates"Edit

Magna Terra and most of major planets of the Imperium of Man keep Embassies and consulates in Royum Ultramar. These Embassies and Consulates are massive complexes, and are cultural and commercial hubs in their own right. Many of the Major Governors, System Administrators, Rogue Traders, and other organizations will charge the Imperium handsomely for privileged space in these embassies and consulates. Thus Space in these embassies serves as an additional source of revenue for the High Lords. These sums, while unfathomably large to most Ultramari, are little more than drop in the bucket of Imperial Largesse. It's not a source of revenue for the High Lords obviously, but its still important because these resources can fund regional activities in Ultramar. They are also funds that are set and collected by the local officials, so these fees are personally lucrative for the Embassy officials.

The residents of the Embassy can then use the extravagant and decadent embassy as a tool for the bribing and consorting with major Ultramari Officials. The Embassy of Espandor and the Saramanth Consulate are practically large citties where Wealthy Ultramari go to attend extravagant banquets and balls, as well as to shop the exotic wares of The Imperium. Outside the Walls of the Embassy are those impassioned and zealous Sisters and Fratres of the Aurelian Cult decrying the extravagance and avarice of these entering, perhpas unaware that their Spiritual Liege is likely inside.

Other EmbassiesEdit

The Mechanicus
Mars maintains its own Embassy on Saramanth. Their main points are acquiring ancient archeotech and crusade era tech from Gulliman's reign, as well as

squabbling with the Royum Ultramar and the Imperial Embassy over the growth and prominence of the Heretical Aurelian Mechanicus.

Holy Terra
Maintains a Legate on Laphis, there to remain involved in ecclesiastical affairs, as well as serve as The Aurelian Cult's backdoor channel into the High Lords.
Grand Macharia
Keeps an Embassy on Sotha, affairs mostly involve the Hostvanstauffen Mercentile Empire, but also recently have been supplying Troops and supplies as the T'au war intensifies.

Regency RepresentativesEdit

A portion of the Embassy is devoted to the Regency Cathedral, this magnificent complex is dedicated as a Seat for the Emperor of Mankind. Given that the Emperor is otherwise occupied, this portion is used by the Regency Council. The involvement the Primarch Council has with Ultramar fluctuates with the Interests of the Primarchs themselves. Occassionally when they see fit to grace their presence to the region they will involve themselves with the region. Prior to the rise of the T'au, the region of Ultramar was considered little more than a provincial backwater, and the Primarch's primary interest was in ensuring the Tithes from Ultramar are acquired for their campaigns.

Primarch Council interest in the Region

Magnus the Red
Has never actually stepped foot in Ultramar, but has selected representatives both to work will Bellasarius Cawl and to investigate the efforts to remove the taint of chaos from the region. Artifacts from the Dark Reign are of particular interest to Magnus, and will fetch a high price for opportunistic scavengers.
Despite Fulgrim's noted contempt of Gulliman during his lifetime, Fulgrim has taken a suprising interest in Gulliman's former kingdom. Does he feel guilty about Gulliman's fate? Does he enjoy watching a chaotic, proud, and impassioned culture grow out the cracks and ruins of Gulliman's clean stoic utopia? Does he find Gulliman a more enjoyable person as a dead god, then a living brother? Does Ultramar represent a safe test subject for his experiments in terraforming? Or does Ultramar represent the "Gateway to The East," the departure point before he and his brother explore the uncharted stars of the Galactic East?
Whatever the Reason Fulgrim and Ferrus Manus are regular visitors to Ultramar, and have aided in the terraforming and repair of several destroyed planets. Most notably was his terraforming of Calth, providing the death world with a functional atmosphere.
Konrad Curze
The arrival of the Emperor's Condemnation is seldom welcomed, but on occasion the Lord of Night has come to Ultramar to track down some great bringer of injustice. The people of Ultramar are only too eager to help him, as the sooner he finds what he is looking for, the sooner he leaves.
Unbenowest to many, he often comes to Ultramar in secret to speak with the Vigilites, or with Oracles to consult his fallen brother regarding the Raven.
As legiarch, Lupercal has his representatives there to represent his interests in procuring tithed troops and ensuring the quality of the tithes. Horus actually has his own "Consulate" on Quintem. Quintem forms a training ground and organizing ground where the Imperial Trilleurs are staged, organized and inspected before Joining the Imperium's campaigns.
Like much of the Empire, Lupercal's interest in the region has expanded as the T'au and Tyrranic wars became more intense.
Sanguinius has at times made tours of Ultramar, to the fawning adoration of its many denizens. However his interest in the region is minuscule.
Jaghatai Khan
An unoffical ambassador of the Imperium, Jaghatai Khan frequents Ultramar the most of any primarchs. He often aids the Realm in pirates, chaotic incursions, and ork incursions. Additionally as Official Keeper of the Codex, he is often meeting with the Sons of Gulliman to resolve issues or disputes arising among the chapters.

Ultramari TrillileursEdit

Despite being Ultramari in origin, and usually hailing from Ultramari Armies, the Trillileurs represents the Imperium's greatest presence in the Realm of Ultramar. Officially headquartered on the Desert World of Tarentus, the Ultramari Tillileurs are on occasion used by the Imperium to represent their authority in the region. Recruitment into the Trilileurs is handled by the Maquis who answers to a representative of The Legiarch, Horus Lupercal. The Maquis, despite being an Ultramari Official acts with the approval of the Imperium, and as such is authorized to act in the interest of providing quality troops to the Imperium's front lines.

Macragge Memorial FleetEdit

High Lords RepresentativesEdit

The High Lords of Terra maintain a permanent presence within the Espandor Embassy, the High Lords have several interests to maintain in Ultramar, which include but are not limited to.

Cultural Soft Power
The High Lords want it to be clear to The Nobles, Priests, and People of Ultramar that Terra, and indeed, all of the segmentum solar is culturally superior to Ultramar. Ambassadors to the High Lords host lavish events, ceremonies, jousts, dances, and balls to ensure that the High Lord Ambassador is always on good standing with the leaders of Ultramar, and that their leadership pays homage to the superiority of Terra.
Segmentum Solar
The regions between Segmentum Solar and Ultramar are a nebulous and ever-shifting border land. Secure trade lanes free from ork infestations and piracy is crucial for the lifeline of troops and tithes comming from ultramar. Additionally many regions of the Solar Segmentum survive on the trade routes coming from ultramar.
Codex Chapters

By treaty of The Council of Terra, the Codex Astartes Chapters are Jointly managed by both The High Lords of Terra and The Leadership of Ultramar. Consequently control of deployment, creation, and regulation of these Codex Chapters is an important point of business.

Religious Affairs
Whether the High Lords of Terra like it or not, the Ultramar-rooted Aurelian Cult has a strong following in the Segmentum Solar, and as such religious disputes ultimately come back to Ultramar.

Codex AstartesEdit

At the Embassy, there is an ambassador to The Lord Gulliman who oversees The Codex Chapters who are present in Ultramar.

Segmentarch RepresentativesEdit

Though technically they are governed by the High Lords of Terra, the Segmentarchs have significant autonomy, and those that border the Realm of Ultramar, often have their own Business to attend to.

Vulkan of The Ultima SegmentumEdit

Despite many of the other institutions having a presence on Ultramar, Vulkan and his Ultima Segmentum is often a more relevant and real face of the Imperium. The High Lords of Terra are some distant fasion icons that all the upper-crust like to dine in the name of, the Emperor is important, but is distant and almost mythical. And most of the Primarchs are legendary figures of history and idols to be praised in official ceremony. It is Vulkan who is considered to be a true leader of the Imperium, and his interests represent imperial interests. As Segmentarch of the Ultima Segmentum, Vulkan and Ultramar share a large border, and several mutual enemies.

Dorn of Segmentum TempestusEdit

Despite Sharing a border with The Tempestus Segmentum, very little is known about it. Stories of traders come back with haunting tales of large terrifying structures, tyrannids, necrons, and war without valor. The Dorn keeps no permanent embassy space. When he needs something from the Realm (supplies, resources, talent, troops) he will work with one of his Chapters. Particularly the Soul Drinkers Chapter whose Fortress Monastery is in Ultramar.

Other Imperial PresencesEdit

By the 41st Mellenium it was becomming clear to the Imperium that T'au War and Tyrranids were far greater threats than chaos was. As such, Ultramar, being on the forefront of both, has been recieving troops and support from the farthest reaches of the imperium. The Tallarn and Macharian Fleets as well as the Kroot nations have begun to appear with more frequency within ultramar.

The Aurelian EcclesiarchyEdit

In many ways, The Cult of The Aurelian, the worship of Lord Gulliman and Tarasha's combined Apotheosis, has more power in Ultramar than most of its supposed Leadership. Unlike in the main imperium, where their power is limited by the secularism of the Governments, in Ultramar, many planets are outright theocracies, with many systems under direct ecclesiarchic control. (more details to be added about specific structure).


Grottoliers of CalthEdit

Grottoliers Of Calth
Basic Information
Located "Calth"
Founded M35
Patron Saint St Aeonid Thiel
Answers to Calth Planetary Governor and Knights of St Aeonid
Recruitment Volunteers from Miners
Similar Organizations The Sotha Grottoliers, Miners of Gantz
Military Information
Equipment Refitted mining equipment (mining Lasers, drills, saws)

Controlled explosives, and demolition charges
Advanced geological survey equipment.

Organization usually divided into "Teams" of 10-15 men, headed by the "Supervisor."
Discipline Despite casual attitude and lack of personal rigor, are highly disciplined and are often better at acting under pressure than more rigorous troops. Strong comraderie among teams, and Supervisors lead by example and personal motivation rather than fear.
Specialty Mountaineering, Extreme Terrain, Military Engineering, Demolitions

Accustomed to the deep labyrinthine caverns of Calth, The Calth Grottoliers have been able to transfer their skills towards many rocky and inhospitable terrain, and Ultramar and the Imperium has found much use for them as mountaineers. Part military, part corp of engineers, the Grottoliers of calth are masters of the battlefield, using their skill with precision tools to have the planet fight for them.


The history of the grottoliers of Calth can be traced back to the 35th Millenium, following the Ultramari reconquest. Though the planet was reclaimed from the taint of corruption, there were still many caves and depths that were still untraversed and possibly harboring corruption. It wasnt uncommon to hear of surveyors and explorers disappearing in caves, or some miners harassed by unknown forces in Calth.

Lacking the resources to launch an exploration or a full military survey, Ezechial Carmalau, Chapter Master of The Knights of St Aeonid and The first Spiritual Liege of Calth called for a Pelerin Poursuite (Pilgrim's quest), for the Bones of St Aeonid. Citing the prophecies of St Avilla Ordinata, who claimed St Aeonid had died uncorrupted by demons. Despite the lack of troops, Ultramari government had received copious amounts of terran and imperial investment from officials eager to see Calth's legendary mining operation resumed. The result was stockpiles of mining equipment, which The Foundreseignor (The Aurelian Mechanicus' equivalent to a "Spiritual Liege") of Konor and Ultramari Counseilers, converted (both physically and spiritually) to serve as weapons of war for the Poursuite. While some traveled from Ultramar to answer this quest, it was The Miners themselves who were most responsive to the call, seeing the recovery of the sacred relics as the final step in liberating their home from the demonic forces. The miners began establishing their own teams to brave the depths.

The Bones of St Aeonid Thiel were found 800 years after the first call for the Carmalau's Poursuite, by the one Then-Grottolier and Charismateur Dumarsais Michelet. And in that time, the Grottoliers of Calth evolved from a collection of adventerurs to Calth's first response militia and eventually a professional army as they fended off Ork incursions, a Chaos warband from the still profane maccragge, and even an early T'au offensive.

Strength and EquipmentEdit

If there was a word to describe the armament (and temperament) of the Grottoliers. It would be "controlled." If there is one lesson that traversing the millennia old mining shafts and subterranean canyons can teach their residents, is that panicking will likely make the situation worse. A nervous scattershot, or stray grenade could easily cause an entire cavern to collapse. And glorious, adrenaline fueled charges only lead to pitfalls over unseen cliffs or unstable terrain. For this reason, the grottoliers are known for not having a "heavy weapons" team or demolitions, and those explosives that are used are used very precariously.

Originally by necessity, and currently by design, all weapons utilized by the Grottoliers also function as mining equipment. Modified Mining lasers are the most commonly used armament for the Grottoliers. The Lasers fire a precision beam, and have adjustable power settings. Kinetic, and shrapnel based weapons are avoided, given their tendency to ricochet in tunnels.

When explosives are used, they are used by the Sappers, who strive to please the spirit of The Great Gulliman, by using the explosives for tactical advantage rather than the explosion itself. Their years of experience with geology and engineering have make them experts in manipulating terrain for battlefield and how the shockwaves of explosions affect certain rock formations. For them the demolitions is not what causes damage, its the T'au suddenly learning that the floor is 400 ft lower than it was previously.

McCragge Noble FleetEdit

Cavaliers of St KonorEdit

The Cavaliers of the Order of St Konor, despite what the title implies, are not from Konor. The Cavaliers are found throughout the imperium and hail from great noble families. To be a knight of The Order of St Konor, is to have a great Titan commissioned and blessed by the Aurelian Mechanicus of Konor and Gantz. These Hulking titans of war travel through Ultramar for personal gain, patriotism or on occasion blessed by the Queen Mother.

Charismateur CavaliersEdit

There are Cavaliers who have been called upon by The Queen Mother of Ultramar, those who are successful in achieving her quest have become Charismateurs just as most successful pilgrims do. Unlike most charismateurs, who upon death leave only a holy suit of armor, or a flaming blessed sword, the entire Titanicus Mech is Blessed by the Light of The Queen Mother. This is both a blessing and a curse, as following the death of its rider, the Titan refuses to act for any pilot it deems unworthy of the Queen Mother's favor. The Machine spirit itself is replaced by an Angelic spirit of the Aurelian, and its holiness attracts machine spirits to attach itself to this noble being. Those who have been found worthy of activating the Titan, are granted the mightiest bane against Lord Gulliman's Foes.

Konor SoutienairesEdit

Masali ZinglinsEdit

Masali Zinglins
Basic Information
Located "Masali System, Quintus IV and V"
Founded None, evolved out of existing militias
Patron Saint Tarasha, mother of rage. The Walking Eagle
Answers to No one, though they will work with Charismateurs and certain Daughters of Tarasha
Recruitment Peasant families from Masali Agriworlds, Tarasque
Similar Organizations The Cult of the Walking eagle(though they dispute this), some sects have taken on the behavior of the Masali Zinglins, particularly T'au occupied regions.
Military Information
Equipment Repurposed Farming equipment, handed down Ultramar military weapons (Masali Zouave and Grenadier equipment common), T'au Weapons, Kroot Black Powder.

Some weapons appear to have warp-induced properties

Organization Large Clans of several hundred, each led by "Mama Euten (Matriarch of the Clan)" and "Papa Zinglin (Head Shaman)"
Discipline Practically non-existent. No Uniformity, each clan is practically a microcosm in itself. No organization outside of family and tribal politics.
Specialty Mystic warfare, ambushes, psychological warfare, hit and run strikes, repelling invasions.

Hailing from the many agriworlds of Masali, the Zinglins are hardy warriors, if under-equipped. Despite the rigid orthodoxy of the Masali Holy Seat, the farmers of these Agriworlds tend to bring their own folk beliefs and practices with them, merging local superstitious with the Tarrasque cults of the Walking eagle. The result is that many of the Zinglins have bizarre rituals practiced before and after battle including ritual dances, ancestral worship, and (in the case of the T'au, Tyrannids, and other Humans) ritual consumption of their enemies. What they lack in proper equipment, they make up for in fear and ruthlessness. The T'au refer to the Masali system as M'Iur'tae'mont (Land where the Soul Dies), and many T'au Fire Warriors have embraced execution for mutiny than to travel there.


Given that the Ultramari Trilileurs are Headquartered in their system on Tarentus, the Local Nobility take care of most of the region's other defense needs, and Most Masali recruits join The Trilileurs, The Vigilites or The Religious Acolyts of The Hands of Gulliman. The peasantry and those without the skills or means to join these more illustrious organizations have turned to their fanaticism for their god, The Aurelian and have banded together to form the first defense of the planet. These groups or Zinglins, were originoally little more than peasant militias, after millenia of exposure to the Tarrasque Mercenaries, and growing intensity of the T'au incursions, the Masali have become fiercer, more fanatical, and more brutal.


Just as they emulate the Ferocious Fighting style of the Tarrasque, The Masali Zinglins have borrowed heavily from Kroot and Tarrasque costume. It is not uncommon for the Masali to wear T'au and Human bones around their body, usually taken from fallen foes. Some of the "MehDyqs" or apothecaries will even wear Shrunken heads of their fallen foes.

In emulation of the Kroot, the Zinglins will often wear a large bird skull on their forehead. This is often an actual skull from a massive bird that dwells in masali, but it is also on occasion a Kroot Skull. These are considered to be a great honor, the wearer is said to be possessed with the Spirit of the Fallen Tarrasque.

The Masali Zinglins are often rarely clothed, and armored, unless said armor is stolen from T'au warriors. The MehDyqs do have some unique methods to convert the bones and skin of tau, into a farm of armor, but it does little except against blades and weak energy weapons. Some Masali will wear T'au armor as a sort of battle trophy, and decorate it with skulls and holy symbols (The number 13 or 400, the Aquilla, the Ultramar "U," the color Blue).

Otherwise, the Massali Ziglins are effectively naked. Their bodies are adorned with feathers, leather, and Blue Paint, which they wear into battle.


Most equipment for the Masali Zinglins are little more than re-purposed farming equipment. Weapons like scythes, mechanical saws, blackpowder rifles, and mining lasers are common, as well as tyrannid body parts that can be repurposed into blades. However, as certain clans mature, and acquire more equipment, the equipment notably improves. Certain "elite" warbands can be found with various T'au firearms, Trilileur Equipment, and Tarrasque Rifles. Zinglins who accompany Tarrasque warbands, are known to acquire specialty equipment from the grey and black markets.

Sepulchre PelerinsEdit

Sepulchre Pelerins
Basic Information
Located Maccragge
Founded Officially organized M39
Patron Saint/Devotion Osuarius Magna (the Bones of Roboute Gulliman)
Answers to The Spiritual Lieges of Nova Maccragge, Masali, and San Leor
Recruitment Pilgrims who travel to Ultramar
Similar Organizations Similar to the various pilgrim orgs throughout the realm of Ultramar
Military Information
Equipment Various, most equipment seems to be whatever the pilgrims brought with them from their previous life. Pilgrims eventually buy specialty weapons and armor from Ultramar.
Organization Organized into companies of 500, who are sent out at behest of the Spiritual Liege. Legions of 10,000 (20 Companies) are headed by an Ancillae appointed by The Spiritual Liege to serve as Commander.
Discipline Varries. The Pelerins often have competing military cultures based on the diverse background of members.
Specialty War against chaos, human wave assaults

Maccragge, Konor, Espandor, and Calth are regularly flooded with pilgrims of the Faithful. These pilgrims from all across the Imperium are often those left behind by the Imperium and Ultramar's war machine. Veterans, orphans, and dregs are driven by desperation to religious zeal and come to serve The Queen Mother. Many die in the trip never making it to the Holy sites, for those that make it they often are unsure of how to serve the queen mother. Thus in the interim, it is not uncommon for Pilgrims to pledge themselves to The Spiritual Liege of Maccragge. The result is the Pelerins, these soldiers come from a variety of backgrounds and military experience, from brigands, to gang leaders, to Militarum veterans, to aspiring neophytes. The Pelerins are roughly ordered into a military organization and sent on collective quests on behalf of the Spiritual Liege of Maccragge.


Pilgrims to Ultramar, those travelling to obtain the favor of The Queen Mother by completion of a great task, are as old as Ultramar's refounding. For the most part these pilgrims are self funded, and given the relatively few number of pilgrims, were managable. This changed following the Great Crusade for Maccragge in M39. Abbess Thema Gaugre's Call for a reclamation of the Holy Planet from Demonic forces was answered by vast numbers of soldiers and volunteers, not only from Ultramar's various forces, but the Imperium and Newly Founded Grand Macharia. The Crusade reflected not only the growing power of The Aurelian Ecclesiarchy, but also the growing wealth and prosperity of the Imperium, that such vast numbers of individuals were able to make such a journey. While such pilgrims were normally the dominion of The Ultramarines, or SUEU (The Seat of Maccragge Extremis) the sheer number of pilgrims quickly overwhelmed the spartan bureaucracy of SUEU. The Ultramarines sent a call for help to The Will of Gulliman (Prandium), Heralds of Roboute (Masali) and Sons of Tarasha (San Leor) Spiritual Lieges to aid in the organization and needs of the pilgrims. Recognizing that a horde of unorganized pilgrims could more easily be a scourge on Ultramar than on the forces of chaos, it was decided to create organized Militias under the leadership of the Ordo Militant Ancillae of Prandium and San Leor. Following the successful expulsion of Chaos from Maccragge, the Pilgrims units were maintained, and the Nova Maccragge Spiritual lieges were added to the leadership of the Perelins.

Recruitment and AlumniEdit

Membership in the Pelerins is entirely voluntary, and often serves as a staging ground for pilgrims to ultramar to gain their footing. It is not uncommon for Pilgrims to leave the Pelerin, after a few years of service. Some wayward pilgrims feel a higher calling to the ecclesiarchy, some return home, some settle down with a local and try to build a second chance on Macragge. The Ancillae do not discourage this, in fact it is seen as another manifestation of the will of The Aurelian that these pilgrims find peace in their newfound calling.

Another side benefit of such transitory membership is the "Tertiaries" or Alumni of the Pelerins. Those who were a part of the Pelerins often look out for both the institution and new members, sharing a bond in their previous sense of loss and hope found in the service of the Lord Gulliman. It also has resulted in a massive influx of resources for the seats of Masali and Nova Maccragge, given the increasing fortunes of the Pelerins.


There are three tiers to the Pelerins:

The Tertiaries
Those who have left the Pelerins honorably and in good standing. They are only called upon should The Ossuarius be threatened. Otherwise, the Tertiaries are something of a Fraternal order, aiding other Pelerins in their quests, enforcing the good character of Pelerins, and otherwise serving the interests of The Ossuarius in their current vocation.
The Neophytes
The starting branch. The Neophytes are essentially sanctified bounty hunters, they are provided little other than spartan accommodations and basic food. To serve the Order, the Head Ancillae will post "Poursuites" or tasks that need to be accomplished. These can be militaristic in nature, or they can be more civilian. The Neophytes are responsible for organizing their own party to fufill the work posted. Those who complete tasks in a manner appropriate to the Order will recieve recognition from the orders, or have been granted equipment or blessings from the Ecclesiarchy. For women, it is not uncommon for the Holy Seats to invite Pelerins to join as Initiates to the Ancillae.
Should a Neophyte remain for several years, they are folded into the Pelerins permanent wing. These forces are given better accommodations, rations, as well as equipment. Structurally, the organization of the Militants resembles the Ancillae Ordos. The Pelerin Militants often suffer from disillusionment and despair, seeing their advancement into a permanent order as a sign of The Aurelian's disinterest in their pilgrimage.

Chevaliers of SaranothEdit

Nouva Tholium FossoyeurEdit

Nouva Tholium Fossoyeur
Basic Information
Located "Tholium System"
Founded M34
Patron Saint/Devotion Lord Gulliman of The Final Count, St Kaspian Hech, Keeper of The Dead
Answers to The Spiritual Liege of Nova Tholium
Recruitment Nobility of Nova Tholium and Tholium
Similar Organizations None
Military Information
Equipment Heavy armor, armor weaved uniforms, ceramite shields, Chainswords (sometimes modified into glaves), Lascannon
Organization Companies of 200 headed by commissar, further divided by Squads of 20,
Discipline The Fossoyeurs are notorious for their unflinching discipline.
Specialty Urban warfare, crowd pacification, escorting, and security.

Nova Tholium, is perhaps the most well known and highly regarded Spiritual Liege in the Imperium. Its many mausoleums and archivists hold the names, histories, and relics of many noble souls who have died in Lord Gulliman's favor. The sheer magnitude of its work in remembering the dead has meant that much wealth and secrets passes through Nova Tholium, and its reputation makes it a target for enemies seeking to cripple the morale of the Imperium. The Fossoyeurs or grave-keepers are thus trained to defend it. The Fossoyeurs have two main duties: to protect the mausoleums and archives of the Nova Tholium Spiritual Liege, and to go out and retrieve names and artifacts for the archives. Often the actual retrival is outsourced to bounty hunters, pilgrims, or adventurers, but the Fossoyeurs themselves will appear should the task be considered dangerous or important enough.

Recruitment and TrainingEdit

The Fossoyeurs predominately recruit from the Tholium System. Which is under the Control of the Spiritual Liege of Nova Tholium. While most specialist organizations prefer younger recruits, the Nova Tholium Fossoyeurs prefer veterans of wars, preferably those accustomed to death. Given the extravagant resources of the Nova Tholium seat, they are more than willing to invest in the Juvenate treatments, medical care, and cybernetics these veterans need. Its not common for Fossoyeurs to have four biological limbs.


The Equipment of the Fossoyeurs is focused on their role as honor gaurds and defense.

St Marcien ScissoriEdit

Located on the World of Nucreria, the Scissori pay homage to their Gladiator ancestors, as well as their angelic namesake with their ornate uniforms, and mastery, almost dancelike capabilities in martial arts.

Aurelian AstartesEdit

Ecclesia GendarmerieEdit

The Talassar Gent d'armsEdit

Talassar Gent D'Arms
Basic Information
Located "Talassar"
Founded M37
Patron Saint "Lady Tarasha, Queen of Ultramar"
Answers to The Academy of Talassar, and The Talassar Noble Lords
Recruitment Does not recruit, members are hereditary or selected.
Similar Organizations There have been some efforts to recreate the Talassar model, but none have been successful.
Military Information
Equipment Heavily modified terminator armor, power sword, rosarius, grenades, bolt pistol.
Organization Individual champions, or groups of three are assigned to an army.
Discipline Phenomenally trained, experts in swordsman ship and dueling.
Specialty Diverting enemy fire, eliminating enemy leadership, dueling.

Like many planets of ultramar, Talassar has its own legions of Zouaves, and these zouaves are capable, disciplined soldiers. However these are not what Talassar are known for. Talassar is known for its Academy of Swordsmen.

Wealthy noble Talassar has provided some of the best duelists and swordsmen in not only Ultramar, but in the greater Imperium. Many of their most promising talent have found fame and success among the Ancillae, or among the many wars throughout the Imperium. Back home on Talassar, these soldiers are organized into an elite corp of duelists, all hailing from the most noble families of Talassar whose fighting prowess has been tried and tested over millennia.

Equipment and UniformEdit

On its face, The Academy's uniform is a garish and vain collection of loose billowy clothing covered in bright colors and stripes. However, that most amateur warriors see as gaudy, the Talassar recognize as vital. The Bright colors and large puffy clothing helps to obfuscate the silhouette of the duelist, making it harder to land a strike. Additionally the colors and stripes are specifically chosen to distract the eyes, again furthering distraction.

The large Jumpsuit also hides a suit of modified terminator armor, which provides substantial protection, while not at the expense of the duelist's speed and reflexes. The Gent D'Arms carries a Rosarius ornamented with their family crest. Standard Weapon is a Power Sword, usually handed down from generations of swordsmen. When a new sword is crafted, great care is made to ensure it is balanced to the picogram, and perfection of the sword is down to the atom.

Color Schemes of The Gent D'ArmsEdit

Color schemes of uniforms usually reflect the colors of the army's country of origin, like the Bright Orange of Prandium's Zouaves, or the Deep Purple of Nova Tholium's Fossoyeurs. Other times the colors reflect ranking or special troops, as it does for many Space Marines. However for the Talassar Academy, colors are a weapon and a shield as useful as any other piece of armor. To be a member of the Academy is to have access to the academy's resources not only in the arts of swordsmanship, tactics, oratory, and dance, but archives on the galactic-wide dismissed work of aesthetics and color theory. The Academy has poured centuries of research into the psychology and xenopsychology of color, color compositions, and patterns. They have studied what shade of red orks think is the fastest, and whether tau can more easily perceive vertical and horizontal stripes. So refined and so robust is their study of color, that even Fulgrim, artificer and artist extrodinare, has consulted the scholars of Talassar for their work on Aesthetics. Few recognize the power of this color theory but Talassar does, and has pioneered the noble art of "Tactical Aesthetics." Most Talassar Gent d'Arms have several jumpsuits, each with different patterns and color schemes. These schemas are composed for different purposes, sometimes to draw Enemy Fire, sometimes to inspire troops, and sometimes to even carry subliminal messages.

'Notable Examples:

The Talassar Academy has developed a large variety of different Patterns for use when facing the Orks. Taking advantage of Ork Collective belief through the use of jumpsuits alone has made the Talassar Gent D'Arms one of the single most devastating forces on the Battlefield. Most often these patterns take advantage of the Ork's obsession with the Color Red with speed. With forces in red zig-zaged jumpsuits to blaze across the battlefield.
Studies of T'au physiology has led to the discovery that they are capable of seeing more spectra of light than humans, while at the same time, having poorer depth perception, and ability to focus. Consequently many jumpsuits feature intricate weaved patterns of Infrared or Ultraviolet patterns, which, while invisible to humans are problematic for T'au forces. In perhaps the most famous example, Cato Sicarius, famed Gent D'Arms of Talassar developed a particular weave of Ultraviolet pinstripes and infrared fractals, against a competing background of cyan and silver checkers. This pattern, while mostly plain and muted in human eyes, was a nauseating distraction for most T'au. Enough so that even the great Commander puretide was distracted long enough in his fight with the Gent D'Arms champion to be slain. Ending the Great T'au expansion into ignoble retreat and chaos.

Masques of the Gent D'ArmsEdit

It is also common, for Gent D'Arms to wear some sort of Masque. These masques, like their uniforms are flamboyant and colorful. on the masque is usually some distorted, almost grotesque parody of either their opponents, or a caricature of an esteemed ancestor. A Tarrasque or Kroot. The features of the Masque are exaggerated, with weird proportions for the eyes, nose, forehead, and mouth. This, like the Jumpsuit is intentional to hide the actual silhouette of the Duelist, as well as draw attention away from more vulnerable troops.

Common Masques:

The Fool of Konor
A parody of the Aurelian Mechanicus, a collection of clockwork and cog patterns upon a mishapen, plague doctor mask
Exaggerated Face of Roboute Gulliman, with massive tufts of sculpted locks. Cheeks and Jaw are unnaturally square, and nose is angular and hook-like. Brow Juts out of the Head almost as a visor.
The Grottolier
A toothless, charcoal covered face meant to parody the cave dwellers of Calth.
The Primarchs
Parodies of the Loyalist Primarchs are common, usually with exaggerated characteristics.
  • Sanguinius with wings instead of ears,
  • Fulgrim with flowing main of horse hair, and almost feminine features.
  • Scowling Anthropromorphic Lion,
  • A wild distorted shrieking Leman Russ.
  • Vulkan with a shining bright bald head and comically large grin. it is not uncommon for the helmet to be set on fire, or to have steam pour out from the nostrils of the helmet.
  • Magnus is another popular one, often depicted with a cyclopean center eye or with a massive holo eye sockets, some of the more flamboyant individuals have outfitted their Magnus empty eye socket with complex lightworks intended to nauseate their opponent.
The Abbess
A parody of the stern head of an Ancillae order. A twisted bitter old woman with a long nose, warts, and hairy ears.
The Tarasque
A caricature of Kroot faces, usually with long snouts and large underbites, and massive manes of feathers.

Tarascon ConscritsEdit

Just as The Imperium Tithes from its vassal Ultramar, Ultramar tithes from its vassal The Tarasque peoples. Though substantially less powerful than the days of being a regional power in its own right, the Tarrasque still provide excellent soldiers who combine the ferocity of old kroot ways with the discipline and organization of human armies. Their Equipment is most often a variant of the Lasgun created by Konor and the Aurelian Mechanicus, but it is also not uncommon for Kroot to carry Vespid and T'au weaponry given their fondness of trophies.

Whether or not these soldiers remain in Ultramar or are sent to the Imperium as a Trilileur varries with the Maquis.

The Zuaves of PrandiumEdit

Prandium Zouaves
Basic Information
Located "Prandium System"
Founded M34
Patron Saint "Spectra Pietas"
Answers to The System Governor of Prandium
Recruitment Volunteer recruits often from middle class and lower gentry
Similar Organizations Most Armies in Ultramar are based on the Prandium Zouaves
Military Information
Equipment Minimal armor besides carapace weave, Long Range Lascannon, Power Sword, some elite corps are equipped with rosarius
Organization Mobile Companies of 50.
Discipline Well Trained, squads often act pseudo-autonomously.
Specialty Hit and Run Strikes, flanking maneuvers, snipers and long range attacks.


The Vigil OpertiiEdit

"The Vigil Operti has changed much since its ancient founding."

The Intelligence service of the Royum de Ultramar, this ancient organization predates the Creation of the realm, founded by Rouboute Gulliman during his early governance. It was the Vigil Opertii who first alerted Roboute Gulliman of the Betrayal of Calth and disinformation campaign led by Lorgar Pseudaurellian. During the Ultramari reconquest, agents of the Vilgilantes aided the MacCragge government in exile, providing vital information and destabilizing enemy strongholds through sabotage and assasinations. Their time living in the shadows of Luther's demonic reign of Ultramar has hardened and fanaticized the order. It prowls Utramar for threats from Chaos as well as new threats like the T'au and Tyrranids. The Vilgites have both a public and private face, they are well known and respected among all Ultramari forces, but their actual activities are for the most part unknown. Officially, the Vigilites answer to the Counseiller and Collegium, though who answers to who is suspiciously unclear.

Vigil GorjioEdit

One of the most recent creations of the Vigilites, the Xenos order origionally was created for the pseudo-benevolent reason of redirecting Xenos forces to the betterment of Ultramar. However, following the T'au revolt their mission parameters has changed towards containment and extermination of xenos races. It is rumored that they have agents throughout the Segmentum Tempestus, observing Dorn's methods in annihilating the Tyrannids.

Vigil TamlapanEdit

Essentially the Ordo Malleus from Vanilla, they originated from the "Dark Years" of Chaos controlled Ultramar.

Vigil GralisEdit

The most secretive institution in Ultramar, these forces exist to protect Ultramar from allies. Their particular targets are The Adeptus Mechanicus, and The Inquisition.

Vigil EttimengriEdit

The origional and oldest sect of the Vigilites, origionally used by Roboute Gulliman to crust rioters on Calth, the Ettimengri focus on internal stability of ultramar. Given that Ultramar lacks a true central authority, they are mostly focused on threats to the Aurelian Cult. Unlike the other two sects, who are known to have a rivalry with each other. Vigil Ettimengri cooperates with both Malleus and Etranger to root out threats to Ultramar. For instance, they work alongside the Tamlapan for rooting out signs of Corruption and Chaos worship, while they aid Gorjio with Genestealer Cults and signs of T'au Infiltration.