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chapter was created by smuggling genesede and is an unofficial chapter decended from the dark angels with a slightly altered genesede that causes a preference for spicy foods. the chapter demeanor is see but don't be seen. figure of legend is the first member of the chapter and the first chapter master who is infamous for smuggling his way into terra. Also, battle Brother julio managed to infiltrate a chaos cult and defeated the cult with hot sauce. he also used cocaine filled cargo ships to stop a Emperor's children pleasure crusade. they are from a poor civilized desert homeworld. they are stewards of their homeworld of Sonora. they are follow the codex in a similar manner to the Dark Angels except they don't have a Ravenwing or a deathwing, instead they have a shadow wing that specializes in sneaking up on people in terminator armor. They specialize in stealthy mechanized attacks. They have a host of special equitment and vehicles, they have jumping tanks, bigger on the inside transports, hot sauce to blind opponents, and cocaine to stop the emperor's children. Their religion is very similar to ancient Terran Roman Catholicism, as they worship the Emperor as a god and the primarchs as saints. The chapter's strength is unknown but is premused to be more than the codex astartes permits as they are known to still use 20 man squads as their base unit that somehow fit inside of rhinos. Mexicarines can cram 10 space marine squads in a single rhino. Increased Vehicle Capacity. Mexicarines have been known to be able to fit an seemingly impossible number of their troops into a single Land Raider

They are noted for getting to a battle site prior to any other imperial forces getting there, though how they do this is unknown.a particular example is that the Howling Griffons went off to the site of a Tyranid invasion only to find it all wiped out and all that transit time was wasted. Every saergent or el sargento is equpped with bags of cocaine to disable slaneeshi marines on a roll of 2+ in close combat. They also are known to often fight where doomrider is. why is again unknown. "I heard the Mexicarines came in. I'm gonna snort all of it of the belly of a Tijuana Puta." said doomrider. The Mexicarines do love a good drink but they do NOT get along with the Space Wolves due to the fact that they ain't fans of Meade and Space Wolves's don't like tequila. They also steal all the space wolf women (?) with their charming ways (ie never taking a no).They are close freind with the Sisters of Battle Order of the Puta Madre. now we just need a banner, dam i can't remember what the left pauldron thing is called, and color scheme. The chapter symbol is remmineiscent of the old terran Mexican flag but with the Aquilla instead of an eagle holding a snake in its claws. They have been known at times to out-loot Orks and seemingly appear out of nowhere in rather secure areas. They often fight zombie Luchadores and Luchaodre is the name of a terminator of the chapter.

All of the Emperor's hymns are sung to the tune of La Cucaracha. Also, Gonzales-class Land Speeders and their infantry ignore any terain. ANY!!!!! ¡Sí! ¡He dejado en libertad los prisioneros y ahora vengo por ti! = battlecry. Their tanks are able to hop over small obstacles and All their tanks have those ridiculous paintjobs and hydraulics. So DFA from the Land Raider Bunnyhop? Also they can loot like orks but are often told only to take stuff they can put in the barracks. You wouldn't believe how many Giant Spools there are in 40K. BUT THEY HAVE TACO'S WITH PURITY SEALS! TACOS MAN! THE EMPRAH'S TACO'S! the chapte makes extra money competing with Emprah Burger's with their Food Stand SHip called the Emprah's Tacos. THey play Guitars -> noise marines armies. This causes the enemy to stop in awe at their skill. Even the souless necrons. IN order to complete initiation into the chapter, initiates have to smuggle themselves to a neighbouring planet. doing this is a standard part of battle brother training. It was said that the founder of the Chapter managed to smuggle himself onto Holy Terra... They're master infiltrators. Often even fellow Chapters or IG units will be caught by surprise when they're assaulting an Xeno or Chaos fortification to already find it cleared out and the Mexrines inside relaxing after a hard days work. Also any liquor in said area has vanished. Mexicarines have the ability effectively move anywhere. If not watched they have displayed the ability to ascend stairs seemingly vanishing and reappearing on the next floor

The inquisition suspects that they have fallen to slaanesh given that they always attempt to make the hottest hot sauce which would be perfect. also the noise weapons are suspicous as is the chapter's style of emprah worship