Metal Slug Setting

Metal Slug. Sometimes you're fighting rebels and Mars People, sometimes you're helping rebels fight Mars People, sometimes the Mars People aren't too bad... eitherway, there is SOMETHING for you to shoot and blow up.
Metal Slug Setting is based on the Metal Slug System by Squash Monster. It uses the Run & Gun system by Stranger59. The goal is to present the Metal Slug universe, as a run and gun game where the players fight wave after wave of foe in dynamic battles.


The Basic UniverseEdit

Written by Amazing in case you're horribly deprived and have no idea what Metal Slug is.

The game series Metal Slug has a surprisingly complex backstory that not only doesn't matter to the game, but is actually never even mentioned in any of its incarnations. Instead of story scrolls, Metal Slug cabinets just run demos of the game blowing shit up.

This is not a bad thing.

The story is, Canadian General Donald Morden (who looks like Saddam Hussein with an eyepatch) was a big guy in the Regular Army, but because it was corrupt as fuck the Army didn't bother stopping a bomb attack on Central Park that killed Morden's son. Understandably pissed, he leaves (and roughly half the army defects with him), and starts the Rebel Army. You are a l33t soldier in the Regular Army who now has to use fuckawesome tanks and planes and submarines and shit to fuck up Morden's army and stop this shit.

Long story short: KILL THINGS, BLOW THINGS UP. Also Martians.

It's everything you could ever want in a setting- lots of guns, crazy weapons, crazier vehicles, loads of grunts to kill, big explosions, and bigger bosses. So it was decided to make it into a game system.

Character creationEdit

Metal Slug rookies still need to kill armies worth of foes.

Metal Slug characters start with the following stats:

  • Gd: d4
  • Bd: d4
  • Dodge: d4
  • Drive: d4
  • HP: 60
  • BP: 1 (rookie)
  • FP: 1 (rookie)
  • Talents: Great Dodger 1, Great Driver 1, More Hitpoints 2, Weapon Lover (player’s choice) 1, 5 more talents of players choosing.
  • Rank: 10
  • Equipment: Pistol, Knife, Flak Jacket

Equipment of the Metal Slug worldEdit

Long Shield
+8 cover

Flak Jacket
+2 Armor

First Aid Kit
1 action, 1d6x10 healing to yourself or ally in intimate range

Combat rations
2 actions, 1d4x10 healing to yourself or ally in intimate range

Outside of combat only, 1d4x10 healing

Slug VehiclesEdit

Metal Slug
HP: 160
Armor: 8

  • Vulcan: Heavy, medium 12R/*/6
  • Cannon: Heavy, medium 4I/*/20T
    • AP rounds (not standard): Heavy, long 6/*/20AT

Mobility: Super Mobile
Drive: +1
Surv: Quick escape

Friends and FoesEdit

Basic soldier, rank 4
Gd: d6 (1)
Bd: d4
Dodge: 2 (2)
Drive: 0
HP: 20
Talents: Weapon Lover (pistol) +1 (1)
Equipment: Pistol

Knife soldier, rank 6
Gd: d4
Bd: d6 (1)
Dodge: 2 (2)
Drive: 0
HP: 20
Talents: Weapon Lover (melee) +2 (2), Close Fighter (1)
Equipment: Knife

Knife soldier Elite, rank 17
Gd: d6 (1)
Bd: d8 (2)
Dodge: 5 (5)
Drive: 0
HP:40 (1)
Talents: Weapon Lover (melee) +5 (5), Close Fighter (1), Vicious Striker (1), Fearless Charger 1 (1)
Equipment: Knife

Bazooka soldier, rank 10
Gd: d6 (1)
Bd: d4
Dodge: 4 (4)
Drive: 2 (2)
HP: 20
Talents: Weapon Lover (Heavy) +2 (2)
Equipment: Bazooka

Shield soldier, rank 16
Gd: d6 (1)
Bd: d8 (2)
Dodge: 5 (5)
Drive: 0
HP: 20
Talents: Weapon Lover (Handgun) +2 (2), Weapon Lover (melee) +3 (3), Cover Fiend 3 (3)
Equipment: Pistol, Long Shield, Sword

Vehicles below have driver stats listed in parentheses.

Basic Tank
Hp: 140
Armor: 10
Attack (1d6+1) 4/*/12T
Mobility: Crappy
Drive: (2) 1
Surv: Stable

Lobber Tank
HP: 120
Armor: 10
Attack (1d6+1) 4I/*/10T
Drive: (2) 1
Surv: Deathtrap