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A megadungeon is a really big dungeon designed for crawling.

OK, more details. Well a megadungeon IS a big dungeon, often spawning several floors, each floor containing several rooms. The dungeon itself usually has several entrances from the outside.

A megadungeon is not just a big dungeon in the sense that it come with more than a list of room and their content. You usually got a description of the surroundings, an history of the dungeon itself, a description of the different factions of monsters and their relations, etc. Since megadungeons are huge and are intended to last for more than a few sessions of play, the sandbox aspect is often emphasized more than in a regular dungeon.

Examples of MegadungeonsEdit

  • Barrowmaze: A megadungeon for Labyrinth Lord written by Greg Gillepsie. A 5th Edition version was also released after a successful Kickstarter. The dungeon itself is a series of interconnected barrows in a marsh. Bring a cleric.
  • The Forbidden Caverns of Archaia: Same deal as above. Not really a megadungeon per se, more like a cluster of small to medium-sized dungeons, containing every evil humanoid races under the sun.