Mechaton Titan


What is Mechaton?Edit

Mechaton is a wargame created by that Lumpley fellow. You build tiny small Lego robots and have them fight over something or other.

What is Titan's Fury?Edit

Mechaton is a wargame created by that Lumpley fellow, which was then mutilated for the enjoyment of lolistick, because Titans give him a boner. You build tiny small FUCKING HUGE Lego robots and have them fight over EVERYTHING.

A set of convoluted rules thrown together to make gameplay easy for an 9 year old to understand, as well as new units and deployment options for faster, longer or epic games, they are as follows; Titans are allowed to be built, each WEAPON, LEG, ARM or COCKPIT has its own Dice pool and Initiative Value. This game feature new units with Different capabilities, tried and tested, these units are amazing fun to play with, whether it be swarms of dispensable drones, or the mountainous and feared Titan

Setup; Build a small mini Drone, small Mecha or monstrous Titan and for every driving function component; Legs (Green) (A pair of legs come as standard, but an extra pair or wheels/jetpacks is good enough for a dice), and 0,1 or 2 for CQC and/or Med Range and/or Long Ranged weapon(s) (Bigger = More dice) and One or two Blue dice for its armor or Shield Generator. Each Mech come with Two White dice as standard, these can be assigned to any function at the beginning of your turn (White dice cannot be used instead of blue dice, only with)

Just before you start the game, All players roll their Initiative values to see who goes first (Drones have no Initiative, they go later, they are a bit slow), then everyone calculates their defense values, all players have to skip steps 1,2 and 3 for their first turn


  • Step 1: Roll all your dice and distribute white dice accordingly
  • Step 2: Calculate your new initiative (7d6 -Minus the amount of dice your mech has)
  • Step 3: Calculate your new defense Value
  • Step 4: Move your Mecha according Green d6 inches, adding any white dice
  • Step 5: Pick any weapon that has not fired this turn on your mech
  • Step 6: Pick any target in range of that weapon
  • Step 7: Determine damage
  • Step 8: Repeat Steps 5, 6 and 7 until you run out of usable weapons
  • Step 9: If you have not fired a weapon you may instead assault, roll one Green d6 and move that many inches, if you come close enough to use a CQC weapon, you may resolve the combat and determine the damage
  • Step 10: After all players have Used Mecha and/or Titans

Sentry Guns and drones then move and fire at the same time in the same order


The game mechanic uses mainly d6s, different colored dice indicate different bonuses:

  • White (Anything) - Is like your main power supply, can be put into anything else to increase its effectiveness
  • Green (Movement) - Are extra pairs of legs, wheels, jump or jet packs
  • Red (CQC) - Are like Swords, Axes, hammers, extra arms, whips etc
  • Red (Med Range) - Are like Pistols, Assault rifles, machine guns, Gatling guns
  • Red (long range) - Are like Sniper rifles, Cannons, Railguns
  • Blue (Armour) - Can be a Handheld shield, Extra Armour or even Force Field generators*
  • Extra note of caution; Where it might be good to put all power to your guns while running into close combat, that's power you could be putting into your shields, remember, there's no turning back!!!


To calculate initiative values, count how many dice you have in total, Less than or Equal to 6 dice, and minus it from seven, roll that many d6s to calculate initiative values, highest initiative goes first!!! (In the official rulebook it states that it is the value of initiative is Xd10, but the smartass nine-year-olds I was teaching told me that that's imbalanced, as players with less dice should have an initiative advantage, they are correct, it makes sense!!!)

  • Machine Priority
  • Priority 1: Mecha - Being nimble and piloted by people, Mecha go in initiative order
  • Priority 2: Sentry Turrets - Usually piloted, Sentry Towers have next priority, striking in Initiative order
  • Priority 3: Drones - Slow and dumb, they follow basic commands, all drones take their goes in the initiative of the commander
  • Priority 4: Titans - Slow and heavy, Titans require sophisticated commanding


The staple unit of your army, or in most cases, the ONLY unit in your army (which will be commander by default), this beast has a dice cap max of 6 and has a 2 white dice power supply, at the beginning of the game, assign ONE mecha as 'COMMANDER', during "Step 1", Commanders may re-roll any one dice.



Found incredibly sparingly, Titans are the Elite of the Elite, usually standing 30cm high and possibly wider still, bearing a ap of 115 Red dice is earful too approach, and can usually be found to be swarming with Drones Limit (6) and Sentry turrets Limit (3), contrary to the rule above, Titans are considered an ADDITIONAL COMMANDER, and may operate Drones without the presence of a mecha Commander

Component Dice pool lit Restriction(s) Bonus
Cockpit 5 No Grn/Red Dice +1 Blu Dice
Weapon 5 No Grn + 1 Red D
LEG 5 GrnGrn/Red +1 Blu Dice
Arm No Grn/Red +1 Blu Dice


  • Drones are mini Mecha, and their only purpose is distraction while your main mecha and commander focus on a Titan
  • Drones are Minifigs in size, usually Star Wars Droids or Exo-Force Robots
  • Drones are allowed weapon,on, and have a fixed value of ONE Red ONE White Dice
  • If there is NO COMMANDER on the field, Drones shut down

Sentry TurretsEdit

Sentry Turrets are for defending points or attaching to Titans, and are usually given Sniper Weapons and laden with thick armor on a rotating platform They are standard Mecha, only with no Green Dice required and are not allowed close combat weapons. They are given the unique ability to re-roll either or both Blue dice at the beginning of their turn