Marines Errant

Marines Errant
Marines Errant Livery.jpg
Founding 23rd Founding
Successors of Eagle Warriors
Chapter Master Anton Narvaez
Primarch Roboute Guilliman
Homeworld Fleet-Based
Strength Fucked
Specialty Ship-to-ship boarding actions, Using shotguns, being actual marines.
Allegiance Imperium of Man
Colours Blue & White Halved

Someone at GW noticed after about 20 years of playing space marines, that virtually no chapter was specialised in actual boarding operations, one of the major duties of a real life marine. Thus, the Marines Errant fill that gap quite nicely and have a quite interesting storyline.



Decreed at their founding to ‘forever quest and give battle, knowing no home but the grace of the Emperor’s mercy’, the Marines Errant are a fleet based Chapter whose skills in boarding actions and rapid deployment from orbiting void craft are justly celebrated. Their close links to the Rogue Trader family of Ecale have only bolstered their expertise in the field of void warfare, and have no doubt helped to keep the vast fleet maintained by the Chapter space-worthy and the terror of the Emperor’s foes. After a secret agreement between the Chapter and the Rogue Trader House in M38, Battle-Brothers can be found operating on all of House Ecale's vessels, no doubt an arrangement that benefits the Rogue Trader immensely, though what the Chapter gets out of it is yet unknown, perhaps a debt remains to be paid? Or perhaps this arrangement just means that the marines get to see a lot of action, in a lot of different starships, across a wide section of space.

From the very beginning, the intent of the Marines Errant was that they would engage in endless crusades, cleansing the cosmos of the filth that might offend the Emperor's nose. Because of this, the Chapter designed its organisational scheme around independent companies. During its existence, the Marines Errant Chapter has never established a formal fortress monastery nor has it designated a specific homeworld. Though it did settle the world of Vilamus to leave themselves a storage facility for precious gene-seed, rather than carrying it with them on the fleets where it could be destroyed or lost.

As with other chapters from the Sentinel Founding, the Marines Errant are crusading chapter beyond the territories of the Imperium and thus rarely returns to Imperial space to raise recruits, the Chapter collects it's initiates in the field from remote worlds that have had little to no contact with the Imperium at all, and the fledgling Neophyte will have to learn just as much about the Imperium as they have to absorb the training and battle rites.

The Badab War & Huron BlackheartEdit

In 904.M41 the Marines Errant was summoned to the Badab sector to support the Fire Hawks as part of a policing action against the upstart Astral Claws chapter. Despite committing five companies to the action, the hot-headed nature of the Fire Hawks draws the Marines Errant deeper into the conflict, causing the chapter to steadily take severe damage before the Badab War ignites fully.

Over the course of the war, much of the Marines Errant fleet was damaged or destroyed and their senior officers were slain by the Mantis Warriors, eventually forcing the chapter to retire in 906.M41. In the aftermath of the war, the highest ranking officer remaining was Lieutenant-Commander Anton Narvaez who then had to take the position of Chapter Master.

Much later, as they were recovering from their losses in the Badab War, Huron Blackheart and his Red Corsairs struck a deal with the Night Lords to raid the gene-seed repository on Vilamus. Despite the Night Lords taking the opportunity to betray Huron and steal one of this starships during the battle, this scenario obviously did not go well for the Marines Errant, who were already hurting from their losses in the previous war and with the loss of their gene-seed has caused them to enter the slow decline towards extinction.

It should be noted however, that due to the main method of chapter creation (namely the Adeptus Mechanicus implanting and then taking the gene-seed from a test-slave until you have enough to found a chapter) it is possible they could come back from this. Of course, they could also just visit Terra, which is said to have a fuckload of gene-seed locked away (where did you think the Mechanicus was taking it from?)

Given that Roboute Guilliman went around handing out Primaris reinforcements to weakened Chapters, it is likely the Marines Errant have been rebuilt and are mostly Primaris.

Special CharactersEdit

The aforementioned Anton Narvaez is represented in Imperial Armour during his period as Lieutenant-Commander of the Strike Cruiser Star Jackal. It was due to the fact that his vessel had been damaged in a previous battle that caused it's delayed arrival at the battle of Bellerophon's Fall, where the rest of the chapter's officers were slain by the Mantis Warriors.

He is armed with a master-crafted plasma gun and an Actinic Halo which gives him a 3++ invulnerable, but has a tendency to break if it fails to protect him. As a master of boarding actions, he can teleport/deep strike a number of units into battle along with him, and set himself (and squad) up in advance of the rest of his forces.

Though at this point in his career he is a bit inexperienced and doesn't quite have the statline of a captain (since he isn't).

Unique Wargear / TraitsEdit

Despite Forgeworld giving them a unique special character, their chapter tactics are identical to their forefathers: the Ultramarines. (You only do boarding missions in Zone Mortalis, which requires more money to make the board than it does to make the army, so boarding missions obviously don't come up often)

However, this hasn't stopped Fantasy Flight Games from giving them a little bit more colour with more minor details, such as each battle-brother being intimately familiar with the Imperial Navy and can undergo intense training as pilots no matter what their role actually is. (Techmarines are usually the pilots of Codex aircraft)

In addition, they also utilize a unique pattern of bolter: the aptly named Naval Boltgun. Which is a shortened boltgun with a 20 round magazine that can be used one-handed like a bolt pistol, but still retain the range and rate of fire as a full bolt rifle.

One relic item that the chapter has in their possession is a specially crafted Shotgun called Linebreaker with a reinforced shortened barrel that fires pellets of super-dense alloys, each of which maintains the force of a regular slug, meaning this shotgun can drop large targets with impunity AND maintain a slightly longer effective range.

Daily RitualsEdit

04:00: Morning Wakeup- The Marines Errant retrieve their shotguns from beneath their beds.

05:00: Morning Prayer- The Marines Errant gather to pray. Typical prayers include serving the chapter well and having the opportunity to use a shotgun on anything.

06:00: Morning Firing Rites- The Marines Errant gather on their ship's firing ranges. Battle brothers will often run into close combat range of the target servitors and proceed to fill them with bolter shells. Pulling out shotguns for use at any range is encouraged.

07:00: Morning Battle Practice- The Marines Errant will launch practice close quarters combat within the battle barge. For now, the use of heavy weaponry is prohibited. Any battle brother who can snipe a servitor with a shotgun is permitted to hold the chapter standard.

09:00: Morning Meal- The Marines Errant eat a small meal of tac and gruel. Sometimes, younger battle brothers will amuse themselves by cutting their tac with their shotguns.

10:00: Tactical Indoctrination- The Marines Errant gather to learn why they are the only real space marines and why everyone else is doing it wrong. They will study ancient relics to understand what a marine truly is. Such actions often offend the sixth Chaos god, Matt Ward. They also discuss the tactical use of shotguns and why they are superior to bolters in enclosed spaces.

12:00: Afternoon Meal- The Marines Errant eat a meal comprised of more gruel and tac. Any neophyte who complains is offered the opportunity to join the Marines Malevolent.

13:00: Afternoon Battle- The Marines Errant capture a Chaos or xenos transport vessel and set it in tow.

13:30: Afternoon Firing Rites- The Marines Errant practice sniping turrets off of said vessel. A purity seal is awarded to any battle brother who manages to breach the hull of the enemy vessel.

14:00: Afternoon Battle Practice- The Marines Errant board the enemy vessel and hunt down the crew to a man. This time, the battle brothers are permitted to use any weapon they choose, resulting in massive damage to the interior of the ship they are boarding.

16:00: Deployment Practice- Having successfully turned the enemy ship into a smoking wreck, the Marines Errant jump from the ship and into awaiting drop pods. Any battle brother who gets caught in a planetary gravity well or misses the drop pod has his shotgun confiscated.

17:00: Shore Meal- Having successfully landed on the surface of a nearby planet, the Marines Errant have a grand feast of some of the finest food the Imperium has to offer, as their relationship with rogue traders gives them premium access to goods they desire. Any neophyte who complains who previously complained is forced to hold the table up while the others feast.

19:00: Evening Prayer- The chapter gathers to thank the emperor for being able to use shotguns. The chaplain will make it a point to force substandard battle brothers who do not get shotguns to lead prayers.

21:00: Free Time- The Marines Errant have free time. Some battle brothers will gather to use relics like "Star Wars Battlefront II(the non heretical one)", "Battlefleet Gothic: Armada", or "Star Wars: Empire At War". Others shall take time to show that there are other guns to use, such as the Naval Boltguns. These brothers are typically veterans of the first company.

23:00: Bed time- The Marines Errant return to their rooms. Battle Brothers shall place their shotguns under their beds before going to sleep.

24:00: Heresy Check- The Chapter master uses special servitors to ensure that each shotgun is well maintained, as any battle brother who poorly maintains his shotgun is clearly a heretic.


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