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Majere Symbol.jpg
Copper Spider, Single Rose, or Mantis
Aliases Mantis of the Rose, Manthus, Master of Mind, Matheri, Nadir the Dreamsender
Alignment Lawful Good
Divine Rank Intermediate Deity
Pantheon Krynn (Gods of Light)
Portfolio Discipline, Loyalty
Domains 3E: Good, Law, Meditation
5E: Knowledge, Order
Home Plane 2E: Contemplation (Elysium)
3E: Dome of Creation
Worshippers Monks, Theologians, Scholars
Favoured Weapon Merciful Discipline (Unarmed Strike)

Majere is a God of Enlightenment hailing from the Dungeons & Dragons world of Dragonlance. Taking the position of elder teacher amongst the Gods of Light, Majere seeks to guide all that exists to the purity and holiness of unadulterated goodness - in this, he sometimes has disputes with Zivilyn, who argues for a more neutral approach to life.

Whilst the severe austerity demanded by Majere's faith keeps his following small, its influence is mighty indeed.

Of all the gods, Majere is sometimes considered to be closest in mind to the High God, and he strives to ensure that all mortals and divinities adhere to the great plan of the High God. As such, he is sometimes known as the prophet of the gods as well.


All souls are called to holiness and purity of life. Attainment of this is a mortal's highest calling. Seek holiness both by overcoming the Evil within and opening yourself to Good. Discipline the unruly passions of the body, and look within to find your own faults and strengths. Seek not glory or perishable things, but the eternal joy of light. Obey those properly set above you, and be gentle but firm to those below. Pray always, and always seek the truth. Look to the world around you; in the order of Creation you will find the keys to holiness. Help call others to virtue, but do so through teaching and example, not force and fear. Oppose evil with fervor, but without hatred. Show mercy when possible, but be hard when necessary. Above all things, have faith. There is an order and a purpose to creation, and as long as you do not turn your back on goodness, your life shall not be in vain.

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