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A fapfiction written by our ever-virgin Farseer (though apparently that gets fixed in the future), involving reverse NTR, ear play, /ss/, BDSM, and Sisters of Battle. Basically, the most heretical thing possible. Except not, because she inadvertently brings back the Emperor by doing so. So, in a way, this is the most non-heretical thing ever created. It seems some random writefag got to the fapfic, now it's twice as heretical and NSFW! Yay!


A Night of Heresy (Part One)Edit

Violette sighed as she discarded the last of her undergarments and stepped into the empty shower room. She preferred bathing when no one else was around, partly because it gave her the opportunity to properly cleave to the Golden Throne. First, though, she had to wash the grime from a proper day's work of Xenos slaying. Taking up one of the spots in the back, Violette turned the water on, steamingly hot water cascading from the nozzle over her lithe form. Just the sensation of it made her involuntarily release a moan of pleasure, but she was a patient woman. The time to worship his holiness was approaching, and she wanted to be properly cleansed for him.

After obtaining a small amount of bluish liquid from a bottle, Violette proceeded to lather her body. She became lost in the sensations, working every muscle and inch of her skin with massaging motions and the occasional moan. It wasn't until she felt pillowy mammaries press against her back that her revere was broken.

"My my..." whispered Sister Superior Romelia, "what have we here?" Not waiting for a reply, she licked Violetta's earlobe and began nipping a trail down her neck.

"I...I..." stammered Violetta, trying her best to remain professional. "I was just...just..."

"Just what, dear? I know that this is usually when you..."

"DON'T!" shouted Violette, breaking free of Romelia as her hands brushed against her thighs. Covering herself, Violette stammered, "It's...It's not proper! The Codex Sororatas doesn't..."

Her diatribe was interrupted by Romelia's lips forcing themselves against hers, the warm water cascading over them both. "It's okay... let go..." whispered Romelia, drawing back as Violette blushed profusely.

"B...B...But we're both women!"

"That's okay. There are proper anointing rituals we can follow..."

The cool night air flowed against their naked forms as Romelia led Violette down into the dungeons. It was late enough that they encountered no one else along the way, much to Violette's relief. Still, as Romelia opened a door to one of the cells, Violette couldn't help but gasp.

Inside was an Eldar, gagged and on her hands and knees, bound to a table. She had been captured earlier in the battle today, and now was being properly purified by a D-Pattern Las Rifle that was continually being inserted into her vagina. To make matters worse, microbeads were taped to her long ears and nipples, vibrating rapidly as they warbled soft litanies in high gothic.

"W...What is this?" murmured Violette, once again covering herself.

"Oh that. We're preparing her for one of the Commissars. This will help us break her~"

"What do you..."

Before Violette could finish, she found Romelia's finger being placed on her mouth. "Don't worry, I think *she* enjoys watching anyways."

By the looks of it, drool trailing from the eldar's gagged mouth and her eyes rolled back in her head, Violette wasn't sure if the xenos was even aware they were there. Such thoughts were banished from her mind when Romelia produced a bottle containing holy promethium.

"It's time to begin the ritual, lie down Sister..."

Feeling nervous and rather unsure of the entire situation, Violette did as she was told. After all, there was no shame in obeying an order from a Sister Superior, right? Still, as she reclined on the table opposite the Eldar, her back slightly elevated, she couldn’t help but feel vulnerable. The wicked grin on Romelia’s face wasn’t helping matters either.

“First,” began Romelia, as she uncorked the promethium, “we will infuse your flesh with the holiest of oils.”

Biting her lip, she poured a very generous amount of the flammable fuel over her breasts before setting the canister aside. Before Violette could do more than emit a soft eep, Romelia clambered onto of her, pressing their bodies together.

“Just focus on how this feels…ignore everything else…”

Across from them, the Eldar had just come down from her latest high. Though the mon’keigh’s device had started out as a mere annoyance, it had slowly worked against her until nearly every moment was a mixture of pain and pleasure. Without her spirit stone, she could feel the laughter of she-who-thirsts growing stronger as her juices seeped out of her. To make matters worse, two female mon’keighs had entered, and were now writhing and moaning about in front of her. But there was little time to focus on that, as her ears began buzzing in just the right way…

“N…N…No! Don’t!”

“Your mouth says no, but your body says yes…”

By now, both of their bodies were coated in the oil, their slick skin moving over one another as they grinded against one another’s thighs. In between gasps and moans, they ravaged each other’s mouths in a manner that would confuse even the darkest of eldar. It was then that a knock came at the door, a crackling male voice calling, “Ma’am? I brought that flamer you wanted!”

Viollete couldn’t believe her eyes when one of the choir boys entered the dungeon, a well-maintained Kreig-pattern flamer in hand. “Ma’am? Where…?” The boy fell silent, eyes bulging as he came to realize the state of the room he had just walked into. This was not something they trained you for in Sunday School. Left with his mouth half open, and his face turning a bright red, it wasn’t until Romelia slipped off of Violette and came to his side that he was able to speak again.

“I…uhh…here you go, M…Ma’am,” he stammered, offering up the weapon and trying his best not to stare at her naked form. Grinning, she took it gently from him, patting him on the head as she did, “That’s a good boy. You can run along now.” He didn’t have to be told twice. But, as he turned to leave, he felt the Sister Superior grabbing him and hugging his back, “Though…you’ll miss all the fun~”

Violette watched with amusement as the boy was led over to the xenos. There, he was made to replace the lasrifle with the flamer, all under the watchful eye of Romelia. “Uh…Ma’am,” he squeaked, trying to ignore the fact his own penis was now begging to be handled, “I…I think it’s too big…”

“Nonsense! These xenos are quite flexible!” delighted Romelia, slapping the boy’s back and sending him reeling into the Eldar’s crotch. “Ah, eager are we?”

“N…No!” he uttered, hastily scrambling to stand upright while failing to forget the smell of the eldar’s juices. This was DEFINITELY not covered in choir practice. Again, he made to leave, only to be stopped by Violette placing her hands on his shoulders, “Oh no, you’ll want to see this…”

On cue, Romelia turned the machine back on, the flamer pressing against the eldar’s entrance. Screaming through her gag, the farseer couldn’t help but writhe in agony as the weapon finally entered her. It was too big, not even her dark kin could take something like this! Yet, as it began the steady march in and out, the agony turned into a mind-numbing pleasure. Maybe the Mon’keighs actually knew how to make a pleasure device after all.

By now, the poor choir boy had all but lost his sanity. Below, his penis squeezed out a load involuntarily due to the stimulation of seeing the eldar strain against her bonds, crying out in muffled ecstasy. The naked sisters about him probably didn’t help matters either, but this was still too much for the boy. He began crying in embarrassment, only to have his face cupped by Romelia.

“It’s okay, my child. Let your loving Sister take care of that for you…”

While Romelia dealt with disrobing the boy, Violetta retrieved the canister of promethium from the floor where it had been discarded. Returning, she found the Sister Superior examining his undergarments.

“Hmmm…” Romelia mused, eyeing the wet spot that coated the front of the choir boy’s crotch. “That’s rather respectable, for one so young. I wonder how it tastes though…”

Before the boy could protest, she removed his boxers, revealing a rather good sized dick for a choir boy doing its best to recharge. “Awww, poor thing, you must be dying. Don’t they let you all get out?”

“No…” he sniffed, wiping his face before trying to cover himself. “They told us its heresy to go against our vows of chastity.” His face contorted as if to cry once more, and Violette joined her fellow Sister in comforting him, completely forgetting the promethium.

“Shhh. There there. So long as your soul remains pure, the Emperor will never stop loving you. And that’s all that matters,” she said, placing her right hand on his shoulder and squeezing it tenderly. “Now, how would you like your Sisters to make you feel wonderful? I promise it won’t hurt!”

The boy looked between Violetta, her breasts, the Eldar, then the tits again. Meekly, he replied, “O…Okay.” “Wonderful!” replied Romelia, beaming as she led the boy over to the table. Helping him up onto it, she had him swing so as to have his legs dangling off the side. With herself on the left, and Violetta on the right, the two began to perform the rite of passionate percussive maintenance on his poor cock, as it had returned to standing erect like the little soldier it was. Their tongues ignored all willpower saves, and soon the boy found himself groaning in delight.

Elsewhere in the room, the farseer had just gone through her fourth visit to the warp, with the fifth not far behind. How long did they plan on doing this to her? Until she was one of those twisted servants of she-who-thirsts? Though, as the next high approached, she found herself not caring if this was the case. So long as she was able to feel these sensations again and again, she’d even worship the mon’keigh’s corpse emperor.

Try as he might, the choir boy was unable to pass his toughness check after enduring the Sisters' dual tongue assault. Arching his back, his overloaded penis unleashed righteous fury all over Violette's and Romelia's face.

" much..." moaned Violette, beaming as she and Romelia began licking the seed off one another.

"And the taste...simply divine..." added Romelia, winking at the boy as he watched with amazement. Once they were finished, they helped him off the bed and lead him over to the Farseer.

"Now then," began the Sister Superior, "we're going to let you do something very special. You get to train the Commissar's new toy for him, won't that be fun?"

The boy hesitated, but his brain had failed its corruption check for the day. Stopping the machine, he pushed the flamer aside and took his position at the eldar's waiting hairless pussy...

"Okay, no. That's where I draw the line," yelled Taldeer, tossing Macha's fanfiction into the air as she stormed from the room. "I only read this smut because I owed you a favor, but I can't stand your fetishes anymore. You need professional help, Macha."

Macha was left stunned, her story floating to the ground around her. Was it her fault that writing was her only sexual outlet? Well...not ONLY outlet, she thought, grinning as she removed the wraithbone dildo from between her mattress. Focusing on it with her mind, it began to vibrate. "At least I have you, my dearest Emperor..."

A Night of Heresy (Part Two)Edit

“Go on…” purred Romelia, motioning for Violette to take the her place on the Farseer’s other side. The two Sisters removed the microbeads tormenting the eldar’s ears, only to begin a new barrage of swift attacks on them.

At the removal of the flamer, the Farseer enjoyed a brief respite before the new barrage of sensations from her ears began driving her towards another skip across the warp. They were one of the few parts of her body which had an over-abundance of nerve-endings, meaning each tactile lick and nip was amplified all the more. Eyes fluttering, the Farseer’s gaze drifted backwards as she felt small hands grip her thighs. There, the smaller mon’keigh was posed, the tiny soldier between his legs all but scraping against her vulva. Part of her wanted to scream and rage against the incoming violation, but the countless hours of mixed delight and pain had made a Dark Pact with her soul.

“He’s hesitating…” whispered Violette, in between brief sucks at the eldar’s vulnerable ears. “Maybe he needs to hear how badly this witch wants him.”

“Mmmmm… perhaps you're right,” moaned Romelia, taking up one of the xenos’ tits and swirling it in between her fingers. “Do you think she’ll behave, though?”

Both Sisters stopped their all out attacks to stare into the Farseer’s eyes. Unable to speak due to the gag, all the eldar could do was nod pleadingly, begging the two Sisters with unbridled lust her eyes.

“Ohh…By Isha…” squeaked Macha, the wraithbone making a wet noise as it traveled through her inner canal. “I wish Taldeer had kept reading. She’s an expert on the mon’keigh’s breeding activities…”

As soon as the gag was removed, the Farseer took a deep breath. The dull pain in her jaw was nothing compared to the feeling of the cool air filling her lungs, causing her to emit a sensual sigh. Before she could do more, though, the small mon’keighs soiled undergarments were draped over her eyes, the crotch section resting against her nose. The smell alone was enough to make her drool again, much to the Sisters’ delight.

“See, my child? She can’t even contain herself after getting a whiff of you,” teased Romelia, once again beginning her combined overwatch with Violette.

All of this was enough to finally break down the last bastion of willpower in the boy’s mind. Gritting his teeth, he pushed his cock deep into the xeno's pussy. Though the Sisters’ tongues had ignored all armor, this new experience was capable of causing an overload in mere moments. Lost in the eddies of the pleasure churning against him, the boy’s eyes went blank as a small bit of saliva dripping from the corner of his mouth.

“Oooohh, look Sister Superior. I think he likes it!”

“Mmmhm, so does the xenos. Don’t you, witch?”


It took a few moments for the boy to even realize that the women were talking, much less that the Sister Superior had moved behind him. “Look at him,” she whispered, leaning in to nip at his ear. “He can barely hold it in. Let your dear Sister help you…”

Using her hips to guide his, Romelia aided the choir boy in slowly thrusting in and out of the Eldar's alien pussy. If the boy was older and had sex before, he would had taken note that no human woman would be able to match the Farseer’s silken insides. It didn’t take long for him to hit his limit again, sending jets of hot semen inside the Farseer’s dripping pussy with a loud groan. This caused the xenos to bite her lip, balling her fists as the mon'keigh's seed swirled inside her.

“Please…let me…I must… taste it…”

Violette smiled, then removed the underwear blindfold before stealing a kiss. “Here, you can help us clean the boy up. I’m sure he won’t mind…”

As the Farseer’s binds were undone, Romelia pulled the boy back, his dick coated in juices, both his and the Eldar's, and was dripping onto the floor. “Such a mess, and from one so young…you’re going to be my new favorite play-thing…” she moaned, licking his neck and furthering the cascade of sensations that had left him in a sea of bliss. Guiding him to take the eldar’s place on the table, she gently pushed him down and motioned for the xenos to get to work.

Kneeling down, the Farseer eagerly took up the juicy organ. The smell alone was lowering her intelligence, to where she’d even mount a grox at this point…

Taking the dildo out of her vagina, Macha began sucking on the tip of the wraithbone. “Mmmmm, if only I knew what a mon’keigh's dick actually tasted like.” By now, her bed-sheets were soaked with a combination of sweat, juices, and drool…

Diligently, and with the care one usually reserves for a precious item or person, the eldar began cleaning the boy’s tired soldier. Groaning through the shaft in her throat, the taste of the mon'keigh's cum mixing with her own juice was amazing. She nearly jumped when Violette began probing her cilt with her tongue. Meanwhile, Romelia had taken to offering her nipples to the boy’s mouth, which he sucked mindlessly while the redheaded elf thrust her hungry lips onto his meat.

“Just think,” she whispered, unconsciously digging her nails into his shoulder as his tongue swirled around. “This is just the beginning. Soon I’ll have you trained to where you can do this day after day…for all eternity…”

A soft knock at Macha’s door interrupted her mewling and twitches of ecstasy. “Umm, Auntie Macha, could you keep it down? I’m trying to study.”

Turning scarlet in embarrassment, Macha removed the wraithbone from her mouth and sighed. “Sorry Lofn…Please…don’t tell your mother?”

“Of course not Auntie. Even though they call you a freak, I still love you.”

As the half-eldar’s muffled footsteps faded, Macha was left feeling completely guilty. Still, the wraithbone seemingly found its way back to her soaked pussy, and soon she had to stuff her shirt into her mouth to muffle the noise.

The Morning AfterEdit

“Fennias! FENNIAS!”

“Sorry sir! Present!”

The drill abbot stormed down the line, and Fennias knew he was about to get an earful. The Sisters had kept him up late into the night, only releasing him when it came time for them to report to their posts. He didn’t exactly regret it…but now he was dealing with several problems. First and foremost, he hadn’t had time to shower, which meant the stench of their activities still clung to his skin. To top it off, he could barely stay awake, his ravaged body crying for rest.

By the time the abbot reached him, Fennias had begun nodding off again. “WHAT IN THE EMPEROR’S NAME IS YOUR MALFUNCTION?” yelled the abbot, mere inches from Fennias’ face. “ARE YOU INCAPABLE OF DRESSING PROPERLY, BOY?”

“N…No Si…”



This went on for some time, nearly driving the poor choir boy to tears as his peers stifled laughter at his misfortune. He was about ready to give up and breakdown when rescue came in the form of Violette.

“What’s going on, drill master?” She called out, striding down the line of clerics-to-be clad in full armor and an air of contempt.

“Nothing, my lady,” replied the abbot, turning and bowing slightly at her. “I was merely disciplining this filth for being a blight on the sanctity of our church.”

“Well, we can’t have that now, can we? You there, boy,” pointing at Fennias, “Follow me. I shall handle your punishment myself.” Shaking, he did as he was told, his comrades whispering among themselves as he was led from the room. The Sisters were infamous for their punishments: many a choir boy had returned bruised from head to toe for stepping out of line. Even though Fennias had a feeling his sentence would be much less, the air of command that Violette exuded didn’t help waylay his fears. Eventually, the two reached Violette’s office, a small room with several cabinets, chairs, and a wooden desk. “Shut the door, then sit,” ordered the Sister, taking up her own seat across the desk from him. After he had done so, she winked, placing her feet up on the desk and smiling.

“Sorry I couldn’t come sooner,” she began, practically purring at him. “I had to visit the Commissar, only to find out he had been killed this morning in battle. A shame really, but that means I have a little surprise for you…” Fennias shuffled meekly in his chair. Even though he was fully clothed, the hunger in the Sister’s eyes made him feel like he was exposed. “W…What might that be, Ma’am?” he stammered.

Waving a hand airily, “Oh come now. No need for formalities, *especially* after how well you did last night. You can call me Violet, or Big Sis, either is fine.”

“Yes Ma’a…I mean, okay, Violet.”

“Good! You learn quickly. That’s what I like about you, among other things…” Before continuing, the Sister bit her lip, hands gliding over her chest plate. “If only these walls were soundproof… I’d take you here on this very desk…” she whispered sensually. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“I…ummm…maybe? I don’t know…”

Laughing, Violette swung her legs off the desk and leaned over it to place her hand under his chin. “There there, you’ll find your voice in time. But yes! That surprise. I want you to meet me in the same dungeon room after your choir practice this afternoon. Can you do that for me?”

“Y…Yes, Big Sis.”

“Wonderful,” she mused, taking her hand from his chin. Tapping the pressure points on her breast plate, it parted, revealing the already harden tits inside. Winking, she murmured, “And here is your punishment. You’ll have to think about these. All. Day. Long.” The Sister then shook her breasts slightly, teasing him more. Gulping, Fennias nodded, then promptly left after being excused. It was going to be hard concealing his hard penis after that display.

Macha began running the wraithbone over her chest, wishing it was something more real. The mixture of her juices and saliva on the instrument left a trail of warmth across her stomach and breasts, though nothing could compare to the heat of her mind. This next bit was her favorite part, but it required some certain…additions to her play. Not even bothering to get up, she reached out with her thoughts and levitated over her box of toys. Yes…that riding crop would do nicely…and maybe that ball-gag for good measure. She didn’t want to disturb Lofn, after all…

Pausing outside the door, Fennias found himself a combination of fear and excitement. It was true: the punishment he had been given was rather effective. Throughout the rest of the day, he had thought of nothing else, yet a small part of him cried against breaking his vows of chastity. Plus, he wasn’t sure he could endure another “session” like last night, but he didn’t want to disappoint his “Big Sis.”

“Well, are you going to stand out there all day, or are you going to come in?” laughed Violette from the other side of the door. With a soft eep, he rushed inside, closing and locking the door behind him. Before him was the Sister, already stark naked on the table. Her body was already coated in a layer of fine oil, and her eager gaze seemed to indicate that Fennias wasn’t the only one who had been distracted that day.

“So, umm…” he began, blushing and kicking the cold stone floor, “is this my surprise?”

“Oh no…that’s in a different room. I just wanted to make sure you got some alone time with your Sister first…”

Before he could do more than open and close his mouth a few times, at a loss for words, he found himself shaking once more. Why did Violet like him? He wasn’t anything special…and she was far too pretty to bother with a nine-year-old choir boy like him. Surely there were plenty of capable guardsmen that could do far better? Lost in these thoughts, he almost missed the fact the Violette had hopped off the table, coming over to hug him tight.

“I know what you’re thinking,” she whispered, running a hand over his back. “Why you? Well, to tell you the truth, I think Romelia’s had her eye on you for a while now. I’m just here to make sure you get all the love, care, and training you need to be her servant.”

“B…But why not a guardsman, or a commissar?” he asked, trying hard to ignore the fact that her nipples’ points were pressing into his chest. “I’m just a choir boy… I’m not a…a…”

“A man? But don’t you see? That’s precisely why we picked someone like you.” Leaning back, Violette gave him a warm smile before taking his tongue and leading it on a slow waltz. This went on for a full minute, both uttering sounds of delight until she drew back. “A *man* wouldn’t appreciate what was given to him. You, on the other hand, are pure. You can be taught. You. Can. Be. Saved.”

The last few words were accented with quick pecks at his cheeks and neck, all while her hands gently began sliding his robes from him. Fennias didn’t really understand what she meant by most of it, but his mind was too fixated on the fact that he had a tongue running over his body. Whatever it was, though, it sounded like it was something the Emperor would approve of, so he let himself go. Why not at least enjoy this, even if it was blasphemy?

“Let us explore what it is to be a true servant of the Emperor. Come, lie down so that I might give you a taste of what lies in your future.”

Fennias did as he was told, clambering up onto the table and lying back as Violette giggled. “You forgot the most important part, my boy!” Leaning over him, she used her mouth to pry his undergarments free of his penis, the latter of which was happy to be freed from its cloth prison. The fabric still clasped in her mouth, she stood upright, winking down at Fennias as his mouth remained slightly agape. Taking it in her hand, Violette ran it down her front side, all the way down to her moistened pussy. Without pause, she stuffed it inside, biting her lip as she did.

“Ahhhh…there we go…” she cooed, leaving just enough sticking out of her warp so that the garment could be retrieved later. “Now I can pretend you’re deep inside me while you have your fun.”

Without pause, she took up Fennias’ cock with one hand, sliding it against the head with a wet, lewd sort of noise. The other hand found its way to his ball sack, kneading and caressing them gently. This was something entirely different from the rapid affair of the night prior. Fennias couldn’t help but feel safe, the knowing touches and calm demeanor of the woman before him putting him at ease. It was as if he was being given a massage by a loving partner, one where the epicenter of which radiated pleasure throughout his entire body and mind.

“I’m…I’m gunna…” he groaned a few minutes later, Violette’s pace slowly bringing his penis to shoot out it's righteous spunk.

“I want you to. Go ahead. Shower me with your love.”

Seconds later, Fennias’ back arched as the streams of semen erupted from him. Throughout the eruption of seed, Violette kept stroking through completion, sensually moaning as the seed fell back onto her chest and face.

“Didn’t that feel wonderful?” She beamed, slowly slurping up the liquid in full sight of the boy. When she reached her breasts, his cock twitched involuntarily. “Ooooo, there’s some left…” she gasped, leaning in to suck the last bit of cum from his dick.

Violette followed this up by joining him on the table, pressing down on him with her body. “How was that, my boy? Did your Sister do well?”

A haze covered Fennias’ mind. He was still not accustomed to having his soldier being overworked like this, let alone the soft touch of the Sister’s skin pressed against his. “Um.It…It was…”

Violette lifted her head, staring directly down into his eyes. “Go on…” she purred, rubbing her ample chest against his. “Your dear Sister just wants to make sure you’re happy…”

Gulping, he quickly muttered, “It was…nice…” Following this, he turned his head to the side, blushing profusely.

“Awwww, you’re afraid of me, aren’t you?” pouted Violette, the mock disappointment in her words making Fennias feel terrible. “N…No Ma’am! I mean Big Sis! I mean Viole…”

Lightly biting his lip to stop his stammering, Violette leaned back once more. “I’m just teasing you. But come, it’s time for you to see that surprise. Oh, but you’ll need to get dressed first.”

“But you have my…”

“Oh right…Here…”

Rather than get off of him, she slid her hand between their bodies until it reached her soaked vagina. With a wet pop, she pulled the soaked fabric free of herself, sliding it up their bodies and placing it on his neck. “There you go…Sorry, they’re a little wet…”

That was an understatement, but the smell alone was enough to overload the poor choir boy’s mind. Almost mindlessly, he donned his garments, after Violette got off of him and started dressing herself. He couldn’t help but sneak a few glances at her as she did, though he felt immensely guilty for doing so. She was fully aware of this, of course, even enjoying it somewhat, but thought it best to leave some semblance of his sanity intact.

“Let me see you,” Violette said, minutes later. Fennias spun around, the Sister tugging against his robes to make them more presentable. “Close enough…we’re going up to the Sister Superior’s quarters, but that’s good enough to get by any passersby.”

“W…Why her quarters?”

“Oh, that’s where we have to keep her now, since the Commissar went and died. We *were* just going to kill the xenos, but she begged and pleaded. She even volunteered to be your…well… you’ll see.”

The wink that accompanied this sent his penis scrambling to erect itself, though his juice-soaked undergarments were already aiding in that regard.

Muffled thwacks marked the riding crop being applied to Macha’s posterior. Through the ball-gag, she cried out, “More...More…!” Increasing her pace, she began rocking back and forth, her boobs swaying beneath her as she imagined the little mon’keigh’s face upon seeing her the second time…

The SupriseEdit

It turned out that Romelia's quarters were off in their own wing of the church, which, much to Fennias' dismay, meant that there was plenty opportunity to be spotted by those on their way to dinner. Though Violette maintained an aura of superiority, one of leading a heretic to his doom, Fennias could do little but follow in her wake, eyes cast downward at the floor. The other Sisters they passed seemed to not give them a second thought, but the few members of his choir that did muttered among themselves.

"Poor Fennias, that mean old Sister is probably going to beat him senseless like Marcus..."

"Shhh! She'll hear you! Do you want to join him?!"


"Shut up, John. We don't need your deviancy getting us into trouble."

A single look from Violette sent the group scattering, and they were the last people the pair encountered on their trek.

"Well, here we are!" beamed Violette, opening the door and ushering him inside. "Romelia's out for the moment, but she said to go ahead and let you have some fun."

"W...What do you mean?"

Not saying anything more, Violette winked and lead Fennias over to a door. "And here is the surprise. This used to be a spare bedroom, but now its all yours. You can do whatever you want in there until either myself or the Sister Superior fetches you."

"Ummm...o..okay?" murmured Fennias, not really sure what to make of this.

Laughing, the Sister opened the door and pushed him inside, locking the door behind him. As the boy's eyes adjusted to the dim light, he could barely believe what was before him.

On a large, wooden bed was the xenos from the night prior. Her red hair fanned out beneath her frame, which was spread open and bound to the posts. In her mouth lay a simple ring-gag, which allowed drool to constantly seep out of it. Finally, around her neck was a black collar, emblazoned with the Aquila.

Fennias rubbed his eyes, not really believing his senses. Yet, there was the eldar, her and the bed the only thing in the otherwise bare, windowless room. Tentatively walking to the edge of the bed, he was uncomfortably aware of the farseer's gaze, watching his every move. Now that he was closer, he noticed a small note taped to her redden clit.

"Umm... sorry," he muttered, reaching over and pulling the note free.

Trying his best to ignore the grunt of pleasure that accompanied it, he began to read:

To the...little Mon'keigh,

You have taken something from me that is very important. Yet, at the same time, you have been the only one to ever listen to my needs, throughout the countless years. Whether this was a mistake or not, I wish to be your loyal servant. You can use me like a play-thing or doll, using me to fulfill your *every* desire.

It was signed with a red lip imprint, and a post-script from Romelia:

If you ever tire of her, just say the word. We'll have her hanging by the gallows the next morning.

"Something important? But I didn't..." Realization dawned on Fennias, his legs going numb as he stood at the foot of the bed. "Oh...I...Emperor what I have done?"

A gurgle from the farseer met this, proper words prevented due to the gag holding her mouth open. Timidly, the choir boy looked over his new charge, trying his best to ignore the throbbing below.

"I...what do I even do?" he asked, moving to the right side of the bed. Taking a seat on the edge, he left his back to the eldar and stared at the wall. "I couldn't even keep my pet goldfish alive, and now I have to take care of you? And what am I supposed to do about the Sisters? If I don't...with you...they'll probably be mad with me..."

The sound of the xenos straining against her bonds and trying to speak broke him from the spiral of depression, if only for a moment. "Oh...sorry..." he muttered, turning and undoing the bindings that held the gag in place. "There you go..."

The removal of the gag lessened the fire in the farseer's jaw, and she took a few moments to stretch her facial muscles before speaking.

"You were not a part of this? Of their plan?"

"N...No. I had volunteered f...for extra duties that night. If I had known what that would be..."

As the boy sniffed looking away, at the edge of tears, the eldar couldn't help but feel a small amount of compassion and pity for the mon'keigh. Both of them had been forced by those so called "Righteous Nuns" to do acts neither would have normally. While she was old and wise enough to be able to deal with the situation, the child barely into his teens probably would be scared for the rest of his life. Well, unless she helped him, that was.

"Do not cry. Sobbing will solve nothing." she offered, trying her best to sound comforting.

"Why shouldn't I?!" demanded Fennias, slamming his fists against the bed beside him. "I just wanted to prove I was a good servant of the Emperor, that I was ready for more..."

With a sigh, the eldar changed tact, "What is your name, mon'keigh?"


"Well, Fennias, I am Farseer Macha. And I want you to know something. Those first two lines of the note? I meant them. Before my capture and...last night, I have gone without any release. Though you are too young to understand, such an affair is enough to drive anyone insane, even among my kind."

Silence followed this statement, Macha's eyes on the back of the boy's head as he resolutely stared at the wall. "I'm..." he began, "sorry. You probably wanted someone...someone better..."

"Well...maybe a little bit. Oh no, I didn't mean! Isha damn it..."

Much to her surprise, Macha felt the boy beginning to undo her bonds, freeing her from the bed. "W...What are you doing?"

"I'm letting you go, maybe you can run away. Maybe you can escape. Maybe you can..."

Before the boy could continue, he found himself pinned to the bed as soon as the last chain around the eldar's leg came loose. Gulping, he looked up to see Macha straddling him, hair falling across her face and tits swaying gently beneath her.

"That would be...suicide. For both of us," she offered, "As much as that note was written with a bolter to my head, perhaps it can be of some comfort."

"W...What do you mean?"

"Well...obviously they're training you for...something, so why not let someone far wiser than they teach you ways to use their own medicine against them?"

"You mean..."

"Yes," whispered Macha, releasing her grasp on Fennias' arms as she leaned back and began undoing his robes. "It's time for you to learn what it is to be the dominant one..."

A Lesson in ControlEdit

Biting her lip, the real Macha resisted the urge to interrupt her bathing with a little shower-time masturbation. After Taldeer had stormed from her room, she had built up quite a sweat in the hours that followed. The refreshing water cascading over Macha's body did little to cool the fire burning within her, and soon soft mewls and moans mixed with the sounds of her shower...

Finally prying his robe free, Macha frowned at the stained underwear before her. "You...already?"

"N...No! Well...yes...once, but that was with Violet!"

"And is that...yes it's her scent. What did she do to you?"

Sighing as Fennias failed to emit more than jumbled syllables and sounds, Macha slowly pried the fabric from him. Once free, his tiny soldier presented itself dutifully, only to be pressed down against his stomach by the eldar's crotch.

"Now then, your first lesson," began Macha, placing her arms on either side of the boy's sides. "You must make me WANT to stick this inside of me. Think of it as a build up to the main event. I believe you mon'keighs call it 'foreplay?'" She asked with a playful tilt of her head.


"In any case, until you do manage to...convince me...I'm going to do this..."

Moving her hips, the Farseer's slick pussy lips glided over his penis, teasing both of them without actually resorting to penetration. She had to be careful, though. As much as she was in control of herself now, the chance to continue experiencing that which had been denied to her for so long was gnawing at the edge of her mind.

"H...How am I supposed to?"

"Hmmm? Oh...well, use your partner's weak spots. I'll give you a hint.." Leaning in, Macha whispered in his ear, "mine are my ears..."

Gulping, Fennias raised a shaking hand and gently took her right ear between his index and thumb. After a smile from the xenos, he began kneading and rubbing, sending countless blasts of pleasure through the highly dense nerve clusters contained within.

"Yes that's..." purred Macha, "...good. Little more pressure..."

"Like this?"

"Gahhh, yes, yes!"

The eldar's rocking hips picked up their pace, the Farseer’s juices seeping onto Fennias' dick as she became more and more aroused.

"G...Good, but you have to keep surprising your prey. Don't let them...eep!"

Macha's statement was cut short as the boy gently took her left breast with his spare hand.

"Oh...uh...sorry...should I not?" He paused, not sure if he had gone too far.

" just...surprised me."

"I'm a quick study. Always was the first to learn new hymns."

Laughing, Macha leaned in and planted a kiss on Fennias' forehead. "Maybe there's hope for you yet."

Fennias couldn't help but blush profusely as the eldar pulled back, resuming her rocking motion with moans that were becoming filled with lust. He wasn't used to being praised, let alone rewarded, especially in the manner now surrounding him. Not wanting to disappoint, he abandoned his grasp on her mammary, only to take up Macha's spare ear in return.

"W...what are''s too much! I... I can't...!" cried the Farseer, digging her nails into the boy's chest as a wave of pleasure washed over her. Below, her movements slowed, both her vagina and his cock coated in her juices. Wincing in pain, the boy took this as a sign to cease his assault, hands falling to his sides.

Something about the way the woman squirmed about resonated with Fennias, making him feel proud in a strange sort of way. This was amplified when Macha finally found her tongue once more.

"That...I haven't had earplay like that in *ages.* And here I thought you mon'keighs were incapable of satisfying one of us. W...Well done."

With a weak smile, she slid her hands from their emplacements on Fennias' chest. Coming to cup his face, the xenos pulled him upwards gently into a half-sitting posture.

"You're...welcome. I...was worried. I don't think I'm very..."

"Shhh..." came Macha's reply, cutting off his self-depreciation with another nip of his lips. "You did fine. Well, for your first time. But you'll learn. We both will."

By now, even the boy's chest was flushed in a mix of embarrassment and excitement. "W...What about your lesson? Did I pass?"

"Not quite," came Macha's reply, along with a quick lick of his neck. "But you did manage to convince me..."

Truning herself around so that her back faced him, she ground her lower lips against his entire length, all the way to the tip. With a wink, she pressed herself down, then slid back, bringing the boy's cock fully inside her redden pussy.

A small "unf" was all Fennias could muster, the eddies and flow of the pleasure surrounding his stalwart soldier still unlike anything he had ever experienced. Absentmindedly, his fists clenched and unclenched as his eyes filled with stars.

Even the Farseer wasn't completely immune. Though the member given to her was small compared to the armory of the night prior, the sheer sensation of there being something warm and throbbing inside her was enough in itself.

"Ahhh...this is far better than a wraithbone dildo..." she whispered sensually, taking up Fennias' hands and guiding them to her sides. "You'll want to hold on..."

Slowly, the Farseer began moving her hips, just enough to stimulate them both as the head of his dick probed it's way into her depths. Both were breathing heavily, simply enjoying the ecstasy that came with the motions. A few minutes in, the eldar leaned back, placing her hands on the boy's chest as she increased the rate and pressure of her grinding.

"It's...I...unf...feel..." stammered Fennias, his penis already nearing it's limit.

"Resist..." Macha uttered, clutching Fennias' body close to her as she neared her own edge. "...try as hard as you can to...ohhhh Isha...yes, yesssss!"

Climaxing, the Farseer once again became lost in a haze, though her body continued to move of its own accord. Fennias was not far behind, the tip his cock rolled five additional hits in the delight that engulfed him.

Panting, the pair fell back to the bed. Sliding herself free, the eldar took a few fingers and probed her depths. Once again winking playfully at Fennias, he watched with amazement as she took a few long strands of his semen and licked her digits clean in front of him.

"Do you know when those nuns will be back?"

The Sacred Rite of Cannon MaintenanceEdit

When Violette came to retrieve Fennias some three hours later, she was surprised to find the boy practicing his wrangling skill. He had the xenos on all fours, slamming his cock in and out of her dripping anus with soft little “unfs.” As for the eldar herself, her body was coated in a combination of sweat, juices, and Fennias’ seed. Her eyes were rolled back in her head, pink tongue hanging out of her mouth, dripping semen and saliva down to into a puddle as the depths of her arse were ravaged by the young human. Macha looked like she was in absolute ecstasy.

Rather than interrupt, Violette simply waited in the doorway. It took every ounce of willpower not to join the fray or, at least, to perform a little percussive maintenance on herself, the Sister was barely able to contain herself. It wasn't long before Fennias withdrew his cock, adding more mess to the Farseer’s body as the xeno's arms gave out, unable to hold her front up, forcing her head down and ass up. Eyes fluttering and tongue still hanging out, her mind a blank from pleasure.

“So…” began Violette, “you’re a fan of the backdoor then? Maybe you can practice with mine later… i hope you've saved some cum for me.”

The choir boy nearly fell off the bed in response, not having noticed the Sister yet. “N…No! I mean…yes! I mean...”

“We’re going to have to work on your vocabulary, my dearest boy,” sighed the Sister, motioning at the boy’s clothes pile. “But first, we must get you down to the showers. Not only does your body need cleansing, but your spirit does as well. Do hurry. Romelia doesn’t like to wait…”

Turning from the room and walking back into the main one, Macha and Fennias had a moment of privacy. Though the former was still very much lost in bliss, she was able to say one thing while the boy got dressed.

“Remember…Remember what I told you…”

With a nod, Fennias patted his charge on the head, her eyes closing and smiling in satisfaction as she drifted off due to exhaustion. Making a mental note to ask that she be cleaned later, he tentatively left the room in search of Violette.

Having finished with her shower, among other things, Macha found herself rather drowsy as she returned to her room. Donning a simple, red silk robe, she realized that she had never picked up her writing after Taldeer had scattered it across the room. The pull of sleep was rather alluring however, and, by the time she had collected the papers from the floor, the Farseer was already nodding off. Hugging the stack of lewdness tight, she laid down on her bed and took up the top page.

Macha always regretted having to send the fictional choir boy off to spend time with the Sisters, but the words just seemed to flow from her mind when writing. With a yawn, she slid a hand down her robes and began gently caressing her inner thighs. Sleep could wait.

Much to Fennias’ relief, the hallways on the journey to the showers were barren. Yet, as Violette tugged him towards the women’s room, he found himself gulping. Surely, there was a better, more private place he could bathe?

Before he could offer an argument, Fennias found himself in the open, tiled room. Aside from the Sister that had led him here, the only other occupant was Romelia. Already free of any clothing, the Sister Superior was just finishing up her own shower when they walked in.

“Romelia, I brought him.” called Violette, beginning to strip herself.

“Ahh… wonderful. Fennias, was it? Do come here. That’s it, I won’t hurt you,” Romelia beckoned, taking up a bottle of soap as the boy walked over. “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

“Oh…right…” murmured Fennias, discarding his garments before joining the Sister Superior under the cascade of steaming water. Though he had been naked in front of these women before, much less stripped by them, it was still a rather embarrassing affair for the poor boy. Eyes firmly locked on the floor, he simply tried his best to ignore the fact that Violette had come up behind them. He was trapped.

“Where to begin…” mused Romelia, drawing her Sister close. Using her free hand, she lifted Fennias’ chin, such that he had to look at the pair. “What do you think, Violet?”

“Oh, I think we should start with his chest…” Violette purred.

Pressing her boobs against those of the Sister Superior, she took the soap bottle and poured a generous amount of it between their necklines. Once properly sudsed, the two Sisters took their place on either side of Fennias’ body. Unable to protest, he found himself soon being cleaned by the Sisters’ bodies.

Though he had just released several loads of his cock within Macha, Fennias’ penis was already beginning to erect itself. This struck him as rather odd, even given what little he knew about sex. “Shouldn’t there be a longer pause?,” he wondered to himself, only to have these thoughts interrupted. Violette and Romelia had finished sliding themselves over him, and now they were standing in front of him.

“Mmmmm, smell him Violet. Isn’t it delectable?” said the Sister Superior, licking her lips for added effect.

“Indeed, my dear Sister. But that is only his body. Now we must cleanse his soul.”

Each placed a hand on Fennias’ shoulders, guiding him to lay on the floor such that the water emanating from the nozzle was to his left. Once there, they kneeled next to his thighs, eyes positively glittering with hunger as they eyed his dick. Grinning wickedly, they once again joined the nipples of their tits, moving them downward to envelop the cock of the boy.

Gritting his teeth, Fennias tried, and failed, to suppress a small groan. This was met with joyous glances from the Sisters, who promptly began cleansing the head of his cock. Each time it peaked over the top of their combined mounds, the pair assaulted his penis with their tongues. It didn’t take long before the boy was nearing release, which the Sisters seemed to be able to sense somehow.

Their pace increased, their soft and supple skin rushing over his, accompanied by lashes from their talented tongues. Moments later, a cascade of semen erupted over them, splattering across their breasts and faces as the boy seemingly collapsed beneath of them.

“Oh my…” muttered Violette, beginning to lick her Sister clean, “To think we get to do this for the rest of eternity.”

“Indeed, my dear Sister,” Romelia returned. “But it is a small price to pay to make sure he never returns to that precious throne of his.”

Laughing, the pair continued to clean themselves as Fennias fell into the throes of unconsciousness. This wasn’t right, he didn’t belong here. Macha, anyone, help!

“I didn’t write this…” frowned Macha, turning the page over and over. Yet, there the words were, unchanging. Unsettled, she sat up, shaking her head.

“You’re just tired, Macha. Get it together.” Still the words remained, much to her displeasure. Deciding that Taldeer must have tried to ruin her story, the Farseer removed herself from the bed and took her seat at the nearby desk. After taking up a quill and a new sheet of paper, Macha began scribbling furiously, muttering to herself. “Fine. Be mad at me all you want while you play with your little mon’keigh. I’ll just write a new version.”

Close to a half hour later, Macha sighed as she pushed back from the desk and dropped her quill. Pleased with her work, she took up the freshly penned expose, only to drop it with a shriek of horror. Every single line was the same: “Help me, Macha.”

Breaking the IllusionEdit

Darkness swirled around Fennias as floated weightlessly through the void. In this interlude, this space in-between spaces, all the memories and experiences of his lives were coming back to him. This had not been his first time through the recreation, and it might not be his last. The chaos gods had been very meticulous in designing his prison, after all. It was designed to constantly shift him between realities, keeping him distracted and entertained. At the slightest hint of any trouble, of any sign that he was beginning to realize who he was, the warden would emerge.

Though the recreations varied, the warden was a constant. A fusion of the power of all four forces in the Immaterium, the warden preferred to reveal themselves as a woman much like Romelia. Sometimes, she was a simple guardsman, others, a full-fledged daemon. In the end, it mattered not what form it took, the warden always managed to subdue his soul, preventing him from awakening. Much like the simulations, the manner in which this was done varied, but something had changed this time.

In recruiting the figment of his imagination that was Violette, the warden had caused his mind to create a balancing factor: Macha. Though, at first, she was a simple recreation of the genuine article, a part of her soul had found its way past the warden’s gaze. That connection was fading now, as the emptiness threatened to overwhelm his mind, but there was time for one last message.

“Alright, focus Macha. Just write any words that aren’t ‘Help me, Macha.’”

Glaring down at her hand, the Farseer once again attempted to rewrite her story. Each time she had tried thus far, the same words had appeared over and over again, regardless of her efforts. Perhaps it was a sign of insanity, perhaps one of too much masturbation. In either case, she was determined to prove to herself that she was in control of her writing.

Finishing her sentence with a flourish, she took up the page, surprised to see that she had indeed managed to jot down something different. Tears welling in her eyes, she leaped out of the chair and began tearing her room apart. After collecting her wraithbone and the remainder of the literature she had written, Macha once again read the words from her beloved:

“Focus on my memory, and give me a weapon. It’s time we finally consummate our vows.”

“Remember…Remember what I told you...”

With a nod, Fennias patted his charge on the head, her eyes closing as she drifted off due to exhaustion. Reaching between the mattress and the frame, he removed a bolt pistol covered in hexagrammic wards. Though the boy wasn’t sure what the xenos had meant by all this, something about her made him feel like she could be trusted, relied on. That didn’t make the task ahead of him any easier, though.

“Well, hurry up then!” shouted Violette, peaking her head into the room. “We need to hurry before Rome…”

She never finished her sentence, head obliterated by the shell passing through it. The former Sister writhed in agony as it attempted to reshape itself, only to have another three shells pumped into it. Standing over the daemon’s corpse, the Star Child reloaded his pistol, his body filled with righteous fury. He had a prison to break out of.

“I’m telling you, Mom, Macha isn’t a freak! She’s just misunderstood!”

“Hmph, I thought I taught you better than that Lofn.”

“Now Taldeer…”

“Don’t you ‘Now Taldeer’ me LIIVI! I’m marching right up there and giving her a piece of my mind!”

Leaving her husband and child in the kitchen, Farseer Taldeer stormed up the stairs towards Macha’s room. Ever since returning from her mysterious trip earlier that day, her sister hadn’t been seen out of her room. Making matters worse was the constant noise of her mewling and groaning, of which Taldeer had had enough of. Kicking open the door, Taldeer took a step inside Macha’s room, only to stare speechless at the sight before her.

When she finally found her tongue, even LIIVI and Lofn could hear her screams.


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