M113 Tirailleur Peleton/YPR 765 Pantserinfanterie Peloton

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Pantserinfantrerie PelotonEdit

In Team YankeeEdit

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The Dutch represent NATO's strongest armoured infantry, with some very respectable IFVs and enough anti-tank weapons to threaten anything but the latest tanks.

Unique among armoured infantry, your pantserinfanterie have the versatility to take the fight to the enemy if needed. While the West Germans and French sacrifice raw numbers of infantry, the Dutch pay additional points and get some very nice tools indeed. They might not be amazing in firefights with 6+ FP, but ROF 3/2 is more than enough when holding your ground and engaging infantry in the open. What sets this unit apart is their access to Carl Gustavs and Dragons, weapons which make these units a nightmare for enemy armour to deal with. Combining these two weapon systems in the same platoon means that a platoon has a threat range up to 28". Unlike the Americans, closing in just means that the CGs can get to work against your vehicles. Similarly, Staying beyond the CG's 24" threat bubble won't do much unless you can totally ignore Dragon missiles flying at your face.

What you are left with is a unit of infantry with rather unimpressive stats (4+ on everything), you have one of the most versatile loadouts for an infantry platoon. When used poorly, their weapons will make them a thorn in your opponent's plans. Used well, they can threaten virtually any unit on the board aside from aircraft. Whether flanking or holding a trenchline, the pantserinfanterie are a very dangerous unit that should expect to be fired on whenever possible. This is not a unit your opponent wants in their face.

A 9 point pantserinfanterie platoon comes with 4 GMPGs, 3 Carl Gustavs, 2 Dragons and 4 YPRs. A 7 point platoon gives you 3 GMPGs, 2 Carl Gustavs, 2 Dragons and 3 YPRs.

M113 Tiraileur PelotonEdit

In Team YankeeEdit

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Tirailleurs are infantry in the recon company mounted in M113s, equipped for a defensive role.

Unlike the pantserinfanterie, the Tiralleurs are far from generalist infantry and are only suitable in support and defensive roles. The loss of Dragon ATGMs reduces your versatility significantly, only capable of hitting targets up to 22" away (if moving). As defensive infantry, they are restricted to fighting in the open from trenches against infantry in the open: 6+ FP means they are virtually worthless when attacking or fighting in urban terrain.

However, the fact that these units are weaker should not discount these troops completely. Cheaper than the British mechanized platoons by one point each, they are still more cost-effective than most other NATO infantry and when used in defensive roles, ensure that nothing will want to close in. Whether its infantry or tanks attacking your objectives, these guys have the tools to take it out.

A 6 point platoon gets you 4 GPMGs, 3 Carl Gustavs, 3 M113s and a 4 point platoon gets you 3 GPMGs, 2 Carls and 2 M113s.

Fun Fact: Tirailleur is French for Skirmisher.


Dutch Forces in Team Yankee
Tanks: Leopard 1 - Leopard 2
Transports: YPR-765 IFV - M113 Armored Personnel Carrier
Troops: M113 Tirailleur Peleton/YPR 765 Pantserinfanterie Peloton
Artillery: 107mm/120mm Mortier Peloton - M109 Veldartillerie Batterij
Anti-Aircraft: PRTL - Stinger Peloton
Tank Hunters: YPR-765 PRAT
Recon: M113 C&V Ploeg - YPR-765 OP
WG Support: Roland Flak Batterie - Raketenwerfer Batterie - BO-105P - Tornado