M113 Blowpipe

Like most Canadian support units, this vehicle is just a regular old M113 protecting specialized equipment for a specific role. In this case, the equipment in question is the Blowpipe shoulder-mounted launcher.

In Team YankeeEdit

The Stats

The poor mans ADATS, the Blowpipe is capable of engaging almost anything, albeit with relative difficulty. With ROF 1 and AP 12 on its ground fire shot, the Blowpipe struggles to penetrate anything stronger than a Leopard 1, but can still deal with IFVs and APCs decently. Despite this, you probably wouldn't want to waste shots on infantry and lighter vehicles when you already have better tools for that. Can't fire on the move, so a bit tricky to work with Canada's overall shoot'n'scoot mentality. While its cousin (the ADATS) can make its points back VERY easily in the right situation, the Blowpipe will struggle to do the same.

It has passable air-defence against NATO aircraft, but lacks the number of shots needed to quickly splash Frogfoots and Hinds. The Blowpipe section is overcosted at 3 vehicles for 4 points, or 6 vehicles for 8 points. Assuming the enemy goes with an air-heavy list, your Blowpipes lack the raw efficiency of dedicated air defence units like the Roland or Rapier. They might pick off a model or two, but need far more time to grind through a hind flight, never mind several squadrons. Its use in ground-defence is strictly situational: you would not bring the blowpipe if you did not expect units in the air. In this role, it competes with the Leopard C1, which does the anti-ground role far better. A combination of Leopard C1s and ADATS would be more rounded, with the Leopards om-nom-noming light units with brutal shots while the ADATs snipes heavy tanks.

Where it does excel, however, is in competitive high point games where air cavalry lists emerge. Rather than being a good unit, it is a necessary one to provide sufficient air cover. The ADATS, as good as it is at fighting aircraft, is limited to six models per list and that might not be enough to fight entire airborne lists on its own. The Blowpipe is not a strong unit, just a nudge to ensure that your air defence will chew through enemy helicopters before they chew through your air defence.

Despite having the hatch swung wide open, the vehicle is not treated as being open-topped.


Just like the Spartan Blowpipe, you’re supposed to dismount from the vehicle to fire the weapon. The backblast from firing a MANPAD inside an enclosed space would quite possibly cook you and your friends inside the vehicle, as well as probably rendering the vehicle inoperable. All in all, not a great idea.

Canadian Forces in Team Yankee
Tanks: Leopard C1
Transports: M113 APC
Infantry: Canadian Mechanized Platoon
Artillery: M109 Field Battery - M125 81mm
Anti-Aircraft: ADATS - M113 Blowpipe
Tank Hunters: M150 TOW
Recon: Lynx RECCE Patrol - M113 OP
US Support: M1 Abrams - M60 Patton - US Mech Platoon - A-10 Warthog
WG Support: Leopard 2 - Marder Panzergrenadiers - BO-105P - Tornado