Lynx Reconnaissance Patrol

"Give us a good harvest and another bloody war in Europe."

– Anonymous prayer, attributed to Canadian settlers and frontiersmen

The little kitty providing the eyes and ears for her bigger Leopard C1 cousins, the Lynx is an interesting vehicle. A heavily modified M113 model designed specifically for the role of reconnaissance, it's a little disappointing that Team Yankee only uses the Lynx for recon and not Observation, but hey.

In Team YankeeEdit

Sorry about the war, eh?

As is the common theme with the Canadian lists, this is your only option for what it does and you better like it. Fortunately, it looks like the Lynx seems fairly well-suited for the role of recon infiltration (if not any kind of prolonged firefight). The most obvious feature of this unit isn't a statistic: it is instead the remarkably low profile of the model. You can obscure this thing pretty effectively behind what would otherwise only be half-cover. It's also got a decent front armour of 3, permitting it to shrug off light fire.

Be bold with these things, use their spearhead function to get your Leopard C1's right into the enemy's face, then go deep with it. If you play your cards right, the enemy will be too busy trying to deal damage control against your Leopards to notice the AP 4 .50 cal bearing down on their backline. Hell, provide some smoke cover and you may be able to pass behind their lines to play havoc whether the communists like it or not.

For slower readers, this thing literally carries 2 machine guns in a game where most things are armoured. Retreat them immediately unless you would like to give up a kill point.


Produced in 1963, the Lynx is a M113 chassis with a lowered hull and additional armament. It was bought by the Dutch and the Canadians, who would both phase it out in the 1990's. The vehicle saw limited service under the umbrella of Canadian peacekeeping deployments, who had acquired the vehicle to replace the obsolete Ferret car.

There are quite a few Lynxes in operational condition today, and Chile still uses it in a cursory role.

Canadian Forces in Team Yankee
Tanks: Leopard C1
Transports: M113 APC
Infantry: Canadian Mechanized Platoon
Artillery: M109 Field Battery - M125 81mm
Anti-Aircraft: ADATS - M113 Blowpipe
Tank Hunters: M150 TOW
Recon: Lynx RECCE Patrol - M113 OP
US Support: M1 Abrams - M60 Patton - US Mech Platoon - A-10 Warthog
WG Support: Leopard 2 - Marder Panzergrenadiers - BO-105P - Tornado