Lost and the Damned Creation Tables

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Inspired by Fantasy Flight Games' Deathwatch Role-playing Game's Space Marine Chapter Creation Tables, these tables let you roll up (or otherwise generate) your very own traitorous Imperial Guard Regiment. These tables are for fluff only! Fun though and creativity is key. Still a WIP so feel free to contribute FOR THE DARK GODS! Now cast up a worthy offering.


Regiment OriginEdit

Former Regiment Classification d10
Imperial Guard: A true regiment, drilled and competent in their service but found more purpose in the call of Chaos rather than selfless sacrifice for a Corpse-God. 1-4
Planetary Defense Force: Former defenders of an Imperial world but having realized truths they never considered that have freed them from Imperial rule. 5-6
Penal Legion: Scum, criminals, murderers now free from the oppression that was held over them and pledged to Chaos. (Think mortal Night Lords pretty much) 7-8
Militia/Cultist: Average Citizens taken to training and arming themselves for the glory of Chaos. 9
Navy Armsmen: Experts in void-combat, they found salvation on the tides of the Warp whispering to them. 10

Regiment DemographicEdit

Recruitment Criteria d100
All male [m/f ratio adjustable] 1-15
All female [m/f ratio adjustable] 16-25
Caste-born: Raised from birth in the warrior caste. 26-30
Nobility: Bought their commission for honor and glory. 31-35
Dark Priesthood: Once devout servants to the Emperor but now something more. 36-40
Abhumans: Ratlings, Ogryn, and other such useful creatures embracing their true creators. 41-45
Tribespeople: All you have to do is teach them which way the gun points and the falsehoods of the Imperium. 46-50
Unlucky Souls: A World chosen by the will of the Gods to the dismay of whoever lives there. 51-55
Spacers: Born on asteroids, off-world hab-stations, or the vessels of the Imperial Navy. (If Navy Armsmen was rolled, this may be taken as default) 56-60
Firstborn: Chosen by right of being the eldest child and now in the service to something greater than the Imperium. 61-65
Vat-grown: No families to complain, no friends to consider, much easier to devote themselves to Chaos. 66-70
Gangers: They fought each other in the slums, now they fight a true enemy. (If Penal Legion was rolled, this may be taken as default) 71-85
Convicts: Were serving their sentence on the front lines, but have cast off their shackles. (If Penal Legion was rolled, this may be taken as default) 86-95
Roll d3+1 times on this chart. 96-100

Nature of Recruitment d10
Punishment/Redemption/Recycling: Recruits are gathered from the dregs of society. (If Gangers, Convicts, or Unlucky Souls was rolled on demographic table, you may select this by default) 1
Elite tithe: The best of the best of the planet were recruited for this regiment. (If caste-born or nobility was rolled on demographic table, you may select this by default) 2-4
Standard conscription: Average or above-average citizens recruited from all levels of society. (If All-Male, All-Female, Firstborn, or Unlucky Souls was rolled on the demographic table, you may select this by default) 5-10

Regiment HomeworldEdit

Home World d100
Hive World: No claustrophobia, excellent sense of direction? Urban combat! 1-25
Feral World: They fight like wild animals in the Axefather's name. 26-40
Death World: For these people, life was a war before they could speak. 41-55
Forge World: Once blessed by the Omnissiah to carry His light across the Galaxy, now loyal to a greater cause. 56-60
Imperial World: Once from among devout citizens, now loyal to chaos. 61-70
Civilized World: Soft as clay before the firing of the kiln; war is their crucible. 71-80
Shrine World: They charge into battle eagerly, and their very prayers are warcries. After all, they're free from those stifling conditions now. 81-90
Home World Lost: Ghosts do not fear death, but they seek life with a terrible fury. 91-99
Daemon World: So privileged as to be born upon a world held by one of the gods own. 100

Home World Predominant Terrain d100
Jungle: Masters of stealth and inured to disease. 1-25
Desert: At home in sun, sand and wind. 26-50
Ice: Cold-blooded, with hearts of fire. 51-60
Ocean: They grew up in the dangers of the depths. 61-65
Wasteland: Excellent scavengers and hardy survivors. 66-75
Urban: Good soldiers, once you get the cityboy out of the city. 76-80
Dead World: Able to make full use of the technology required to survive in such places. 81-85
Airless: They don't fear the void like most. 86-90
Agriworld: Sturdy, hard-working types, glad to be off the farm. 91-100

Regiment Tactical InformationEdit

Regiment Core Units (d100)
1-35 Infantry Regiment
36-45 Light Infantry
46-55 Heavy Infantry
56-70 Mechanized Infantry
71-75 Drop
76-80 Armored
81-85 Artillery
86-95 Siege
96-99 Shock Troopers
100 Abhuman

Specialization (d10)
1 Drill & Discipline
2 Counter

(What does this mean?)

3 Stealth Warfare
4 Lightning Strike
5 Trench Warfare
6 Close Combat
7 Ranged Combat
8 Shock & Awe
9 Guerrilla Warfare
10 Hive Warfare

Chaos Allegiance D100 Roll
Renegade (Not Chaos, nor Imperium, all on their own) 1-10
Chaos Undivided 11-30
Lesser God (Ex. Malice) 31-40
Nurgle 41-54, 77
Slaanesh 55-69 (Hurrhurr~)
Khorne 70-76, 78-84, 88
Tzeentch 85-100 (except for 88)

Loyalty Rating (d10) (Don't roll if Renegade, count as Disloyal)
1 Overzealous: need to be actively held back from shedding their blood as sacrifices to the Dark Gods.
2-3 Fanatical: No remorse, no retreat, no fear.
4-5 Adherent: Hold fast to the Word and the Dark Gods' will.
6-7 Undisciplined: Will follow the Gods, but don't expect them to bow to authority figures.
8-9 Unorthodox: Their faith in the Gods is a strange one, and their practices raise the eyebrows of more traditional followers.
10 Disloyal: These scum fight only for themselves, or even seek to return to the wretched Corpse-Emperor.

Special Equipment (d100)
1-10 Traditional Weapon
11-20 War Trophies
21-30 Specialized Lasgun Pattern
31-40 Exotic Mounts
41-50 Rare Heavy Weapon
51-60 Warp-Blessed Wargear (Re-roll if Renegade)
61-70 Augmented Troops
71-80 Special Vehicle
81-90 Preferred Fighting Style
91-100 Modified Weaponry

Regiment Creed (d100)
1-40 For The Homeworld: This regiment's mission is to demonstrate the skill and steel of the homeworld to the Galaxy, woe unto them.
41-65 For the Dark Gods: They believe in the Word of Chaos as their gospel, and see it as their holiest endeavor to spread that Word with the flames. Re-roll if Renegade.
66-75 Best of the Best: The regiment believes itself to be elite and constantly strives to prove itself.
76-80 Glory In Death: The regiment's mission is to die, and take as many enemies with it as possible.
81-85 We Must Repent: The regiment believes it is on a mission to pay for their homeworld's sins with blood for the Blood God. Or the Emperor, if Renegade.
86-90 Tribal Faiths: This regiment is beholden to primitive beliefs. If from a civilized world, clannish practices from hive gang cultures or other such traditions predominate.
91-95 Steel Over Flesh: This regiment believes the way to victory is through machine augmentation.
96-100 Esoteric Beliefs

Regiment RelationsEdit

Damned allies. Who has our back? (d100)
1-5 Warmaster Abaddon. Re-roll if Renegade.
6-10 Populace of a waning Imperial Planet
11-15 Corrupt Governor or other high-ranking Imperial official
16-30 Chaos warband or specific Chaos Lord
31-35 Rogue Psyker Cult. Re-roll if your regiment's allegiance is Khorne.
36-40 Dark Mechanicus/Traitor Titan Legion
41-50 Chaos Cult. Re-roll if your regiment's devotion to chaos is "Disloyal".
51-75 Specific group of Chaos/renegade mortals (renegade/corrupted Lost and the Damned regiments, anti-Imperium rebels, clan of tribals, corrupted mutants, mercenary bands, pirate gangs....etc)
76-80 Rogue Inquisitor
81-85 Specific Chaos Xenos or simply other xenos groups whom they share mutual goals with. See Minor Xenos Table below
86-95 A loyalist Astartes chapter who's heretical/radical ideals led them to do back-room deals with your regiment.
96-100 Specific Daemon Prince, Greater Daemon, or other powerful daemon. If your regiment is disloyal to Chaos; said daemon is covertly supporting and manipulating the regiment from the sidelines to suit the daemon's needs.

Who are the Damned's enemies?(d100)
01-10 Roll on Allies table
11-20 Specific Eldar Craftworld/leader
21-30 Specific Ork Waaagh!/Warboss
31-35 Specific Tyranid Hive Fleet
36-45 Specific Necron Tomb World
46-90 The Imperium of Man (choose an institution or a specific leader or faction from that institution)
91-95 Specific Dark Eldar Kabal/leader
96-99 Specific Minor Xenos leader/group (see below)
100 Select your own

Damned's Enemies (if focused on the Imperium) (d100)
1-5 Administratum
6-15 Adeptus Arbites
16-30 Adeptus Astartes (a specific chapter)
31-35 Scholastia Psykana
36-45 Adeptus Mechanicus
46-50 Adepta Sororitas
51-55 Adeptus Titanicus
56-60 Ecclesiarchy
61-75 Imperial Guard (of a specific world)
76-83 Imperial Navy
84-85 Inquisition
86-88 Navis Nobilite (Navigators)
89-91 Officio Assassinorum
92-93 PDF (of a specific world)
94-98 Rogue Trader Dynasty
99 Schola Progenium
100 League of Blackships

Minor Xenos Species/Empires(1d100)
1-10 Tau Empire (alternatively, you may select a particular Tau force or leader)
11-20 Hrud
21-30 Fra'al
31-40 Uluméathic League
41-50 Yu'vath/Legacy of the Yu'vath/Rak'gol
51-60 Enslavers
61-65 Bargesi
66-70 Tarrelians
71-75 Thyrrus
76-80 Hellgrammite
81-85 Loxatl
85-90 Saharduin
91-92 Xenarch
93-95 Cythor Fiends
96-97 Nightmare-Engines of the Pale Wasting
98-100 Other Xenos Species (pick one or roll/write one up)

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