Lord of Change

Change we can all believe in.

The Lords of Change are the Greater Daemons of Tzeentch. Massive bird/human hybrids, Lords of Change are unparalleled sorcerers and plotters, capable of outwitting (almost) any mortal. Just as Planned.

The only way for something to go Not as planned for a Lord of Change is if Tzeentch himself wills it to by concealing information from his minions (or if Creed is involved). Genuinely though, Cypher, Oxyotl, Shas'O Kais and Nagash know how to Not as Planned a Lord of Change, though whether this is due to their awesomeness or the machinations of Chaos has not entirely been confirmed yet.

On the flip side, while they can apparently tell the future better than most Farseers and can supposedly fling spells better than alpha-plus level psykers or level 6 Wizards, they are not invincible, and they cannot sense all things at the same time and can be vulnerable in the middle of a battlefield due to processing too much information, so they prefer to manage things from afar and use mortals as their pawns.

Also, they look a lot like the Skeksis from "The Dark Crystal", which is probably not a coincidence considering that that movie came out in 1982, while Warhammer first appeared a year later. Goddammit, GW. Lords of Change also have a suspiciously large number of thing in common with angels. They are flying superhumans with feathery wings and great strength. Bringers of hope, they wield tremendous mystical power in faithful service to God. In fact, Aetaos'Rau'Keres sometimes even gives boons to lucky people nearby!

Noted Lords of ChangeEdit

  • Aetaos'Rau'Keres: An insane(r) Lord of Change, Aetaos'rau'keres is a paranoiac who manically hunts down anyone or anything that knows his true nature, and is so damn good at it that even other daemons are afraid of him. As a result, only apocalypse cults summon him, for he'll kill all the cultists and the rest of the planet for good measure. He's the Daemon Lord of Tzeentch who shows up in Imperial Armour: Apocalypse II. While he costs a flat 999 points (1500 in FAQ for 8th!), he has all sorts of powers that can ruin somebody's day, the most infamous of which is a pretty reliable ability to bounce psychic powers aimed at him and template Boon of Chaos: everybody hit has to pass a toughness test into Chaos Spaw- ohgodNOASDJSALF
  • Amon 'Chakai: The first and greatest of the Lords of Change, capable of changing and creating destinies.
  • Kairos: Schemed him self his own page. Just as he foresaw.
  • Marabas: Lord of Change who tried to convert the Calixis Sector to Tzeentch. Got pwned by the Inquisition.
  • M'Kachen: Lord of Change who has the hots for Brother-Captain Stern of the Grey Knights. Feelings are reciprocated, and Stern will never accept the post of Grand Master until they finally sleep together.
  • Sarthorael the Everwatcher: The secret boss of every faction campaign in the Total War: WARHAMMER game. Like his title implied, he observe your armies movement by disguising as a white bird accompanied by his human slave, your old advisor ( possibly the guy from the trailer). Why would anyone hire a mysterious old man with a bird is beyond anyone's mind (especially for grimgor or mannfred von carstein). He appears with Archaon's army when any faction reach at least 100 turns in the campaign. He is a powerful combat monster who is immune to psychology and caused fear in combat. Combined with his already powerful chaos army with Archaon by his side, he is hard to beat unless you assassinated him with your maxed out hero campaign agent, or just bring 3 armies in front of him for auto-resolve. Alternatively, a strong gun line can chew through anything, when in doubt, just bring more artillery and steam tanks. In Chaos Campaign, he challenges Archaon after a cutscene where Sarthorael chew out his human slave's eye ball and reveal himself as the lord of change. Regardless the outcome, he will always fail because Tzeentch hates his servant and because this happened in a video game. It's also worth noting that he is playable in multiplayer and is hilarious broken with his terror trait and his constant charge disruption against anything that's not a lord character, which most player would use him to take out enemy range units.
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