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The Mary Sue in all his glory.

Longstrike, real name and title Shas'La T'au Sha'ng, is a T'au tank pilot. His claim to fame is surviving an attack that killed his bond brothers, fighting a valiant retreat before some Razorsharks saved him, and Headshots a fucking Warhound titan, all in the same campaign. Which shouldn't even be a thing, given that Railguns simply should not have that kind of penetrating power, especially against void shields or Heavy Adamantium. Anyway, he helps the T'au curbstomp the Imperium on Taros, and returns a hero, now idolized by the T'au populace.... and that's it. We know nothing else about the guy, and probably never will, seeing how little attention xenos factions get from Games Workshop.

Meanwhile, the Earth Caste decided to build the XV02 pilot suit, which is supposed to give whomever wears it enhanced reaction time and better aim. Essentially, a six million dollar T'au. The catch? Only Longstrike can wear it without going brain dead or becoming a vegetable. He isn't quite as bad as some other Mary Sues, but still a excellent example of one, and how not to write a character.


Longstrike is great if you are taking any number of Hammerheads above one. He is a pretty standard Hammerhead, save for the 2+ that degrades to 3+, then finally to 4+. He can take the Seeker missiles, Ion Cannon, etc. The Real reason you are taking him is for the following juicy abilities: +1 to wound targets that are monsters or vehicles (4+ wound rolls on smart missiles anyone?), buffing nearby Hammerheads to 2+ BS, and his Hammerhead treats markerlight hits as 1 higher than they actually are.

tl;dr: He lets friendly tanks hit on +1, wounds scary vehicles on +1, and gets to fire seeker missiles when regular guys only get the reroll 1's

A Weeaboo in his weeaboo suit in his weeaboo tank
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