Legio Volcanicus

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Legio Volcanicus
Emperor Titan stood in front of an erupting volcano, both weapons firing towards the top corners of the banner.
Battle Cry "Be Crushed Under The Weight Of The Iron Mountains"
Founding Pre-Heresy
Homeworld Guarapuava.
Strength 3 Scout Titans, 7 6 Battle Titans
Specialty Super-Heavy Laser and Plasma Weapons
Allegiance Loyalist



A Legio reaching back to the Great Crusade. They took part in several battles across the galaxy, most notably in the 8th Black Crusade, where they served in the Defense of their world.

Born on a world that was covered in vast quantities of volcano's and immense mountain regions, the


Santa MariaEdit

Santa Maria, que es un mal día para ser un traidor!

An Imperator-Class Emperor Titan, Former Grand Master of the Iron Mountains and High King of Guarapuava

Fate: Destroyed during a battle with the World Eaters in M37.549


Krakatoa, The Exile

A Mars-Pattern Warlord Titan, formerly the second in command of the Legio and the Champion of the High King.

Fate: Operational, but living in Exile.

Olympus MonsEdit

Olympus Mons, the High King

A Warlord Battle Titan, The current steed of the High King.