Legio Ruina

Legio RuinaEdit

WIP Custom /tg/ Titan Legion, it has been instrumental in the defense of /tg/ and the Imperium. All the Princeps have remained anonymous, but the Titans live in memory. It is also the supplier of the Warlord Titan Periratus to the Angry Marines.

Known TitansEdit

Currently known operating Titans

  • Rutrum Rota CCLXXXVIII

A prototype, Rutrum Rota is an artifact and an ugly conglomeration of metal and whirling blades. However, this appearance was intended as a distraction, he has hidden Laser weaponry and his whirling blades are in an energy field to rend through Titans. He single handidly took out 4 entire Gargant Mobs with his Chainblades.

  • Warlord: Bohemius Rhapsodus
  • Reaver: Draco Eruptio

The Reaver Draco is rumored to be from the heresy, in the original hands of a Plague Marine Warband. If these rumors are true or not cannot be determined, but Draco Eruptio was at the forefront at the Sacking of 4 enemy Worlds, and has kills on Titans larger than he is.

Angry Marines Warlord maintained and crewed by Legio Ruina, it features heavy Close combat weapons as well as the two carapace weapons replaced with launchers to eject Angry Marine Assault units and Land Raiders into combat, it has a confirmed 50 Titan kills.