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The Light Armored Vehicle-25 (or LAV-25 for short) is an 8-wheeled amphibious recon vehicle, manufactured by GMC Canada. In America, its one of the USMC's premier armored fighting vehicles, who's speed and amphibious nature, plus its decent weaponry, lent well to the marines' tactics as forward vanguards.

The vehicle is crewed by 3 people: a commander, gunner, and driver, plus it can also transport 4 fully-geared soldiers who are there to act as scouts, or to assist the LAV with dealing with targets that they are not equipped to handle. The AT variant switches out it's 25mm chain gun with a TOW-2 anti-tank guided missile launcher, making it a dangerous hit-and-run tank hunter, although comes at a cost of anti-infantry capabilities as it loses one of its M240 machine guns.

In Team YankeeEdit

The Stats

A glass cannon for all intent and purposes. Your best bet is to shoot and scoot at your enemy's flanks the morale is pretty decent considering the lack of armor protection. Remember, anything AT 7 you can survive front and side. Also, Brutal doesn’t kick in because of the armor save.


A LAV AT in Iraq during Operation DESSERT STORM. (Dude)

The US Marine unlike the army wanted an actual tank destroyer only it had to be fully amphibious. So they got the bright idea of slapping a Emerson 901 turret from the M901 onto a LAV25.

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