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Kroq-Gar, about to Megaman some unlucky warm-blood trying to invade his lands.

Kroq-Gar is a unique Lizardmen character in Warhammer Fantasy, know for being a RAGE-infused badass and generally awesome bastard. Seriously, this guy is one of the most badass in the roster, because what is cooler than an angry Aztec dinosaur riding an angrier dinosaur? NOTHING!



Like the other Lizardmen, Kroq-Gar was born from the Lizardmen spawning-pool of Xhotl; however, when he and his brother climbed out of the pools, they were very clearly different to the other Saurus that had been spawned. They were brilliant army leaders, and were each capable of going toe to toe with the greatest warriors of the other races; they also possessed some sixth sense that allowed them to control and tame the creatures of Lustria. This coincided with the rearing of a Carnosaur brood, so clearly the first order of business for Kroq-Gar was to walk up to the biggest angriest dinosaur he could find and make it his War-Mount. After a few centuries of leading the armies of Xhotl, the Lizardmen and Lustria came under attack from the Daemonic invasion. Kroq-Gar and his spawn-brothers fought tooth and claw against the daemons invading Lustria, but eventually the Lizardmen forces were forced back to Xhotl's walls. The Daemons the infiltrated the city, and Kroq-Gar failed to get to the Slann in time before they were murdered by Daemons. Realizing the city was lost, he rallied the defenders and led a counterattack to fight their way out of Xhotl, thanks to the last blessing of their mage priests as well as their own sheer RAGE.

Kroq-Gar then lead a series of running battles against the Chaos Daemons that lasted for centuries, until the Elves finally created the Great Vortex and banished every Daemon from the world. However, when the Daemon spawn had gone Kroq-Gar and his Carnosaur Grymloq were the only ones left from the Xhotl, all of his brothers fallen in battle over the centuries of fighting, making Kroq-Gar the Last Defender of Xhotl. After the Great Catastrophe, Lord Mazdamundi summoned Kroq-Gar and gave him a super-cool prosthetic arm called the "Hand of God" that could blast magic missiles out of it, and told him to go get shit done in the name of the Old Ones. And so from that day on, Kroq-Gar and Grymloq began their epic crusade of going around the world and getting shit done, not unlike a reptilian Doomguy.

The End TimesEdit

Hell came to Lustria (again) and it was small, fluffy and went squeak (also again).

Clan Pestilens led the Skaven invasion to Lustria and first on the front lines to counter the ratmen was Kroq-Gar leading from the front as usual, and due to his Tactical genius and unstoppable fighting skills, he sent the skavens first attack running home like a cat with a scaled arse. During the Second attack Kroq-Gar faced off against Lord Skrolk, during the fight Skrolk hits Grymloq with his plague censor, instantly decaying and killing the Carnosaur. Kroq-Gar, understandably a little miffed that his life long best buddy had just died, engaged in what could have been a close duel but was honestly one sided RAPE as Kroq-Gar catches Skrolks plauge censor with the Hand of Gods and shatters it, before Impaling Skrolk with his Spear. He is then blind sided by a Vermin Lord as the Skaven never fight fair, and as the Vermin Lord retreats with Skrolks body, Krok-Gar calls for another Carnosaur and is ordered to evacuate on the Exodus Engines.

It is unknown if Kroq-Gar escaped on the Exodus Engines, and he has not been mentioned in Age Of Sigmar. This Leaves 2 outcomes. 1) Kroq-Gar was unable, or unwilling to escape during the Exodus and fights against Skavens monsters and Daemons until his last breath as Lustria is Destroyed, going out like a badass. Or 2) Kroq-Gar escaped the destruction of the Old World and is still serving the Lizardmen in AOS under command of Lord Kroak and is murdering anything he deems murder worthy in the Mortal Realms.


Oh boy, where to begin. Firstly his war gear, the Hand of Gods, fires Shems Burning Gaze, from the Lore of Light but it is bound to the item, and Revered Spear of Tlanxla causes 2 wounds with each hit and gives Kroq-Gar a +1 to his strength on a turn he charged, making him a very good character killer, in addition he has a 4+ scaly skin and light Armour giving him a 3+ armour save total, with a 5++ ward save on top, which he also gives to Grymloq. Speaking of the big bugger, Grymloq has a special rule, meaning if Kroq-Gar is ever slain he doesn't need to take a Monster reaction test and he instantly gains Frenzy. kroq-Gar is only WS 6 for some reason and is also plauged with the low initiative of all Lizardmen units with his being 3. And he is very pricey at 520 points, but with his 5 attacks for him and Grymloq and his strength 5, he is so Awesome you will barely notice theses downsides when you take him.

Total War Warhammer 2Edit

Kroq-Gar is one of the legendary lords available to play as in Total War Warhammer 2. He leads the faction Last Defenders on the eastern side of the Southlands (both in Vortex and Mortal Empires campaign) and can unlock his best bud and everybody's favourite man eating dinosaur Grymloq as a mount. He is also able to wield his Hand of Gods and his Revered Spear of Tlanxla, making him one of the strongest legendary lords available in the game. Gameplay wise he should used to attack high priority targets, like enemy lords and elite units capable of causing significant damage to your army. A fully upgraded Kroq-Gar is strong enough to kill almost any other Legendary Lord single handed. Yes even Archaon. And if you really want to see him solo entire armies, get the Spear of Khaine in Mortal Empires.

He also has some unique fighting animations against Queek Head-Taker, which looks cool and is a nice detail but would have made more sense against Lord Skrolk considering what happened during the End Times.