Khostren's symbol.jpg
Aliases The Fetid Breath, the Scuttling Darkness
Alignment Neutral Evil
Divine Rank Demigod
Pantheon Manifest
Portfolio Plague, stench, vermin
Domains Destruction, Evil, Trickery
Home Plane Unknown
Worshippers Druids, rangers
Favoured Weapon Spiked gauntlet

Khostren is the Ghostwalk demigod of plague, stench, and vermin. He's considered the weakest of the gods in the Hikirian Peninsula, shunned by most mortals and other gods, except Galaedros and Orcus, even then only when they need him to do something for them.


Khostren's faith is outlawed and reviled in most of Hikirian Peninsula. What temples there are, are often unaware of others and hidden in sewers and other places that double as nests for vermin. The faithful attempt to seed diseases to cities, let vermin loose upon food supplies, and make life miserable for those trying to avoid sickness and/or infestation. Many of them disguise themselves as beggars in order to earn a living along with spreading diseases. Many worshippers keep dangerous insects in cages as pets. Anniversaries of great plagues and infestations are holy days, when the khostrenal eat spoiled meat, roll in filth, and pour blood in front of vermin lairs, or captive vermin.


Khostren is depicted as a figure with a plated and black face and hands, like those of an insect, oozing with sores. He wears long, sickly green robes, that leaves trails of maggots and infectious slime.


With sickness and the bites of Khostren’s children, even the mightiest are brought low. Disease turns kings into madmen, warriors into invalids, merchants into paupers, and peasants into corpses. The scuttling hordes bring disease, fear, and hunger, leaving death, desperation, and famine in their wake. Embrace Khostren and his children, let them taste you so that you will be spared. Enjoy the fruits of his work, for bile, pus, and scabs are the meat and drink of ravenous plague and venomous vermin.

The deities of Ghostwalk
Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good Durann Aluvan - Eanius Soggelos - Wyst
Neutral Chaniud
Galaedros - Nessek Tephaneron
Evil Phaant Khostren Orcus