Kenshiro Cascadero "Rattata" Orcuslayer

I can defeat ANYTHING in one round.

Kenshiro Cascadero "Rattata" Orcuslayer was the ultimate 4th edition badass, at least for a while. He proved 4E was broken before it even hit bookstores. In combat, he applied a combination of the Rogue power Imperiling Strike and the incredibly broken Ranger power Blade Cascade to soundly defeat even the most powerful of monsters within a single round, and was statistically (85% if alone) almost assured of victory, albeit if only once a day. Unfortunately the errata for Blade Cascade has rendered him somewhat less effective.

His name is a combination of many references. "Kenshiro" is the main character of the manga/anime series Fist of the North Star, where he is known for his martial arts technique of making repeated fast strikes against his enemies in a manner similar to that described by the Blade Cascade ability. He also shouts "ATATATATATATATATA" while he does so. Cascadero should be obvious. The surname is subtle dig at the fact that, somewhere in published AD&D literature, Orcus was seriously described as possessing a magical weapon known as "The Orcusword".


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