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Original StoryEdit

The operation had, at first, gone smoothly.

The Basilisks had pummeled the enemy stronghold to rubble, leaving what had once been a bunker reduced to little more than a mass of cracked concrete slabs on top of a mound of dust and dirt. Then, the Kasrkin had moved in with the expected efficiency, cleansing their way through the heretic, the traitor, the mutant and the furry with well aimed hellgun volleys and the occasional grenade salvo to clear some hastily set-up fortification hardly greater than a few scattered sandbags piled up.

The Imperial Guard had come to purge the planet, now in the clutches of a Slaaneshi cult. Before this, the planet was in control of the Tau, and their firepower had proven strong enough to keep the Imperial Guard away. But now, the foul, stupid sexy cultists had overrun the Tau defenses before these could react, and given the Imperium an excellent chance to take back Chan IV. And the time had come for the Tau to GTFO.

So far, all was going just as planned...

However, it was when the Emperor's warriors stepped on top of the remains of the bunker that things went horribly wrong. The PDF Basilisks that had aided them showed their true colors at that moment, and opened fire on the Kasrkin platoon. The brave Anonymous quickly hugged the ground, as they insulted the faggots firing on them through their comm-beads, but they were only answered with jeering and calls for buttsecks.

The green-faced Kasrkin, Anonymous all of them but for one, winced with every impact, but resisted bravely the terrible barrage. More and more of them died under the rain of Earthshaker rounds, and the dust thrown up mixed with blood and body parts, as well as screams of pain and hax. The barrage went on fo' hours, and when it ended, the position the Kasrkin were at looked as if many pairs of hands coming out of the ground had opened, then rubbed, and then distended the very material they were made of to open huge, gaping holes into which the light of the sun could not get, the bottom dark and mysterious and not quite inviting.

The only discordant note was the pile of concrete that used to be a bunker, now shaped quite like a monolith.

From under a pile of dirt close to the bunker's remains, a quiet groan rose. The earth shifted, and then started falling as the figure under it moved, trying to free itself of the weight. Slithering out like a snake on a plain, a Kasrkin's green armor slipped out of the earth pile.

Night started to fall as the lone Kasrkin survivor moved around, looking for survivors of the barrage, but all the Anonymous to be found in the hours before night fell were dead. Manly tears were shed for the brave warriors of the Imperium, but the Kasrkin did not have time to cry as many as they deserved. Nimble fingers set to work on the gauntlet's control systems to activate the communications codes, but the barrage had seemingly damaged the Tripfag Identification Tables System (TITS).

TITS being useless, the Kasrkin's position in the platoon as the only namefag and vox-officer was now...decorative. Like a million skulls on power armor, or clothes on a daemonette. But truth be told, things could be worse...

No sooner had the lone figure in green armor thought that, than a sudden cacophony of whining sounds echoed in the quickly darkening landscape beyond the demolished position. The Kasrkin crouched and ran towards the monolith-like shape of the bunker's ruins, looking for cover. Once stuck to the stone like a lonely man to his pillow girl, the Kasrkin looked around the concrete only to see a strange scene.

A Tau Fire Warrior ran up the mound, followed by a horde of mutant beasts firing their weapons wildly, hitting the Tau as many times as a weeaboo would "hit it" in real life. That is, none.

But this dismal display of marksmanship did nothing to suggest to the Kasrkin that this was a safe place to be. There seemed to be a lot of furries coming up...and the sudden growling starting behind the Kasrkin didn't sound too good. Flicking the hellgun's safety off, the superbly trained warrior turned to face the enemy and opened fire on them. Grotesque figures assaulted, their bodies mutated beyond any possibility of redemption. They had perhaps been human once...once human, but human no longer! Their visages were adorned with feathers or fangs, their arms displayed scales or fur, their backs bore wings on them or tails grew there, their resemblance to a feline doing nothing but convincing the faithful warrior that fire was what they were to be killed with.

One of the furries tripped on a rock as it charged for the Imperial commando, and fell heavily to the ground. The horde behind him, over nine thousand disgusting creatures, trampled it under their feet, hooves, paws or any other of their limbs that touched the ground. However, in its dying throes, it grabbed for something, anything to pull himself up, and grasped a fellow furry's leg. This furry fell to the ground, hitting one carrying a shotgun on the back. Surprised by the sudden impact, the furry sent the shotgun flying up into the air, and towards the front ranks.

It fell on its stock right in front of the Kasrkin, and its crude construction did not take the mistreatment well. The machine spirit howled, and fired the weapon's deadly payload. The Kasrkin was surprised by the sudden blast, and even more so when the Kasrkin felt no damage despite the shotgun's barrel clearly aiming at him.

That was when the breastplate fell, the straps keeping in place snapping. The buckshot had, miraculously, only hit the harness keeping it in place. And the Kasrkin's PLANET KILLER HUGE BOOBS flopped out, jiggling like space jello, and revealing to the furries that armor made for great reverse-trap material.

The furries stopped, surprised by such an improbable event (and by the Kasrkin's distraction maneuvers too). After all, what were the chances of such a thing happening? Unless you of course could somehow divine the streams of possibilities and then affect the outcome so they would happen, and had someone to help you.

But you would also have to be a huge dick.

The Kasrkin, who from now on we will call...oh...Kasrkin-chan, quickly took stock of the situation. Distraction boobs working, hellgun requiring reload, Slaaneshi furry horde all around...

Climb to the highest place. Kasrkin-chan took a grenade from her belt, primed it and threw it in a single, graceful motion with her left hand as her right pressed the magazine ejection button on her hellgun. Letting the grenade roll down towards the furries, she turned around and started climbing the bunker's remains, hoping to find a safe haven up there from where she could keep fighting. TITS being useless, she had to GTFO from this place by her own means. It was quite a conu...conunt...conundra...A PROBLEM. It was a problem.

The grenade detonated, sending a satisfying number of screams and body-parts against the rocks Kasrkin-chan was climbing. As she reached the top, she wondered if the Tau Fire Warrior had managed to survive, but hoped he was quite dead and possibly buttsecksed by the furries. However, her hopes proved misleading when a blue, t-shaped helmet appeared in front of her, on the opposite side of the monolith. The Fire Warrior had had the same idea as her.

Kasrkin-chan had to act fast. Scrambling to her feet, she pulled her knife out. The Tau also hurried to get to his feet and prepared his carbine to open fire. Kasrkin-chan charged, but her TITS weighed her down too much. The carbine sent a single bolt of pulse ammo with a loud whine that almost shocked Kasrkin-chan into confusion, but she was too well trained to let a loud noise do that. The bolt, however, slammed into her helmet, cracking the forehead and the visor. The Tau pulled the trigger again, but a loud click reached Kasrkin-chan's ears despite the drum-like shaking that invaded her head.


The brave commando rushed the Tau, and grabbing him by the neck, remembered the notions of CQC that she had been taught by Big Boss. Balancing her knife, she aimed for her enemy's single helmet visor and JAMMED IT IN. An electric shock burnt through her arm, forcing her to let go of the knife, but the Fire Warrior stepped back, his hold on his pulse carbine shaking. The Tau reached behind his helmet to take it off, and Kasrkin-chan did the same now her visor was hardly better than the Tau's broken one.

To the Fire Warrior, a beautiful face not unlike a Pretty Marine's was revealed. Tousled, blonde hair, clear blue eyes, and a sweaty face and neck owed to the carapace armor being really hot. And now the Fire Warrior could take the time to observe calmly, the awesome cleavage and the bra that insinuated itself under the uniform. His heart seemed to swell despite the exhaustion at the sight of such a magnificent, beautiful creature.

To Kasrkin-chan, the Fire Warrior was not quite as ugly as she was told. Not as much as she expected, having never seen a Tau up-close before. Clear blue skin, dark blue hair, tousled like her own due to the constant fighting, and big, deep red eyes. His visage was attractive, definitely, and had a tomboyish charm to it that just seemed to melt her heart.

At that moment, both warriors felt something special. Looking into each other's eyes, each saw a different thing. Kasrkin-chan saw the innocence and the strength of pure, altruistic ideals. To the Fire Warrior, Kasrkin-chan's eyes were a hearth where faith and determination burnt with intensity. The two young warriors found, with a single stare, that the other had something special...something endearing...

A blush colored Kasrkin-chan's cheeks into a darker shade of pink, exertion clearing the path for...something else. And the same happened to the Tau. They took a step towards each other, their hold on their weapons weak for a second. It was more and more difficult to fight each other as time went by, as their eyes preceded their lips and their hearts raced in unison, as if painted red. Despite being enemies, despite their cultures being at odds with the other, they had a revelation as their lips reduced distances, at first centimeters, then millimeters...

Love CAN bloom on the battlefield.

Their lips clashed like titans, passion burning through their bodies as if it was their opinion on how swell Kharn was. Kasrkin-chan wrapped her arms around Schlicktau, her hands going straight down to a cop a feel of the young Tau's firm, round ass. Schlicktau's uniform clung to her flesh, under the rough fingers of the human. It felt like wearing nothing at all.

Letting a moan escape her, Schlicktau honored her partner's attentions with her own, for the Greater Good. Slipping her own hands under Kasrkin-chan's breasts, she groped one as her other hand continued its journey south and traced its path to her uniform's belt. Touching and making out the skull with her fingers, Schlicktau's agile and experienced fingertips looked for the magnetic lock, hoping to find it in the same place her own belt always had it.

Kasrkin-chan gasped into their passionate kiss, and a bit of her saliva dripped out of her lips, which she promptly licked back in before assaulting Schlicktau's lips again. And then...


Schlicktau and Kasrkin-chan jumped, surprised, as the most grotesque mutant they had seen so far appeared. It was as if a man had mated with a sea predator. It was a man from the waist down, but from the waist up it was a mass of gray flesh with fins, and a mouth full of the sharpest, deadliest teeth anyone could possibly imagine. They seemed capable of tearing a tank apart, and both warriors leapt for their weapons. And not a moment too soon as the half-shark's mouth closed where they stood half a second ago, its saliva going everywhere like a lawn watering system.

Kasrkin-chan rolled to her feet as she fumbled with the locks on her backpack that would allow her to switch from the empty powercell to the next, at the same time she wiped her face off the disgusting creature's smelly fluids. However, just as she felt the cables fall into place and the hum coming from her hellgun renew in intensity, the shark's teeth came closer and its body rose to pounce on her.

But Schlicktau was already on top of things, as usual. The goddamn sharkman heard the sound of a magazine being slapped into place, and turned to see the Fire Warrior rise her pulse carbine and aim at him with vengeance in her eyes.


The pulse rounds whined through the air before slamming themselves inside the sharkman's mouth, making noises quite like wet smacks. Schlicktau advanced, leaving behind fear and a suspicious trail of sweat (at least, I hope it was sweat...or not) as she advanced, tearing the sharkman's insides apart with a barrage. The sharkman took step after step back, perhaps hoping to survive or simply out of instinct, before falling over the monolith's edge. A great screech arose from all around the monolith as the Slaaneshi horde saw their champion fall. In the darkness of the night, the screech was accompanied by the scratching and scrabbling of paws, claws and feet against the concrete of the monolith.

Schlicktau and Kasrkin-chan looked out over the edge to see their worst fears confirmed. The furries were climbing up, and fast. And Kasrkin-chan really lamented not having taken a flamer from the dead Anonymous...

Kasrkin-chan quickly leaned over the edge of the monolith and opened fire, raining hot laser death down at the Dark Gods' work of faggotry. In her heart, she knew nothing but hatred towards those who engaged in the decadent pleasure of furdom, and started reciting out loud the Litany of GAR so her mind would clear and her intention be that of COURAGE.

Schlicktau ran to the opposite edge, and fired a photon grenade down into the slobbering mass of disgusting beasts that tried to reach her to kill, devour, or RAEP her. A chorus of howls rose in the night as the monsters were blinded by the projectile, and Schlicktau made use of the extra time this gave her to clear the current magazine and then reload again.

Both warriors were accounting easily for dozens of furries, as these fell and sometimes dragged their companions down into the ground. Instead of getting up, the wounded furries would howl loudly in pain like faggots, unable to stand up and do something useful for themselves, for once. One might try to describe the orgasmic pleasure that ran through the Kasrkin and the Fire Warrior at seeing their long hours of training come to fruition in the form of a mass of dead furries, but it would be an epic fail not unlike Abaddon's Black Crusades.

Schlicktau, however, did not notice the slender, long-nailed purple hand that gripped the edge of the monolith firmly, and the malevolent yellow eye that glinted in the darkness below...

Kasrkin-chan was having the fun of her life. She felt like she had been born to kill furries...then again, is there anyone who never considered that possibility? Barring Slaanesh, of course, who probably enjoyed things that shouldn't be enjoyed to start with, like things that did not work the way they were supposed to (genestealers, midgets, you name it), or buttraep by a Pretty Marine.

No, wait. Actually, that last one...


Kasrkin-chan spun around, letting a grenade roll off her palm and down into the persistent furries, a preventive combat maneuver that had become second nature to her after the harsh training on Cadia. The scene before her repulsed her as much as it attracted her.

Schlicktau stood there, with a strange silhouette behind her that emanated a sensual essence all around it. A sweet musk permeated the air, and Kasrkin-chan immediately suspected sorcery. But as she reached for her respirator, she realized she didn't have it on, and as she tried to reach for it, she was distracted by a sweet voice.

"Hellllooooooo therrrrre, nurse!"

Frowning, and trying to breath as little as possible of that delicious, delicious scent, Kasrkin-chan rose her hellgun one-handed at Schlicktau and the..."thing" behind her. She hoped to cover her nose as much as she could with her gloved hand, and reduce as much as she could the effects of the mental poisoning the creature was probably attempting. The creature looked quite like a woman, but the differences were obvious. Its skin was purple, two malevolent yellow eyes glinted behind Schlicktau's hair, and two horn-like protrusions came out of its forehead.

Kasrkin-chan approached the two of them fearlessly, keeping her hellgun trained on the figure's head. She thought she might manage a clean shot even one-handed, but suddenly, her vision started blurring when the..."woman" licked Schlicktau's face. That made both of the two warriors' legs tremble slightly...

Kasrkin-chan recognized the creature at last. Its powers were manifested in the blush that seemed to take hold of Schlicktau, the way her legs bent inwards and trembled, and how her eyes were glazed over. The warmth in Kasrkin-chan's own loins which now grew second by second and restrained her breath were also tell-tale signs of the creature's specialty. Sexual pleasure.

It was a daemonette.

"So, valiant warrior, I have your friend captive! How about you join CHAOS, and come with me an' the lads to have some fun?"

"Suffer not the furry to live!"

With more steps, now growing dangerously shakier, Kasrkin-chan moved closer to Schlicktau. So close now, that her hellgun was inches away from the Tau's face. The daemonette smirked at her. The way her arm shook, and how her vision blurred, Kasrkin-chan knew it would be impossible to shoot with enough accuracy to miss Schlicktau.

"Then she will die!"

"If that is His will, so be it!"

The daemonette snarled at Kasrkin-chan derisively, with true hatred shining through her feline pupils. The strength of the psychic power became so great that Kasrkin-chan almost fell forwards against Schlicktau, the young Fire Warrior now drooling and grinning in a grotesque parody of sexual stimulation.

"Come on, come on! Drop your weapon!"

The daemonette dropped her sight to the human's magnificent cleavage, and licked her lips. She had broken eye contact with Kasrkin-chan, and did not notice how she lowered her head, obscuring her bright eyes. Her shoulders trembled, taken over by anger. The daemonette noticed this, and grinned, seeing her prey nearly defenseless.

"Are you mad...?"

Kasrkin-chan suddenly stopped trembling.



Kasrkin-chan kicked out with all her strength and resolve as she screamed out her COURAGE, her muscles tensing with all the power in her body gathering in her legs. But her kick was not aimed at Schlicktau. Instead, her leg described a perfect 90ยบ angle movement, a quarter of a circle from the floor to the air, and the tip of her boot passed under Schlicktau and hit the daemonette's crotch.

Kasrkin-chan had cunt-punted Slaanesh's bitch.

A wave of pain traveled right from her boot to the daemonette's crotch, making the abomination's spine rattle together with her teeth as the daemon suffered a pain like it had never felt before. It stepped back, and Kasrkin-chan quickly took the chance. Pushing Schlicktau aside, the brave Imperial soldier kicked the daemonette in the chest, pushing her off the monolith and into the throng of deformities awaiting the result of the combat. A frag grenade accompanied the daemonette in her fall, and bounced up in the air after hitting her forehead.

The furries had but a second to realize what that strange object in the air was, and what it was going to do to them. Kasrkin-chan crouched away from the monolith's edge, and grinned, satisfied at the dull *thump* of the grenade sending a few more mutants back to their Dark Gods. As blood rained around her, Kasrkin-chan checked the ammo she had left. Two powercells and a bit more, one frag grenade, and two kraks, and her knife, which was still stuck in Schlicktau's helmet.

Immediately, she looked up to see how her companion was faring. She was kneeling on the concrete surface of the monolith, panting slowly and heavily, and looking at Kasrkin-chan with a noticeable blush.

"I came..."

Karskin blushed too, as she bit her lower lip and also fell to her knees, her left hand a bit above her crotch, her right hand still gripping her hellgun. Even though the daemonette was already DEAAAAAAAAAD (Jesus Christ!), Kasrkin-chan still felt aroused and with weak legs once the COURAGE receded. It had been a glorious moment, absolutely GAR, but once it passed now she was simply filled of lusty thoughts for her companion.

The Fire Warrior looked back at her in the same way, in a very similar position, with her grasping her carbine, but her other hand cupping her crotch.

Both warriors had to admit that, despite the rivalry between their cultures born from their different ideologies, they still harbored hawt feelings for each other. Kasrkin-chan felt a special attraction towards Schlicktau because of how exotic it would be to get her freak on with an alien. Perhaps a Xeno was fine too...

Schlicktau crawled towards Kasrkin-chan slowly, as she wondered why she was such a slut. Raep by a daemonette, and then this? Kasrkin-chan started to think that perhaps Schlicktau had more in her than she thought. But that was not all she thought about it. Now, Kasrkin-chan realized that the horde that had besieged them for hours on end was making a great noise...like that of marching. Torches, bright in the darkness all around them, were moving away from the position the two warriors occupied.

For now, they were safe. The furries would probably come back at dawn, but until then...well...a human, and a Tau, were on top of a monolith, alone and alive, and both were young and wanted hot dickings. Schlicktau grinned, and for the first time since they had met, spoke.

"Is it can be hugs tiem now?"

Somewhere, in a nothingness that clawed at his very being, an ancient humanoid who had had amazing powers when he was still alive grinned evilly, and pronounced these words.

"Just as planned."

He was a total dick.

Kasrkin chan by Jaekyu.jpg

Schlicktau crawled on all fours over Kasrkin-chan, staring at her predatorily, and licked her lips in a way that suggested someone was gonna get taken home. Kasrkin-chan lied back on the floor, scurrying a bit away. A xeno was fine too, but she barely knew anything about the Tau. Well, anything pertaining to their society, anyway. She certainly knew where their liver was.

"W-wait a sec. I don't even know where you are from..." "Bork'an, a training world for us Fire Caste to hone our skills for the Greater Good..."

Great. Kasrkin-chan was going to fuck a horny schoolgirl. Now, the average 4channer would think this was hot as hell (I second it too, myself), but Kasrkin-chan had standards. She had been through a lot of shit to attain her Namefag status in her platoon. One would also reason she should be worried about her dead friends too, instead of fucking this blue chick, but they were all Anonymous, and Anonymous died everyday, everywhere. It couldn't be helped...

Also, Schlicktau was starting to take off her breastplate, so it was pretty difficult to focus on anything else, and the horny school girl thingy did have a certain appeal...

Now, Kasrkin-chan had known as soon as she saw Schlicktau's eyes, that she was a female of her species. But, as per previously perused information, Tau females still had breasts. And yet, when Schlicktau let her breastplate fall on Kasrkin-chan's boobs and it bounced off them, Kasrkin-chan could MOST CERTAINLY see that she had no breasts at first sight.

Where was Admiral Ackbar when you needed him?

And then, the daring, lusty smirk Schlicktau gave her...it was certainly deserving of the OH SHI eyes Kasrkin-chan made. Now she didn't know if she was hetero, homo, or bi, and perhaps someone who spends their whole day in front of a lexicalculator wouldn't care, but Kasrkin-chan every now and then did step outside. She had a life, after all.

"So...errr...are you a male? Or a female? I can't distinguish you Tau too well, it seems... "O RLY!?" "YA RLY!"

"Well, I am a female...just because I have delicious flat chest..."

Schlicktau frowned, and Kasrkin-chan could see that, apparently, she had hurt the blue alien. Repressing her instinctive reactions ingrained through Kasrkin training at Cadia (in this case, pimp-styled bitch-slapping), Kasrkin-chan simply did what sense dictated was the best and fastest way to avoid an awkward situation. Grabbing Schlicktau by her uniform's collar, she pulled her down for a wild kiss.

Surprisingly enough, Schlicktau's saliva tasted like ice-cream. Delicious pistachio ice-cream! And let's be honest, Kasrkin-chan loved her pistachio ice-cream like loli haet pizza. The two warriors' legs tangled with each other, as Schlicktau tried to move her crotch against Kasrkin-chan's, and Kasrkin-chan kept tasting the delicious pistachio.

Pistachio is also good for health, now she thought about it. It reduces cholesterol.

Schlicktau broke the kiss, and a thin strand of saliva joined their tongues as she moved away before breaking in mid-air. The kiss had her panting a bit faster, probably owed to her cheeks being almost red now. Kasrkin-chan moved a hand up to Schlicktau's chest, and started unbuttoning her uniform, blushing as Schlicktau's ardent eyes seemed to penetrate the very core of her being like a Squat's drill, and hit it like the fist of an angry god. Her fingers became faster and faster as they worked on Schlicktau's dark uniform.

As both warriors became redder, they moved faster. Schlicktau knelt on top of Kasrkin-chan, sitting her butt on her crotch as she tangled her legs with the human's in a very specific pattern she had learned back in Bork'an (why was she such a slut? ). Her feet propped Kasrkin-chan's ones up, and moved them to spread her legs as her hand moved down her own back, and towards the human's crotch.

Kasrkin-chan gasped, feeling the young Tau's expert fingers (again, slut) caress her uniform in the most sensitive part. Just as her breath escaped her like a sane woman from a 4chan convention, Schlicktau's jacket opened completely to reveal her nubile body, one a certain old geezer would have loved to feel in his lifetime.

But he couldn't, 'cuz he was dumb and dead. Good riddance, really. I must reiterate he was a dick. Why, I remember this time... but I digress. Let's save that for another time.

Kasrkin-chan quickly rose to assault Schlicktau's front, gaining +1 attack for teeth and tongue and +1 for SURPRISE CHESTSEX as she closed her lips around Schlicktau's nipples, and flanked them with her tongue. The young Tau was caught by surprise, as she was too busy deep-striking behind Kasrkin-chan's rear. A wave of warm pleasure meltaed its way up her neck and seemed to make her HQ go all mushy. Truly, Kasrkin-chan's WS was of quite high a value, and her strength and initiative overwhelmed Schlicktau's own initiative, and toughness.

However, Schlicktau had her own counter-attack units still close to their objective. Rushing in under cover, her pathfinders found the hot, wet objective and rubbed there. Kasrkin-chan moaned, her body stretching and squirming as the Fire Warrior teased her battleline, daring her to assault back. Then, introduced one railgun which went through the difficult terrain without a problem. Kasrkin-chan moaned again, far more loudly, and shut her eyes closed, trembling in ecstasy as she tried to keep herself from losing any wounds. A bad leadership roll caused her battleline to become wetter, and her fast attack selections started dripping out...

Schlicktau giggled naughtily as she started pumping in and out of Kasrkin-chan slowly with the one finger she had inside. But she was hardly in total control of the situation. The human exhaled a hot, humid breath on Schlicktau's chest, before biting down gently on her nipple, and then pulling away slowly. The Fire Warrior winced in pain, before a wave of relief swept through her, coupled with pleasure, when Kasrkin-chan let go of it.

And this time, it was the human's turn to grin as she rose her hand in the air...and spanked Schlicktau's ass hard. The smack sounded loud and dry, giving testimony of the firmness of the young warrior's ass, in case the gasp Schlicktau made was not enough. Her fingers even stopped for a second, and she leant forward, supporting herself over Kasrkin-chan with her free hand. Kasrkin-chan took a deep breath, clearing her mind a bit.

The daemonette's power had no comparison with this. It was all the pleasure, AND all the control and awareness she could possibly want. Being one's own master was more pleasurable than she'd ever cared to think about. Grabbing Schlicktau by the back of her neck, she pulled her in for another kiss, and was answered by a low moan of appreciation...

Schlicktau moved her fingers away from Kasrkin-chan's snatch, and slipped them under the commando's uniform, and bra. Caressing her breast with her one lubed finger, Schlicktau slipped it in further until it touched the human's nipple. Then pulled the uniform off that breast completely, revealing it completely. It was the biggest, roundest, most attractive breast Schlicktau had ever seen... even better than Shadowsun's ones. And that was quite the achievement, because damn if those weren't big. And she was so tsundere that second opinions were not hard to find.

Schlicktau moved her lips down Kasrkin-chan's lips, then jaw, then neck as she slowly gravitated towards the new toy her focus was on. The human enjoyed the massage on her nipple, and groaned low but suggestively, her fingers stretching and flexing again and again against the concrete surface they lied on. Schlicktau's lips finally reached Kasrkin-chan's nipple, and she sucked quite hard. That made the human gasp loudly, and arch her back, as if she was asking for more.

Kasrkin-chan, meanwhile, could not help herself. She spanked the Fire Warrior again, and then groped her ass roughly as her other hand reached for her belt.

Schlicktau gasped when the human spanked her. The sudden pain brought by the commando's precise striking felt wonderful as the hit area cooled down. Bending her back, she gave more space for Kasrkin-chan to undo her belt. She licked her lips, tasting the Imperial's saliva on them, as she watched Kasrkin-chan have a bit of trouble to figure out the belt. However, she finally found the magnetic lock, and making a flourish with her finger pushed the button. Unlocked, the two pieces of the belt fell apart, letting the rim of Schlicktau's pants part open.

"Wow... you do look great in black, you know..."

Together with the magnetic clamps on her belt, the Fire Warrior's shoulderpads hissed, the fabric under them loosening and puffing up, free from the shoulderpads' adherence equipment. Schlicktau sat straight up, an undid the straps that kept the shoulderpads stuck to her arms, then the clamps that kept them clinging to the torso piece.

"You don't look bad in brown either, Gue'la..."

The two warriors, now lovers, looked into each other's eyes with a complicity born out of instinct. Love at first sight, some called it.

Schlicktau's armor came apart, falling piece by piece on the concrete floor, a dry echo reverberating in the darkness around them. Kneepads and greaves followed. Only the gauntlets stayed on, something normal since they contained the controls to power up the armor once it was on...and Schlicktau was already wondering how to use those in ways quite different to those which they were designed for.

Gue'la...Kasrkin-chan had studied a bit of the Tau language at the Schola. Although knowledge about these beings was scarce, a few words were still picked up every now and then by a veteran, or extracted from one of the creatures through torture. Kasrkin-chan actually felt a bit guilty about these thoughts, considering those tortured beings belonged to the same race as this one.

"My name is Kasrkin-chan. And yours is...?" "Schlicktau."

Kasrkin-chan blinked, a bit confused, even as she pulled the straps keeping the thig armor plates stuck to her belt open, and letting them fall off like a lizard's scales. "Schlick?"

"In my tongue, that means 'the one born with fast fingers'."

Kasrkin-chan snickered, and Schlicktau seemed to appreciate the irony too since her lips kind of formed a grin. "Yes, yes, I know...alternatively, it sounds quite like our word for 'precocious'."

Kasrkin-chan shook her head slowly, amazed. She didn't quite know what about, and she wasn't really sure she wanted to go down that thought path. Instead, she simply took Schlicktau's pants in her hands, and pulled them down as she pulled herself up at the same time. Once up, Schlicktau anticipated her and groped her still covered breast, before taking the zipper on Kasrkin-chan's uniform and pulling it down. A white bra with a purple ribbon appeared there, holding her boobs back. Well, one of them now. And not for long.

"Do you all Gue'las have such...great...mammaries?" Schlicktau wondered out loud, before pulling Kasrkin-chan's jacket open. They really were huge, and she felt a pang of envy build in her throat, before she gulped it down.

"Quite a few, actually..." Kasrkin-chan grinned savagely, revelling in her obvious superiority to other women in that aspect. Her fellow cadets at Cadia were less than appreciative of this, as well as of her skills. While the boys would ogle at her, the girls would glare daggers. Well, now they were far away and Kasrkin-chan was going to take full advantage of both her 'assets' and her 'skills', if you know what I mean...

Kasrkin-chan felt empowered by her awesome cleavage, and threw herself on top of Schlicktau, holding her down like a lioness on her prey. Before the Fire Warrior could even make sense of the new position she was in, with her back on the floor and her legs in the air, Kasrkin-chan was already pulling her black pants off. Humans really were more savage than the Tau, if they put their mind to other tasks as much as Kasrkin-chan was putting it to sex.

The commando didn't waste time into putting her gloved fingers to Schlicktau's snatch. Her fingertips glided up and down her lips, sending shivers of pleasure up Schlicktau's spine that made her take deep breaths... before Kasrkin-chan started putting pressure on her lips. Slowly, Schlicktau's entrance gave away before the insistence of the human's fingers, and finally, they entered her. A sudden spasm ran up her spine and made her gasp, but Kasrkin-chan did not stop there. She started probing inside, around, and deeper with her index and middle finger, moving them this way and that as if she was using a crowbar to open a crate. Schlicktau moaned loudly, almost whimpering at the end as her juices coated the commando's fingers.

Kasrkin-chan put as much concentration in this task as she would have put in cleaning her hellgun, but her own insides were reacting to Schlicktau's obvious arousal and pleasure. She felt her fingers gripped by the warm, wet insides of the Fire Warrior, whose name now made a new kind of sense in the human language. As she started pumping in and out, a very distinctive sound came out.


As she kept finger-fucking her, Kasrkin-chan felt her own pussy become wetter, and her cheeks burned. Part of it was probably because of the effort, but another part was because looking down at Schlicktau's face wracked by pleasure, biting her lower lip as she squirmed and moaned on the floor... if that didn't make one really bothered, then one had to be blind. Hell, even her breathing was becoming deeper and faster, and she was surprised when she realized that she was sweating. A soft breeze passed by and made her forehead feel cold. The contrast between her hot face and her cold forehead made Kasrkin-chan redouble her efforts, and her fingers became faster.

Schlicktau was also having the time of her life. Masturbation was Ok, getting it on with her fellow Tau cadets was also fine, but damn... the Gue'las really did have a lot of stamina and strength, nevermind Kasrkin-chan was doing things faster than Schlicktau had ever been able to. And the human also seemed to know how to get her off, when she started teasing her clit with her thumb, moving the tip in circles, or pressing it down. In reaction, Schlicktau flustered even more, and her moaning became louder until they were screams.

IG Babes (4).jpg

Kasrkin-chan knew she had to be close to release, so she inserted a third finger and tried to reach as deep as she could with every thrust. Schlicktau's glazed over eyes started opening wider as her hips bucked up against Kasrkin-chan's fingers, and she seemed to run out of air to scream... then slammed her hands down onto the concrete, and wailed out as she came, trembling and with her hips up in the AAAAAAIIIIIRRRRR.

Schlicktau thrashed around like a fish after being dragged out of the water, and she made as if to scream, although she had run out of breath to emit any sound. Then, she fell off her orgasm, down on the ground, gasping for air. Kasrkin-chan grinned, watching the young Tau fight to regain anything resembling clear-mindedness.

"How did you like that?"

Schlicktau gave her a thumbs up, as she sloooowly sat up. Her juices were dripping off her lower lips, pooling on the floor under her. Schlicktau was grinning too, in the bliss of post-orgasm... bliss? And she glowed blue. But that's Ok, because women are supposed to glow after orgasming. Even the Xenos (specially the Xenos).

Schlicktau moved her limbs slowly, awakening them, as she grinned naughtily at Kasrkin-chan. The commando inmediately knew something interesting was going through the Tau's head, as she kneeled in front of her and, groping one of her breasts, started kissing her neck, nibbling on her skin, and then licking it. That renewed the fire within Kasrkin-chan's loins.

"Hey... do you want to see a neat trick?"

"Sure thing!"

Kasrkin-chan was ready for whatever Schlicktau had in stock. She was feeling quite flustered, and needy. Her pussy was dripping, and all her body was hot, blood rushing and making her blush. She gulped, and stabilized her breathing a bit. Watching Schlicktay cum had almost taken the wind out of her, and her chest and associated parts were heaving up and down pretty fast.


Schlicktau kneeled in front of Kasrkin-chan, lying her on her back and spreading her legs open. This time, she was going to be the one to make her partner orgasm. Kasrkin-chan smiled, wondering what trick a Xeno could possibly pull off, related to sex. She had studied a few races at the Schola, but none of them seemed particularly inclined towards sexual experimentation. However, Schlicktau did seem to be experienced and to have a grasp of pleasure quite obvious. Kasrkin-chan really wondered what she was going to do.

She just hoped it did not involve her growing a dick...

Schlicktau leaned in between Kasrkin-chan's legs, and pressed her n... her fingers! She pressed her fingers against the human's uniform's pants. Even through whatever underwear she had and the camouflage, Schlicktau easily felt the heat emanating from the commando's nether regions. Kasrkin-chan looked down at Schlicktau, supporting herself on her elbows, and watched what she did as a single drop of sweat fell down her left temple.

The Fire Warrior pulled down Kasrkin-chan's pants, and then her standard issue thong (this is now canon for all female Imperial Guardsmen and associated personnel). She looked down at Kasrkin-chan's puffy, pink lips, already a bit open to reveal the inside of her pussy. The human soldier gulped, seeing the Xeno so close to her intimate parts. She blushed darker, so embarrassed at this...

Schlicktau dived in, and licked Kasrkin-chan's pussy lips up and down, tasting her sweet juices. The taste and the smell drove her on, as she cupped Kasrkin-chan's ass with her right hand and dived more deeply with her tongue between her folds. Kasrkin-chan gasped, then mewled very softly as she felt Schlicktau's soft, lively tongue play inside her.

But that was not the surprise Schlicktau reserved. Rising her left hand to Kasrkin-chan's lips, she introduced two fingers inside, slowly, as she moved her head back to take a deep breath, her mouth shiny with Kasrkin-chan's juices. Now, it seemed like the human was ready.

Now, this was a trick Schlicktau had hardly ever tried before. Only once, actually, and not because it was too difficult, but because her fellow Fire Warrior cadets had feared it, and that was the last time she was allowed to try it, unsuccessfully. And rightly so, because perhaps their body could not take this. However, a human female was bigger than a Tau, in all aspects. Stronger, tougher, and as she had just checked with her fingers, in their vagoos too.

This trick, Schlicktau had always wanted to experiment with. She couldn't do this to herself because it required a certain accuracy and her limbs just couldn't bend that way. Schlicktau gulped, staring a bit undecided at Kasrkin-chan's pussy. "Are... are you ready?"

"Yes, oh God Emperor, yes! Do it already!" Kasrkin-chan was desperate to have more pleasure, and her pussy clenched around Schlicktau's two fingers inside her. The Fire Warrior licked her lips, and with a single flick of a small button on her gauntlet, let it drop off her arm. Then, she extracted her fingers. Now, she closed all her four fingers against each other, forming something resembling a spike. Then, under the curious, flustered stare of Kasrkin-chan, she put her hand to the human's entrance with her fingers still closed like an indian tent, and...


Schlicktau's arm suddenly started moving at an incredibly fast pace inside her, almost like a machinegun, as she screamed out in monosyllables. Everything around her stopped, as if time had decided to take a rest, and an incredible pleasure wracked Kasrkin-chan's body. She felt as if she was a barrel, and something inside her exploded, sending shraphnel everywhere that bounced in all directions inside her, making her resonate with an incredible echo. Such an overwhelming pleasure that felt like an explosion, but was restricted to her inmobilized body, seemed to her that it could have killed her, making her burst.

And then, just as suddenly as that happened, the world returned to its normal state. Kasrkin-chan only felt a strange dizziness that made her fall on her back, panting. It was almost as if her lungs had died, and she was almost choking without air, but thankfully she seemed to have recovered and was now gulping air down more than breathing. All her body ached, and she felt absolutely exhausted.

Kasrkin-chan looked up at Schlicktau, completely bewildered. A soft breeze came by, and she shivered in the cold.

"What was that!?"

Schlicktau's features hardened, became more pronounced, and the shadows of the night actually seemed to fill the voids between them.

"You've already cum."

After a few hours passed, Kasrkin-chan and Schlicktau felt quite better about their situation. Ok, they were trapped on top of a monolith, and surrounded by a horde of furries, and they were running out of ammunition. But, on the plus side, Kasrkin-chan still had her combat knife/bayonet with each she could charge, and Schlicktau had some photon grenades left to keep the enemy at bay while they tried to get away if they found an escape route.

It was that, or becoming an heroes. But killing furries was their duty! They could not consider any other possibility. If they had even one bullet left, they were required to use it on the abominations. The furry was the worst mutant, the most horrible beast, the most terrible degeneration of the human race. And Kasrkin-chan knew that the more they killed at dawn, the safer the galaxy would be. Their faggotry was to be cleansed off the galaxy like a stain from one's hand.

The dozens of dead Anonymouses around the monoliths, now covered in furry blood, demanded it. Kasrkin-chan looked at their broken limbs, crushed by the impure. When this zone was set on fire, perhaps by Exterminatus, Kasrkin-chan wanted them to have the greatest and brightest pyre ever seen on Chan IV. And perhaps she would burn with them too, here, and tell of her deed to them when the Emperor received her in the Halls of Glory. She could die knowing she had honored their sacrifice.

The Namefag would, as it was custom, bear Anonymous' merits and flaws on her shoulders. Epic win or epic fail, it was all up to her.

The sun came up. Kasrkin-chan rose, her visage hardened with resolve and RAG, cradling her hellgun comfortably onto her arms. Today was a good day to die.

Schlicktau stared at her carbine. It was loaded, and relatively clean. Her armor, still operating well, although with her helmet's visor destroyed she could not put it on. And besides, the comms was destroyed. The only chance of survival both her and Kasrkin-chan had was in her Tripfag Identification Tables System (TITS).

Schlicktau was ready to give her life for the Greater Good. She had been ready since before she could schlick. She had been breeded towards that end, and she could hardly find a better companion to reach that end with.

Rising to her feet, she took her carbine into her hands, keeping trigger discipline as she walked to Kasrkin-chan's side.

All around the monolith, there were easily over nine thousand furries, each uglier and more disgusting than the next. If they didn't have actual fur on their bodies, then they were scales. Horns and huge breasts those that looked almost like cows, or long tails and claws that were supposed to be mutations of human and feline DNA.

The Tau Empire had tried to establish amiable relations with these creatures, but they had soon desisted in these attempts. They were all sex-crazed monsters, faggots that could not get over their problems. When the Water Caste made the mistake of showing disgust at their looks, the furries had whined constantly, and it took more time appeasing them than actual negotiation. No wonder one of the ambassadors had suggest total extermination as the only way to be sure that their corrupted genes did not mix with the Tau's castes. That same ambassador had been difficult to pacify even for the Ethereals, such great hatred was awoken by the pathetic beasts surrounding her and Kasrkin-chan.

At least she was satisfied she could die taking as many of these infuriating faggots down with her as ammunition she had in her carbine.

As they looked at the landscape around them, trying to discern a possible escape route, a figure came forth from the furry horde. A slender woman, with two small horns growing out of her forehead, her skin of a pinkish colour, and... pincers for arms...

Kasrkin-chan and Schlicktau inmediately turned to face this new threat, rising their weapons to deal with her, but what they recognized as a strange version of last night's daemonette stopped, rising her pincers as if she was surrendering, but with a confident smirk on her face.

"So, you are surrounded! What are you going to do?"

Kasrkin-chan and Schlicktau flicked their weapons' safeties off, giving her the most eloquent answer you can get out of someone with firearms on their hands.

"Now, now! Don't be like that! I'm sure we can work out something! Perhaps I might let you go..."

"And what would the price be?" Kasrkin-chan simply bought more time to adjust her laser sight, so a red dot appeared on the abomination's forehead. Schlicktau held her carbine a bit more relaxed, knowing her aim was not as good as the Imperial commando's. Her weapon being more powerful favoured its use against enemies that didn't require too much accuracy to neutralize.

"OHO! Why not whore yourselves...?"

A single crackle echoed in the vast wasteland, as Kasrkin-chan's hellgun barked, and its laser pierced the daemonette's forehead. The daemon tumbled backwards... but quickly regained her footing, and took a hand to her forehead, covering the wound. When she moved it away, the hole was gone, and Kasrkin-chan could only curse in vain. The daemonette's mocking voice taunted them once again, as the horde moved in for the kill.

"You gonna get raped!"

Kasrkin-chan had been trained to face hundreds of situations and dozens of enemies. From traitor PDF forces on hill terrain, to Tyranid infestations in cities. But the sight of a seemingly endless horde of furries advancing at a run towards them froze her blood in her veins.

That bought the horde three seconds before she started picking out targets. One, two, three, four, five, six headshots, one for every second that went by. It almost felt like a sport, but the fact that they were fighting for their lives made it difficult to take it quite that lightly.

While Kasrkin-chan's shots dropped one furry after another, their bodies crumpling to the floor and crushed when the lasers pierced their skulls and burned their brains, Schlicktau's pulse rounds tore their torsos apart. That made the furries near the fallen ones stop for a few seconds, thinking twice about charging a weapon that could fuck them up so badly. But the furries behind them pushed them on, and they had no choice but to go on.

There came a moment when aiming became difficult because of the vibrations under their feet, but Kasrkin-chan and Schlicktau still gave a good account of themselves. Still, even if they had had all the ammunition in the planet, they couldn't have survived this battle. It was just impossible... or so they thought. Schlicktau rose her sight off her carbine as he slapped her last magazine into it to see a shadow extend over the wasteland, and over the furry horde. Looking higher up, her eyes became bright with hope.

A Manta transport was in the sky, approaching fast and low and burning a path of highly concentrated fire towards them. Railguns, missiles and burst cannons tore the furries apart, and their light weapons could do nothing against the flying monstrosity above them. Their lasers and bullets pinged constantly off the hull and off the shields. It was almost as if jewels were raining from the downside of the Manta.

That was their last chance. Schlicktau grabbed Kasrkin-chan by the arm, and pulled. "Come on, gotta go! RUN RUN RUN!"

Just as she said that, a huge cloud of dust rose in front of them, tainting the air in shades of red. The Manta was turning around once it finished its strafe run. Now, if they were fast enough, they could get out of here alive.

They started running, but they hadn't arrived to the edge of the monolith when a light appeared above them. It was an orb of light, of a pinkish color at first, that became bigger and bigger as time went. It adopted a shape quite like that of a Rhino, almost square. It was the size of the monolith, and it started losing colour. That could not be a good sign, Kasrkin-chan decided, before jumping off the monolith and pulling the amazed Schlicktau with her. They fell rolling down the pile of smashed concrete, rocks hitting them here and there in their descent. When their fall stopped, and as they shakily got to their feet, they sound a loud CRUNCH sound, as if something massive and heavy had fallen from a great height.

Looking back up at the monolith, they saw a huge machine, Imperial in design, with heretical scribbling and painting all over in bright, eye-hurting colours. And the daemonette that had challenged them earlier stood on top of it, before letting out a loud, ear-splitting shriek that cheered the furry horde on in their mad charge.


Schlicktau and Kasrkin-chan didn't look back, they just ran as fast as they could. In front of them, the Manta's ramps opened, a number of Fire Warriors standing on them and taking aim with their pulse rifles.


The two warriors ran in the middle of a rain of lasers and solid projectiles as the furries gave chase as a single, unstoppable wave of bright colors. Kasrkin-chan didn't think they would reach the Manta in time, but if she didn't at least try...

The Manta kept moving away, but at such a slow pace that if the furries didn't catch up with Kasrkin-chan and Schlicktau, they could perhaps get into it, and away. Kasrkin-chan redoubled her efforts to run, but her armor and TITS weighed her down. She was slower than Schlicktau, but the Fire Warriors were now in range with the horde, and fired their pulse rifles. Some furries were better adapted to running, their legs transformed into hideous paws or hooves, and their spines resembling those of animals like felines or ungulates. These, being faster, almost caught up to Kasrkin-chan before the Fire Caste's pulse rounds blew them apart. The burst cannons on the Manta held at bay those on the flank of the horde, keeping the two running soldiers' front free of enemies.

Twenty meters to the ramp... fifteen meters... ten meters... five...

A single Shas'Ui walked down the ramp, dropping his pulse rifle, and hanging onto the ramp's protrusions extended his right hand towards Schlicktau. Running for her life, Schlicktau did not recognize who he was inmediately. Instead, she dropped the carbine onto the ramp and turned to Kasrkin-chan, extending her free hand.

"Take my hand if you want to live!"

Kasrkin-chan couldn't run any faster. Her legs hurt, her lungs didn't take enough air. She was panting and sweating like hell, and eventually unhooked her hellgun and threw it away just to free herself of some weight. She couldn't take her TITS off, though, because that piece of equipment would still be necessary if she held any hope of returning to the Imperium.

Glancing over her shoulder, Kasrkin-chan saw the furries still charged on. Despite the sheer stupidity that was charging a Tau Manta, they didn't stop.


The human commando reduced distances inch by inch, and finally extended her hand towards Schlicktau. She was almost there, just a little more... just a little more...

Schlicktau's fingers grabbing onto the Shas'Ui's hand slipped. In fear of falling off the ramp, she quickly used the hand she had extended towards Kasrkin-chan to hold onto the Shas'Ui's gauntlet, further than his hand, in an instinctive gesture. That was when, opening her eyes in horror, she recognized him.

Shas'Ui Faptau. His hand was slippery with a translucent fluid. That was what made her fingers slip. Repressing her disgust, she held onto his gauntlet and extended her hand again towards Kasrkin-chan, her range now drastically reduced a few inches that Kasrkin-chan was working hard to compensate for. The human felt like she would pass out with over-exertion, but she still could, if she could keep running like this, reach the Fire Warrior's hand. Just three inches... two... one...

A single missile shrieked in the air behind Kasrkin-chan, and dived into the insides of the aerial transport, exploding at the back. It sent shraphnel and fire everywhere, killing some Fire Warriors. It also seemed to damage some kind of stabilization system, because the Manta started banking towards its left. So low it was, that the wing's tip touched the ground, scrapping along it and sending dust and rocks everywhere. The pilots sped up and away, as the ramps closed, sending Faptau, Schlicktau and all the other Fire Warriors tumbling into the hold of the airship.

That was it. Kasrkin-chan slowly lost her strength, and slowed down to a jog, then to a walk, and finally stopped. The Manta, it's wingtip now shining with its steel hull revealed under the scrapped paintwork, climbed quickly into the air. And Kasrkin-chan knew that this time, it wouldn't return.

She turned to face the incoming furry horde. Kasrkin-chan prepared the only weapons she had left, her knife and two frag grenades, and awaited the inevitable with unbelievable composure, one that would be rare out of a Kasrkin unit. Praying to the Emperor under her breath, she unsheathed her combat knife, and went through the motions of CQC. Counter-balance the knife, slash, and retract. Counter-balance the knife, slash, and retract... these motions were repeated like a mantra, and Kasrkin-chan's face hardened with determination. She was ready to sell her life, but for a dear price.

In front of her, the horde stopped. From among its front ranks, the daemonette with pincer claws appeared, rushing towards her with a confident, cruel smirk twisting her lips. Kasrkin-chan's knife seemed pitiful in comparison, but if she could stab the daemon, at least she would obtain the pleasure of having hurt her just that little bit more her soldier's pride demanded of her (and a ration too).

A fitting end, fighting to her last breath for the Emperor, even if she couldn't have a RAGING BONER for him. The daemonette closed distances, drooling and opening and closing her pincers constantly. In this obscene showing of impatience, Kasrkin-chan saw that the daemonette expected no important resistance. The daemon obviously thought she had her work cut out for her, as she reduced the thirty-something meters separating them at a great speed.

Kasrkin-chan braced herself, tensing her muscles and holding her knife in front of herself, her arm extended. Her free arm was low and under the other one, ready for close combat.

The daemonette lunged at her, aiming directly at her head with its right pincer. Kasrkin-chan dodged into her now open guard, blocking that arm and pushing it away with her free hand at the same time she slashed at the daemon's face. It blocked, then hit her head trying to distract her. The daemonette was now trying to step back to make full use of the extra range her long pincers gave her, but Kasrkin-chan knew this was precisely what she could not afford. As long as she stuck to the daemonette, it could only use its pincers to hit her weakly.

The two combatants' legs became tangled into a strange, fast dance as the daemonette tried to step back, only for Kasrkin-chan to step forwards. The human grabbed the abomination's neck and punched her abdomen repeatedly with her knife hand, before shifting the grip into a blade-outside position and sinking it into the monster's stomach. The blade cut into it with a wet, disgusting noise, and a purple, almost black liquid came out that burned her hand through her combat glove. Wincing, Kasrkin-chan stepped away, and barely had a second to block the next side-ways pincer hit with her free arm.

The daemonette shrieked in pleasure, her eyes and mouth wide in joy as she also stepped away and slashed at Kasrkin-chan head with the tip of her pincers. Pain flared up in her forehead, as a gash opened there and blood flowed out. In a panic, Kasrkin-chan brought her fingers to the wound and touched it, afraid the pincers might have pierced the skull. But it was not so, thank the Emperor.


The TITS ringed with an incoming call. Kasrkin-chan quickly kneeled on the ground and activated the comm-bead in her ear, a slimmer of hope lighting her mind.

"Kasrkin-chan!?" "Big Boss!?" "Kasrkin-chan, listen, we are monitoring you right now. Perhaps we can still get you out of there alive, but I can't see anything without the cameras in your helmet. What's the situation?"

Kasrkin-chan looked up at the daemonette, as it licked her blood off the tip of its pincer, and feigned a look of extreme pleasure... perhaps.

"Well, there is this daemon with pincers..." "A CAVE DAEMON!?" "No, no... a daemonette. Look, I still have my knife..." "A KNIFE!? Are you insane!? A knife is useless against those *massive* claws! They could rip a tank apart! Golden Throne...!" "Uhhhh... Ok..." "Look, there is only one thing you can do now..." "What's that?" "You have to find its weak spot..." "Its weak spot?" "Yeah. You have to hit its weak spot... for massive damage!"

Kasrkin-chan stared at the daemonette as the thing started walking towards her, this time taking things more calmly. Kasrkin-chan thought she knew what its weak point was, if it was the same as that of the daemonette from last night. However, this would be more difficult to do if she had to get into the range of those claws. Could she find that weak spot? Could she hit it?

If the daemonette wanted to take things calmly, Kasrkin-chan was not going to hurry. Looking down at her hand, she saw that the daemon's blod had actually burnt through her glove, although her skin had not melted. It was just really red, as if she had touched a pot full with boiling water. Blood seeped onto her eyelids, and she blinked, before wiping it away with the back of her hand. Ok, she had to do this. There was no way out of here anyway, so Kasrkin-chan was ready to give it her best to, at the very least, give the Slaaneshi slaves a bloody nose. Re-adopting her fighting stance, she waited until the daemonette approached. The creature's steps were slow, sensual in every movement of her limbs. How she could do this while in a fight was a mystery to Kasrkin-chan, and almost envied the daemon before remembering what it was, and again hardening her resolve with a prayer to the Emperor.

She attacked fast, leaving behind a trail of dust as she assaulted her with her knife aimed at her neck. The daemonette side-stepped and brought both pincers down and against her stomach, hitting Kasrkin-chan with the sides. Even blocking with her arm, she found the air knocked out of her lungs, and stumbled back a bit. The daemonette had not hit her with the tip of the pincers, it was evident that she wanted to play with her. This angered the human soldier, who inmediately shifted the knife's position in her hand again and attacked the daemonette now at her side, trying to drive her knife into the monster's temple. Perhaps a blow to the head would knock her off her feet... but the daemon, displaying an incredible skill, caught the knife in the air with her pincer. Kasrkin-chan opened her eyes wide in surprise, and tried to yank it out, but the daemonette didn't let go. It gritted its teeth into a hard smile... and broke the knife in shards.

Kasrkin-chan stepped back, but the daemonette did not give her a breather. Inmediately, the human commando adopted an unarmed fighting stance. Forearms in front of her face, protecting herself, with her feet spread hardly a meter from each other.

She would have to use an ancient fighting style of unarmed combat that had been passed down from generations of Cadians to the current times. It consisted in channeling the warrior's spirit through the use of mental prowess, and the summoning of old memories through a conveniently fast sideshow of past events dealing mostly with training under an expert in that fighting style. That is... a "montage".

Followed by a catchy tune, Kasrkin-chan started to remember the harsh training back in Cadia. Learning to field-strip a lasgun before she was ten years old. Running under the rain in a white sweatshirt with a hood through the neighbourhood. Climbing up the stairs to the Barracks' entrance while exhausted, to see the sun rise and shout out her triumph to the world. Opening fire with her hellgun at the bullseyes at the end of the range, whooping at how well she did it, and the other cadets throwing tomatoes and shit at her. Her first fuck. Her last fuck. All the fucks in-between and a few she had imagined and schlicked to. Her lessons with Big Boss about survival in nature. Her lessons with Big Boss about love in the battlefield. Her lessons with Big Boss about survival in a battlefield of natural love with a midget, a clown and a guy named Bob.

And at last, graduating as a Kasrkin at the academy, and saying goodbye to her relatives who lived in an isolated farm near Kasr-Air.

Kasrkin-chan opened her eyes, and advanced, ready to strike.

The daemonette watched, incredulous, how the human advanced, a bit hunched and covering herself with her forearms. She had never seen such a fighting stance before, and decided to imitate it. She might as well learn it.

But Kasrkin-chan was too good. Her feet danced on the sand at an incredible speed as she changed from right to left, keeping the daemonette guessing at where the attack came from.

"Itty bitty Slaanesh bitchy!" "What?" "I can't believe it!" "Habeeb it!" "TWINKIE HOUSE!"

Kasrkin-chan threw a right hook right around the pincers, smashing her knuckles against the daemonette's cheekbones. A sick *crack* sounded when it hit, before Kasrkin-chan followed with a flurry of blows to the stomach and the chest right under the pincers. The daemonette ducked, side-stepped and counter-attacked even as she coughed its daemonic lungs out, smacking the human's head with her pincer from one side, then from the other. Kasrkin-chan back-stepped, and when the daemonette followed she ducked and uppercutted her, sending her to the floor.

"BITCH, you ain't no fighter!"

The daemonette was shocked to notice her lip bleeding, and wiped it away with her pincers, now really angry at the human's insolence. Furious, she jumped to her feet.

Kasrkin-chan received the daemonette's charge with another right hook, as she remembered in her mind the Litany of the Tiger. Punch, punch, punch, and the daemonette staggered back with a purple (even more purple than usual, that is) eye, and blood dripping down her lips. Even her cheek seemed to be getting inflamed. Kasrkin-chan kept up the pressure, pummeling her opponent's liver.


She was on fire. She was TOTALLY on fire, as the blood rushed through her veins. Kasrkin-chan was destroying the daemonette with her well aimed strikes.

But then, the daemonette clapped her pincers together, and adopted the same fighting stance as Kasrkin-chan once again. However, it was far better refined. Her legs, her arms, even the look on her eyes was just perfectly like Kasrkin-chan's. The human was horrified to see that, apparently, her opponent was capable of learning fighting patterns quickly. The daemonette stepped in with surprising speed, catching her off guard, and slammed her pincer into her stomach. Then again with her other pincer. Kasrkin-chan blocked the third one, going right to her chest, but with such a huge "fist", even blocking the hit it still hurt a lot.

Somehow, the daemonette managed to knock her arms away and hit her square in the face, bursting her lip and knocking a tooth loose. Kasrkin-chan staggered sideways, punching away weakly to keep distances, but the daemonette was not advancing, smirking at her, mocking her useless attempts at defense. And that was it. That was when Kasrkin-chan knew she had to end this, before the combat became a test of endurance against a daemon.

Kasrkin-chan snarled out her challenge as she dived in to attack. The daemonette mimicked her, and the two of them punched each other at the same time. Their fists passed side by side in the air, the air around them driven down their forms like a windstream, before impacting with bone-crushing force into the opponent's face. The daemonette staggered back and fell on her ass, her limbs moving erratically, since she apparently suffered a severe trauma in her head. Kasrkin-chan was sent flying two meters, her nose trailing blood.

Her eyes teared up, as she fought to get up despite the horrible headache and dizzyness that threatened to overcome her. First rising to her knees, then shakily standing up, she looked at the daemonette. It had similar problems, before standing up and looking at her with the most venomous-filled glare Kasrkin-chan had ever received.

Now was the time to do this. The daemonette once again gathered its strength into a charge, but it was a weak move. The daemon was still dizzy, and almost stumbled forwards more than ran. Kasrkin-chan was no better even if she was completely still where she stood. Her vision swam before her, an ocean of confused shapes. She found it hard to aim, and actually doubted she could hit her intended target. She screamed out her pain, her frustration and her sorrow as the daemonette came within range, and all her strength gathered in her arm. Opening her eyes and mouth wide, she screamed out.


Kasrkin-chan's arm seemed to burst with energy as it began its journey. Everything slowed down. The daemonette's movement brought her towards the human's fist, which went down, and down, and down... the daemonette's eyes followed the punch, and slowly changed from anger, to curiosity, and finally to surprise.

The world sped up all of a sudden, as if time had been compressed and then exploded out of its confinement. Kasrkin-chan's fist fell like a beam of light right into the abomination's crotch, and once there all her strength was liberated in a stream of force that went through the daemonette as if she wasn't there, bursting flesh, muscles, veins and bones, pulverizing her insides completely and showering the front ranks of the furry horde behind the beast with gore and blood. The air itself vibrated as if it was cowering in fear behind the daemonette.

It was the most magnificent cunt-punch ever in the history of the universe.

Both opponents rose their eyes and looked into each other. Kasrkin-chan's were bright with faith and righteous anger, the daemonette's with frustration and resentment. The abomination gritted its teeth, and shrieked at the human, before its limbs came undone. Her legs and arms lost their skin, then their veins, as their structure collapsed. Blood rained onto the floor mixed with bone powder, at the same time the daemon's torso burst repeatedly again and again as more and more of the flesh was destroyed by the miraculous cunt-punch. But the daemonette still shrieked. With a derisive glare, Kasrkin-chan answered.

"You're already vanquished."

The Emperor himself felt a wave of RAGness like he had not felt in decades, and cried manly tears. The Custodes watching over him marvelled at their profusion, before quickly putting their sacred and pure handkerchiefs to his cheeks and eyes, gathering the precious liquid. They wondered in amazement what a great deed had managed to inspire such an act, mistakenly thinking that perhaps a GAR general had pronounced the manliest speech, or a Space Marine had jammed his raging boner right into a daemon's throat, for the Emperor of course.

Meanwhile, back in Chan IV, the furry horde stood there, dumbfounded. And dumb, too. They were shitting bricks, seeing the daemonette's head explode in a shower of gore like a balloon filled with tomato sauce.

Kasrkin-chan looked down at the bloody remains of her opponent, and her heart swelled, her spirit rising to the heavens, proud of her epic win. She knew she was going to die, but the Emperor's will had been done to the maximum of her possibilities. She had no regrets as she rose to her arms to the skies, shedding manly tears. She felt her sides would burst open any moment, the blood dripping down her forehead nearly blinded her, and her whole body was covered in sweat and bruises, but she still savoured the triumph of her efforts against all odds... and cried out the name of the supposed creator of the fighting style she used to defeat the daemonette, thus completing the Litany of the Tiger.

And thus, my tale comes to an end.

*closes book*

I could make it longer, but I fear I would fuck it up. But, what happened to our characters, then, you might ask?

Well, Schlicktau went on to establish a relationship of mutual understanding with Faptau. Not romantic, yet, but at least she came to forgive him for having a slippery hand at the worst moment. A time would come when she made that same error, and was forgiven very quickly by Faptau.

The furries would eventually be cleansed from Chan IV, after months of fighting. Perhaps my next tale will deal with that, and a certain cute little Scout who was witness to it all, and perhaps played an important part in it.

Kasrkin-chan survived, since right after we left her, a company of the Angry Marines landed and proceeded to fuck every single furry a thousand kilometers around in very creative and messy ways with their chainswords and fists.

However, all characters in this story got something special and unique to them. Something that would become impor"*CLANG*"