Kabalite Warriors


Kabalite Warriors are your basic Dark Eldar foot soldiers and are analogues of the Eldar Guardians and unlike their Guardian counterparts, they are actually trained warriors as their namesake put it. Thus they reek of more Awesome than your typical Elfdar.

The constant backstabbing and trying not to end up as either fodder for the arenas or as material for some Haemonculus' next project that characterizes life in the Dark City is enough to give even your most basic Dark Eldar citizen more brazen balls than half of the combined testosterone of an entire Eldar Craftworld. Because of this, and because of the need for some form of a safe haven even just to sleep at, almost all citizens of Commorragh attempt to become Warriors in one Kabal or another.

Kabalite Warriors are individuals that have excelled enough to be noticed by a Sybarite. They are then granted increased status and inducted into the warriors of the Kabal. The Kabal furnishes weapons and armor in return for lifetime service to the Kabal. Despite this, the new warrior generally has no loyalty to the Sybarite, seeing him or her as just another stepping stone to power in the Kabal. And for those who wonder what the hell is a Sybarite, while they are effectively the leader of a squad of Kabalite Warriors. Like all other ranks Dark Eldar can achieve, the Sybarite is simply the best warrior in the squad, and new Sybarites are decided by warriors of a squad killing their superior officer in order to take their title.

Kabalite Warriors are often the most common troop and most common enemy during a Dark Eldar raiding party. So for those Guardsmen who are hoping to die with their face in the crotch of a Wych, you have to survive the Warriors first.


The standard Kabalite Warrior comes equipped with a a Splinter Rifle. They are trained with a variety of weapons, however, in the event that their Archon chooses to assign different weapons to their squad. These weapons are Splinter Cannons, Dark Lances, Shredders and Blasters.

In terms of armor, Warriors desire armor that relies on speed and agility. Thus their armor is a thin, light-weight flexible bodysuit, pressurized to allow Warriors to traverse the vacuum of space. Just like standard-issue Eldar suits, they respond to neural impulses from their wearer and harden on command, allowing for the Warriors to shrug off civilian-grade firepower, but requiring them to rely on their superior combat abilities and quick reflexes to survive the engagement against more challenging targets. To further hone in the BDSM of the Dark Eldar, Kabalite Warriors usually wear the thin armor in segmented plates, often with barbs and hooks to dig in their skin to maximize their sensation. In some cases it's actually only staying on its wearer because putting it on requires them to use the hooks on the inward-facing parts of the armor to pierce their skin.

More practical Dark Eldar freely make use of wraithbone components salvaged from Eldar aspect warrior and guardian armors, if not stolen suits entirely. The Dark Eldar seldom stick to a specific uniform beyond a general color scheme and the symbol of whatever Kabal they choose to fight for, so many of them turn up with differently-stylized combat garbs, some scaled back with less plating, some with different adornments, others with more or less conventional armor designs, and so on.

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