Jungle Fever

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A fapfic starring Macha, Xeno, and Cata-chan, courtesy of "The Provider !!TQbw47BOc9I"

Macha twirled her Singing Spear as she made her way through the jungle foliage, pushing leaves and branches out of her way as she made the journey to ruins of an ancient building she had found one day. She felt calm and contented when here, the Mon'keighs had made planet fall and were making their way across the planet, a wave of savage and dirty creatures. Soon the ruins would be in their hands and she would be unable to visit using the hidden webway located in the caves five minutes away. She sat down on a broken pillar and lent her back against the trunk of a tree, the slightly damp bark permeating through her robe. Looking up into the sky she could see a human spaceship making it's way to the planet's surface, to disgorge more humans to fight and die in the name of their so-called God. She closed her eyes and folded her arms, letting her staff lay on her lap. "Stupid Mon'keighs..." she said aloud, as the heat of the jungle, the sound of insects and birds, and the rhythmic thump of thousands of shells caused her to drift slowly to sleep.

Macha was awoken by footsteps. Opening her eyes wearily, the feel of sweat and dew was on her face and neck. Adjusting to the light, she managed to make out the owner of the footsteps legs. Macha's heart jumped in her throat; they were the legs of a Necron.

"Oi, Eldar, wake up!" said the Necron, but instead of a unmistakable male Necron voice, came the voice of a female. Looking upwards, eyes still heavy with sleep, Macha managed to make out the features of the Necron, it definitely was not a normal male one, furthermore, it seemed completely alone. "I said wake up!" the Necron continued, giving a sharp, metal tipped kick to Macha's shin. Macha let out a cry of pain and held her shin, trying to soothe it with her hand. "Wow, even for an Eldar, that was pathetic..." continued the Necron, folding her arms in disappointment. Fear had now been replaced by anger and Macha rose defiantly, Singing Spear in hand, readying to strike down the hated enemy, unusual or not. "Drone, now!" the Necron commanded before Macha could strike it down. The scarab named Drone, which was hidden in a nearby bush, fired a beam at Macha which, upon contact, caused Macha to fall to the ground paralysed, as if she had been a puppet who had it's strings cut. Macha tried to move, but was unable to, she could just about move and use her head, but everything else was numb. The Necron bent down and put her metal arms under Macha's and began to haul her up. "Jeez, Eldar are heavy." said the Necron as she smashed Macha's back against a nearby tree, "Drone, bind her!" commanded the Necron and the scarab did as it was told, a metal thread appearing from it's back it began circling around Macha, holding her in place against the tree trunk.

"What are you up to, Necron?" Macha demanded, still able to talk despite the beams effect.

"An experiment!" came the gleeful reply, as the Necron clasped her hands together in happiness. The scarab finished binding Macha around the legs, the wire biting into her legs even through her robe. "Now, before we begin, introductions are in order. My name is Xeno. It was something else, but I have forgotten what it was," the Necron named Xeno said as she paced back and forth in front of the bond Macha. "I used to be something called a 'Tau', but a series of events took place and now I'm not. You used the word 'Necron' but I do not claim to be one. So, I spend my time travelling the galaxy looking for fun things to do!" Xeno finished, stopping in front of Macha and leaning forward, hands behind her back, face close to Macha's. "So, what is your name, Eldar?" Xeno asked, smiling sweetly

"You think I'd tell you? I don't know what you are, but you'll get nothing out of me!" Macha said defiantly.

"Pity, experiments are much more fun when they are personal. But, if you're going to be like that..." Xeno said, pulling away with a disappointed look on her face "Drone, revert her back," Xeno asked the scarab, who obeyed and fired another beam at the bound Macha. This beam, however, reverted Macha back to her normal state, she was no longer paralysed, but she was still bond tightly with the metal wire

“What was the point?” Macha asked, “Why unparalyze me now?”

Xeno smiled and replied “Because it's much more fun when you can feel me experimenting on you”

Xeno slowly made her way towards Macha, purposely walking with large steps, hands behind her back, smiling a slightly creepy smile. Macha began to panic, she began struggling against the wire, but it felt unbreakable. It just caused Macha pain as she pressed her skin against the taut wire. Xeno stopped in front of Macha and began to slowly lift her hand, turning it into a finger point with her index finger. Macha stopped struggling, the sweat running down her face and neck, trying to avoid what was coming, what was inside that finger. It was no use, the Necrons, at least in her eyes, finger was aimed in the centre of her chest. She is going to pierce my heart! Macha thought, but she didn't close her eyes, she looked at the finger as it inched ever closer, determined not to give the Necron satisfaction of her fear. It was going to hit, Macha braced for the pain of death, but instead, the finger shot to Macha's left and poked her left breast. Dumbstruck at what happened, Macha looked from the finger, to Xeno's face, which was now in deep concentration. The finger jabbed again, harder this time.

"Wh-What are you doing?" Macha stammered, her face blushing slightly, confused but relieved she wasn't dead.

"I told you Eldar: experiments." the Necron replied, without changing position, her face still concentrating on Macha's left breast and the finger which kept prodding it. Xeno continued her 'experiment', prodding her finger into Macha's right breast, holding it in place before applying force to move it from one way to the other. "Interesting" Xeno exclaimed, shifting her position to Macha's right and staring intently, this time, at Macha's right breast, before repeating the same action as she had on the left.

"Will you stop it?!" Macha shouted, wiggling in her binds. This caused Xeno to stop, pull her head back from the breast and fold her arms.

"I guess I have no other choice," she said, drawing a blade which appeared from a compartment in her leg. Holding the blade in her hand, she moved towards Macha's central chest again. This is it, Macha thought. This time she closed her eyes and felt the blade slowly piercing her robe and the tip pressed against her skin. Yet... instead of a thrust into her chest, the blade slowly moved upwards, slicing the robes fabric open before slowly ending at neck hole. Xeno put the blade back into her leg compartment, grabbed hold of the two fabric splits and forcefully pulled them downwards, ripping the fabric of the robe all the way down the navel, exposing the skin underneath. Macha stood there in complete shock, her torso was completely exposed, her slightly sweaty chest and breasts glistened in the sunlight.

"That's better," Xeno explained before returning to her prodding. This time there was no fabric to soften the blow and each prod was filled with pressure and each movement of the breast was unsupported, each touch sent a mini-shockwave through Macha and she struggled to maintain her composure.

"What is this achieving?!" asked Macha, trying to take her mind off the experiment.

"Flesh... it's so interesting, isn't it?" Xeno replied, not paying any attention to Macha.

"What is that supposed to mean?" asked Macha, still trying to break free of her bonds. "What could-" Macha's question was cut off by her cry of pleasure as Xeno pressed her right nipple upwards, rolling the flat of her finger slowly in a circular motion on the tip of it. "Will you stop, please?!" asked Macha, fighting the nerve impulses she was receiving from the touching. If this plea was supposed to stop Xeno, it did the exact opposite as Xeno used her other hand to do exactly the same to the other nipple. Macha's breathing increased and she closed her eyes and tried to mentally block what she was feeling, but Xeno was doing a thorough experiment on her nipples and now began tweaking them between her thumb and index finger. Crying out again Macha began to lose all discipline and began giving in to what was happening. Xeno could tell her resistance had begun to fail and pressed home this advantage, grabbing one breast in one hand, her metal palm cool to the touch against Macha's hot skin. Rolling the breasts around in her palms, occasionally stopping to tweak the hard nipples, Xeno listened to Macha's moans and sighs as she did so. Macha could feel her self becoming wet, her juices making her underwear wet as it combined with sweat. Why do I get so turned on by rape? Macha asked herself. I always seem to get attacked in jungle ruins... but any thought of the past was stopped as Xeno lunged her head forward and began sucking on one of Macha's nipples, crying out as the tickle-like feeling rushed through her breast and into the rest of her body, causing her to squirm.

Xeno rolled her tongue over her nipple, playing with the other one was she did so, her mouth wasn't cold and metallic as one would expect of a Necron, but was moist and possessed of everything you would expect. Perhaps she was telling the truth Macha thought, her entire chest was awash with pleasurable nerve impulses as Xeno pressed the tip of her tongue into the centre of Macha's nipple and moved it in a circular motion, firstly clockwise then anti-clockwise. Xeno suddenly sucked extremely hard on the nipple she had been playing with for awhile, causing Macha to yelp and squirm as she did so, Xeno slowly began to pull her head away, nipple still held tightly between her lips. Macha shuddered with pleasure as her nipple was pulled away from her, stretching it as it did so, before Xeno let go and the nipple and Macha's breast, twanged back into position, causing Macha to have a mini-orgasm. Xeno backed away again and Macha lifted her heavy breathing head up to look at her "Why did you stop?" she asked.

"Who said I stopped?" Xeno replied, pulling the same blade out again before walking forward and putting it down the tip of ripped robe, just under Macha's naval. Turning the blades edge towards her, Xeno sliced the blade downwards, ripping the remaining robe down and leaving Macha standing there still bound, with just her panties on and her robe in tatters at her feet. "We'll move onto the next stage!" Xeno clapped as she put her hands on Macha's hips, before sliding her cold metal hands under the panties fabric and slowly pulling them down. As she did so, Macha could feel her juices pull away from her vulva, as the gusset of the underwear moved away. She could feel a trail of her juices stick to the underwear and it was only when they had reached to her ankles that Xeno spoke, "Hm, who knew Eldar were so dirty?" Macha blushed heavily and looked to the side "Still, it's very interesting."

Xeno knelt on the ground, peering at Macha's sticky opening. "Let's see what this does," Xeno spoke as she put her index finger on Macha's clitoris, pressing it upwards as if she was pressing a button, causing Macha to yelp and quiver. Xeno twirled her finger as she applied pressure before pulling her finger towards her, clitoris in tow, before letting it return to its starting position "Hmm, it gets bigger when you touch it. Fascinating." Xeno continued as Macha panted her pleasure away, but it wasn't going to last as Xeno spread her labia with her index and middle finger before pressing her face into her groin and using her tongue to lick her pussy and clitoris. Macha screamed in pleasure and squirmed in her binds. This is too much she thought as the slightly metallic feeling tongue flicked over her clitoris before returning to move up and down the space created by parting the lips. Macha had completely let herself go, she kept telling herself 'It's not a Necron' over and over, whilst confining herself to panting. Xeno, however, wanted to explore a little bit further, so combing her middle and index finger, she thrust them into Macha's vagina.

This was completely unexpected by Macha who cried out loudly before protesting "Too much, stop, that's enough!" but Xeno wasn't listening and just sped up her thrusts. She began twisting her fingers from side to side, whilst still licking Macha's clitoris with the tip of her tongue. Xeno continued her experiment, trying out a new technique of spreading her inserted fingers wide, before rubbing them up and down Macha's ridged vaginal walls. Macha couldn't hold out any more and came to the conclusion the only way to end this was to climax, hopefully causing whatever this thing was to go away. Letting herself go limp against the restraints she focused on the feeling she was experience, the metallic fingers still completely cold against her hot sex.
Macha climaxed as Xeno sucked on her clitoris just like she had done on her nipple, whilst pushing her fingers as far in as she could. Yelling out so loud that birds left their roosts, Macha's legs gave way against the restraints, panting hard and heavy as she did so, sweat falling from her face. Xeno pulled her fingers out and her head away, the feeling of her mouth releasing it's hold on her clitoris and the feeling of her fingers exciting her vagina, caused further ripples of pleasure to wash over her.

"Well, that was entertaining, Eldar," spoke Xeno as she examined her still combined fingers and the liquid which was stuck to them. Macha panted as she looked up, the pleasure and horniness she had felt was slowly being replaced by anger and hate. However, before she could say anything in anger, another voice, clearly female, spoke out from her left.

"Well, I never thought I'd see the day." Both Xeno and Macha turned to the newcomer; a human, female, tall at about 6ft 6', heavily muscled on the arms, sporting a green vest, green camouflage trousers and camouflage paint on her face. She wielded a Heavy Bolter, which was aimed towards the two of them. Macha took her chance.

"Hey, Mon'keigh, kill that one and release me!" she demanded

"Hey, my name is Daisy, not Mon'keigh, and secondly, why would I do that? You're both Xeno scum," the human known as Daisy said as she readied her Heavy Bolter to fire . "Hey, Xeno! That's my name!" said Xeno happily as she danced in a circle on the spot.

"What in the Emperor are you?” Daisy asked, turning the weapon onto Xeno, who stopped dancing.

"I'm-” Xeno paused, not quite sure how to respond to the question.

"She's a Necron! Kill her and release me!" Macha shouted again.

"You seem awfully keen for me to kill it, how do I know it's not an Eldar plot?” Daisy asked.

"Mon'ke... I mean the human named Daisy, I am bound, as you can see, why would I trick you? Have Eldar and Humans worked together for the good of the galaxy?” Macha asked with have-forced sincerity.

“Hmm, true enough, it's not like you'll escape any way, this place is crawling with my platoon” admitted Daisy, aiming the Heavy Bolter at Macha.

“Wait?! Stop, no!” Macha screamed as Daisy opened fire. Yet the shells didn't hit her, instead they hit the tree trunk about her, splitting it apart and making it topple into the jungle floor. Macha stopped flinching as Daisy approached her and lifted the wire bindings over her head and finally allowing her to be free. “Thank you, Daisy,” Macha said with real sincerity now, reaching for her Singing Spear. Xeno by now was inspecting a nearby insect as it made it's way across the jungle floor, unaware of the other two. “Excuse me a moment” Macha said, walking over to Xeno arching her Singing Spear before swinging upwards, like a golf-club, into the chin of Xeno, flipping her on her back. Grabbing the loose wire, Macha tied the knocked out Xeno to a nearby standing pillar.

“Exactly what are you doing?” Daisy asked, sitting down on a bit of ruin, Heavy Bolter still in hand.

“Pay back,” Macha said, slapping Xeno on the face to wake her up. This had the desired effect as Xeno came too and looked around, trying to pull away before realising that she was bound now.

“Hey, what's going on?” she asked puzzled.

“A little experiment,” chuckled Macha as she pressed her finger against Xeno's breast. The feeling was metallic, but it felt as if something soft was underneath, Macha didn't really care, she just wanted to pay Xeno back for what she had done. Xeno moaned slightly, the touch obviously was causing a response, whether it was physical or mechanical, Macha was unsure, it gave the response she wanted, so she continued. Grabbing both of Xeno's 'breast's with her hands Macha rolling them around in her hands, it felt like she was turning a dial on a machine than touching real breasts, but it was getting the right result so she carried on. Xeno was moaning, completely engrossed in this new sensation she was feeling. Macha was in a rush so quick searched for an opening around Xeno's groin with her fingers, finding something like a slit, which widened like a door opening as she applied pressure. Pressing her index finger in, she felt a smooth metal shaft, which she ran her fingers up and down. Xeno began yelling out in pleasure as Macha did so, completely uncaring about her bindings. The sound of Xeno moaning began to turn Macha on again, and she used her free hand to finger herself some more, her juices running down her fingers as she did so. However, unaware that Daisy was still there, she was surprised to feel her fingering hand pulled out and replaced with another wet vagina. Daisy had by now stripped down completely naked and was using Macha's hand to finger herself.

“What are you doing?!” Macha questioned, still rubbing the smooth insides of Xeno, while her other hand was being forced inside Daisy.

“I'm giving you a helping hand” smiled Daisy as she sucked the combined index and middle finger together, covering in saliva, before moving it towards Macha's naked butt and without any warning, thrust her fingers inside her ass. Macha cried out in pain and clenched her sphincter as she did so.

“Take it out!” she cried as Daisy thrust them inside her rectum, pressing downwards as she did so .

“No way, it's near impossible to get a fuck from a girl like you in the barracks” Daisy replied, pressing Macha's fingers deeper into her own pussy “Just shut up and take it, Xeno!” Daisy shouted.

“Hmm, I am!” Xeno replied as her moans increased in intensity and frequency. Macha's ass was loosening up to the fingers as they plunged ever deeper into her, panting Macha saw Xeno's own hand rise and fingers plunge into Macha's vagina. The three women fingered each other with ferocity of their race, before all three climaxed in one large explosion of pleasure. Daisy staggered backwards and fell on the floor, Macha collapsed where she stood and Xeno seemed to pass out. Which, at that point, Drone appeared again, landed on Xeno's head, and shut down.