Jovian Chronicles

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It started as a pair of pretty nifty Mekton books, set in an original IP that was basically Gundam with all the crazy sucked out. It was thin, but inspiringly cool. The mecha and ship design was the BEST that had ever been seen in an RPG, hands down.

Then Dream Pod 9 got a loan from their rich uncle and went solo with their homebrew Silhouette system. Using Silhouette is like using HERO System to simulate the whole of World War 2 in real time while on Vicodin. It's pretty okay I guess if you like spreadsheets. It manages to still be simpler than Mekton if you exclude crap like Reaction Mass, which nobody uses. Oh, and now the art has basically an expanded roster of mecha and spaceships, with essentially the same designs... except now they're all illustrated by an inflation fetishist.

The setting is the traditional 23rd century, and strains mightily to be Hard science fiction while still having giant robots punching each other across the Solar System. It does a neato job on the whole. The political crap on Earth is just depressingly mundane. Get ye to space and nuke some pirates.