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jin gitaxiasEdit

the leader of the blue phyrexian faction. its his job to invent horrifying new phyrexian creations.

In GameEdit

an absolute monster, having flash for the lulz, and he reduces your opponents maximum hand size by 7 (that translate to no cards allowed in hand, combine that with a 'no opponents can draw cards' effect to lockdown your opponents. AAAAANNNND at the beggining of your endstep, draw 7 cards! card advantage and locking down your opponents, cant get any more blue then that!

Factions and Praetors in New Phyrexia
Phyrexia Symbol.png Factions:
Mana White.pngThe Machine OrthodoxyMana White.png
Mana Blue.pngThe Progress EngineMana Blue.png
Mana Black.pngThe Seven Steel ThanesMana Black.png
Mana Red.pngThe Quiet FurnaceMana Red.png
Mana Green.pngThe Vicious SwarmMana Green.png
Mana White.pngElesh NornMana White.png
Mana Blue.pngJin-GitaxiasMana Blue.png
Mana Black.pngSheoldredMana Black.png
Mana Red.pngUrabraskMana Red.png
Mana Green.pngVorinclexMana Green.png
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