James Bond 007

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Chase scenes - nobody does it better.

James Bond 007: Role-Playing In Her Majesty's Secret Service is a spy fiction role-playing game from the mid '80's. The game is set in the world of the James Bond books and movies. The characters take the role of secret agents and try to thwart plots. You could play at three tiers of difficulty, at the lowest tier you were considered complete plebes by everyone, commanded no respect, and were considered expendable by the agency, which caused rage. The game had rules for all kinds of guns, which was the huge draw at the time (although God help you when the guns actually came out, because the bad guys were usually better armed.) Unlike the charmed life led by the fictional agent 007, it was extremely easy for your character to die instantly in this game if the DM didn't fudge stuff, especially in gunfights. Modules came with scripts for roleplaying sexual liasons with members of the opposite sex (it was the '80s), scripts for torturing captured PCs, and scripts for BBEG's ridiculously convoluted methods of attempting but failing to kill captured PCs. The game also featured spy gadgets, such as climbing gear hidden in the heel of wingtip shoes, and the Golden Gun kit from the famous book and movie. It was fun, but there was a heckuva learning curve.