Ironblood is a /tg/ homebrew setting where hard sci-fi and fantasy sci-fi collide. Essentially, humanity reaches the stars and finds other races out there - who all use magic. However, humanity, thanks in part to the iron in their bloodstream, is immune to the direct effects of magic - and the magical races have a severe weakness to the iron weapons humanity is willing to wield. The setting deals with humanity dealing with this very alien new world, and this alien new world dealing with Humanity.



Leylines and ManaEdit


Iron as a material acts as a blocker to the casting of magic, in varying degrees. Iron fouls with the targeting of spells. Iron is also undetectable by magical means, and causes "static" in magical senses.

Human ImmunityEdit

The blood of humans contains Iron. Once a fact simply taken for granted, on discovering the fantastical worlds beyond, the implications of this became clear. Having this much iron in the system disrupts casting magic, making all humans unable to utilize magic in any way. It also has some beneficial side effects, however. Any magic that directly affects the body - directly attacking the organs, for example, simply does not work against humans. For other spells, it is impossible to automatically target humans.



The Val'alatelle (most commonly referred to as Bluebloods), are a race of humanoids with heavily resemblance to humans. There are many differences, most of which are internal, but many of which are external. The features of a Blueblood are generally elongated - with pointed ears and dark eyes of a single colour. Bluebloods also have blue-coloured skin. In most cases this is a very pale blue, but variation is noted amongst the various Blueblood races. In general, Bluebloods with more exposure to sun have a deeper shade of blue - Blueblood communities found on hot planets with much sun exposure have been noted to have skin of a violet, deep purple hue.

Many Bluebloods belong to the Draconic Supremacy and many consider themselves to be the Cultural Heart of the Galaxy. Even in War, Bluebloods will not participate unless they can do so with elegance and grace. It is said that Bluebloods don't understand the human concept of "artist" - for to them, regardless of their occupation, all are artists.

Bluebloods also consider themselves masters of diplomacy, but this is rather a fallacy. Most diplomatic advantage they gained was due to the military backup of the Draconic Supremacy, rather than any innate talent.

In war, however, the Bluebloods are not to be underestimated. The have long studied war, and consider each battle a performance to be executed with perfection. Blueblood forces are thus often very professional and expertly trained. However, they are able to be put offguard by unorthodox tactics and unexpected shifts in battle strategy that deviate from their idea of the "Laws of the Art of War".


A race that modifies its form depending upon the observer. Form a powerful rival to the Draconic Supremacy.


The Do'Lu are an enigmatic race that has not had much contact with humanity. They are a short, pale race, adapted to living underground in near total darkness. They are said to have excellent Dark Vision, and excellent hearing as well. The skin of a Do'Lu is said to be extremely hard "like stone" and difficult to puncture.

The Do'Lu are mostly isolationist and were easily subsumed into the Draconic Supremacy. The Do'Lu are masters of magic, perhaps the most adept race in total at the art of magic. Their homeworld, at some point, had its surface reduced to an inhospitable Waste, the Do'Lu surviving by moving underground and utilizing magic.

The Do'Lu do make nominal contribution to the fleet of the Draconic Supremacy, in the form of amazingly advanced Sphere Ships. Facing the Do'Lu is never easy, due to their cunning approach to utilizing magic in battle.


"Draconics" (the name they refer to themselves isn't well pronounceable by humans), also known as drakes, dragons, dracs and other, less favourable terms.

Draconics take the appearance of, roughly, giant winged lizards. There is a wide variance in appearance among the various Draconic races, with size, scale colour and body structure all be mutable.

It should be noted that in most situations Draconics do not actually fly. On their homeworld, gravity was low enough for Draconics to use their wings for gliding - they can only fly in other similar environs.

Draconics are the leaders of the Draconic Supremacy, a Galactic Hegemony that includes members of many other races.

The Draconic Supremacy is, and has always been, a feudal structure. It is ruled over by the Draconic Emperor, with each Planet having a Draconic King (The Draconic King, in the case of allied races, does not actually have to be a Draconic). The Draconics put a high emphasis on lineage and bloodlines - the concept of the human "democracy" was rather alien to them.

Draconics have become, perhaps by dint of them being larger than most other species that encounter them, a culture that places high emphasis on war and warrior-culture. They are also highly advanced in the study of magic. Draconic Star Ships are extremely large, but tend to be undercrewed compared to other ships - much of the running of the ship is done through magical automatons. As well, Draconics, even with size taken into account, demand much more in the way of living space. It is not uncommon for Draconic Spaceships, particularly their flagships, to be the epitome of opulence, burnished in gold, with massive crystalline domes covering carefully transplanted and magically maintained gardens.

Many Draconics consider it the destiny of the Draconic Supremacy to rule the entire galaxy, and that their culture is necessarily superior. The Draconic Supremacy is notorious for the brutality with which is crushes rebellions, and the humiliation with which it burdens its fallen foes.


The Hristare are a humanoid race that can be over-simply, if adequately, described as "lizardmen". They have also been often likened to raptors. They tend to be wiry and quick. Hristare are carnivorous and have sharpened claws and teeth. Common Draconic science places them as a "lesser cousin" of Draconics, but current research indicates many problems with this theory.

The Hristare are generally a gregarious race, living in packs and clans.

The Hristare are entirely subsumed into the Draconic Supremacy. Their agile nature makes them often used as scouts, especially in dangerous areas. In space, the Hristare often use smaller ships and pack tactics to cripple foes, allowing the Draconics to assault with little resistance.


Humans are a notable race due to their curious immunity to magic, which sets them apart from all the other races. Magical effects won't properly target humans, and their bodies are immune to direct magical manipulation. Humans are, however, thus unable to utilize magic. Referring to the anti-magic properties of iron, some humans have taken, as a mark of pride, referring to their race as "Ironbloods", a term that was once used as derogatory slur by the Bluebloods. Due to their lack of magic, certain members of other races blatantly refer to humans as "The Soulless".


The Orae are a icythyoid-humanoid race. They have a humanoid upper half with manipulator-limbs, and a long, muscular tail as their lower half. They are entirely aquatically developed and can only survive for short periods out of water. They show a remarkably tolerance to variations in water, however, having been shown to be able to comfortable exist in water of varying acidity and salinity. They have sharp fangs, having evolved as undersea predators.


Urg are muscular, hairy humanoids with features that have been described as "porcine" by many. A good deal of Urg belong to the Draconic Supremacy, where they work often as conscripted soldiers and mercenaries. Many Urg, however, live outside of the Supremacy, often as pirates and raiders.

The Urg culture is based heavily upon toughness and the perception of toughness - and on the ideas of survival of the fittest. Although their society glorifies physical violence, they are also quite adept at magic, particularly of the destructive kind.

The Urg are adept at Space combat, building massive and imposing ships laden with magical artillery. They tend to believe in the quality of quantity and seek to smash foes with masses of magically propelled solid projectiles.