Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

Infernals, also known as Green Sun Princes, are the exalted servants of Yozi. Like Abyssal exalted their bosses want them to be unambiguous evil people tearing up creation. Unlike Abyssals though, they have enough autonomy to tell their infernal masters to go shove that Reclamation business and go do lines of coke off a dream eaten hooker instead. Whatever they choose their infernal nature will continuously assault them with dark compulsions, ensuring no bullshit redemptionist plotlines will be allowed to happen. They may have an even easier time of it once they turn into a baby Primordial. Not only can they redeem themselves, they could make redemption as part of their theme and make their 'dark compulsion' to go redeem other bad guys and populate the world with that bullshit.


Infernal FluffEdit


The big bads of the setting decided to snatch as many Solar exaltations as they could once those little sparks of awesomeness got loose. The undead Primordials got their share and their sealed but still living brethren got theirs. The latter forms the basis of the Infernal exaltations. The Infernals start in Maelfas, the setting equivalent to a demonic hell (or the Warp), as upper tier nobility after a horrible sequence of rape, torture and humiliation by the component souls of the Yozi. Fun times. Their Yozi boss gives them a job to do and off to Creation for you (usually).


While Solars exalt from doing something awesome, Infernals are chosen from people who tried but failed for some reason. They did not rise to the occasion, some unforeseen circumstance screwed them over or a traitor in the ranks thwarted their plans. In any case, their moment of destiny passed and they basically had to live with epic failure. Then a demon of some sort appears and offers them the Tainted Exaltation. If they accept, they are whisked away to Maelfas for reconditioning, indoctrination, training and reworking. They get put into a chrysalis that rebuilds their mortal body into that of a Green Sun Prince. Basically you are fantasy magitek Robocop built by hell.

Infernal GamesEdit

Infernals are not quite as powerful as Solars although they can come close. The release of the supplement the Broken Winged Crane changed the whole meta with the tantalizing fact that Infernal Exalted are basically baby Primordials and can eventually come into the fullness of their power. The Infernals also come in as runners up for having the worst bosses in Creation. The Yozi are completely nuts but are often distant patrons. Like Abyssal Exalted, if the Infernals succeed at their boss's goals the game ends due to the apocalypse happening so finding a way to subvert the will of the Yozi is quite on par with Infernal games.

Due to a major communication SNAFU between the fluff and crunch writing teams for the 2E Manual of Exalted Power for Infernals, the first and second halves of the book have radically different tones. The former presents Green Sun Princes as highly traumatized baby eating monsters who are as much victims of the Yozi and their fetich souls as anything. The latter makes it very possible to play Infernals as anti-heroes and anti-villains. Which does make sense since the Yozi are insane but not necessarily evil. Well, except the Ebon Dragon. That guy has always been a dick.


  • Infernal excellencies are based on a group of concepts rather than attributes or abilities. A cunning, intelligent or convincing player can make a meal out of this.
  • Get the Hardened Devil Body (Infernal Ox-Body Technique) Charm as many times as possible, as extra health levels are needed against some of more powerful enemies in Exalted.
  • Like Solars, Infernals work best as specialists.
  • Unless it fits the taste of the whole game group, watch for the guy who is enamoured of the fluff from the Manual of Exalted Power.
  • Infernal games can take on many flavours based on the mission they have from the Yozis. The flavour of the charms can be pretty good so it makes for an excellent game for experienced groups yearning for something different.

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