Infantry Squad

"Let's see them take all of us!"

– Guardsmen doing what they do best

Aaaahhh...the humble Infantry Squad of the Astra Militarum Imperial Guard. So squishy by themselves, but so frightening when in numbers. The Infantry Squad form the backbone of most Imperial Guard regiments. While you could say that the Leman Russ form the base of what it is to be a Guardsmen, it is the men themselves who help maintain the tanks and flashlights.

Like all Guardsmen, each Infantry Squad members get an issue of the Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer, a T-shirt, some cardboard armor, a standard flashlight, a butter knife, a few pop candies and some hefty steel balls. Usually an Infantry Squad consists of a Sergeant and nine Guardsmen. However, as with the countless billions of Guardsmen within the Imperial Guard, infantry squads from different regiments can vary greatly between each other in tactics, training, equipment and other areas.

Often a Guardsman will be given a Vox-caster for better communication with other units, while another will carry a squad support weapon, such as a Sniper Rifle, Flamer, Grenade Launcher, Plasma Gun or Meltagun. In some infantry squads two of the Guardsmen will form a heavy weapons teams. In some regiments each infantry squad is further divided into two five-man fire teams, which allows the squad to divide if necessary and affords it greater flexibility in combat. An Assistant Squad Leader (normally a Corporal or other non-commissioned officer) is usually detailed to take command if the leader is killed or incapacitated, or leads the second fire-team if the squad splits into two.

Occasionally, a Commissar is included in the ranks of the squad to 'help' with morale and BLAMing any cowards in their sites. On the other hand a Ministorum Priest may replace the Commissar and provide fiery speeches instead of a Boltshell to the cranium.

By themselves, a Guardsmen is quite squishy, having stats along the line of Termagaunts, Ork Boyz, Fire Warriors and Eldar Guardians. That is mediocre range, low defense rating and mediocre damage. However when field in numbers, the amount of laser pointers may become a frighteningly sight indeed, melting Power Armor and Necrodermis with a large barrage of firepower. Just don't get them in close range...unless if you're a Grot.

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