FBI Incursors! Open up!

In Games Workshop's quest to make the Primaris Marines the flat-out most broken army in all existence, they decided that the already incredibly powerful Infiltrator squads needed to be even more powerful. Their next step is the Incursors, a sibling unit based on the aforementioned Infiltrator (i.e. using the same sprue), but focused even more at removing enemies from their hiding places. Essentially Power Armored SEAL Team 6.


Similar to the Infiltrators, the Incursors are equipped with the lightweight Mark X Phobos armour, making them another addition to the Vanguard forces. However, where the Infiltrators have antenna arrays that interfered with communications and gave a bubble that denied enemies from arriving from reserves, the Incursor mounts a multi-spectrum array that lets them see through things and remove all negative penalties from shooting. Seriously, that fucking visor is like Superman's eyeballs; able to detect signatures of teleporting foes before they materialize, to even pulling a fucking Neo by highlighting predictive models of their opponents' fighting patterns in real time. This also means that the only visible part of their bodies is the very top of their heads, which is stupid.

The Incursor also employs a slaved Machine Spirit to collate the findings at a thousand times the speed of human thought and feed the resultant information to the Incursor's field of vision. And they have Oculus Bolt Carbines, so they can shoot at enemies in cover with impunity.

But that's not all. They also each carry pairs of knives (giving their CCWs the ability to make an extra attack on a 6 to-hit) and Haywire Mines they can set up to threaten the enemy with mortal wounds if they dare approach it. Of note, though, that unlike Infiltrator squads, they can’t take any specialists, like a Helix Adept or a comms array.

It should be noted as well that they're considered Primaris Close Support troops (aka Assault Marines) like the Reivers, not Battleline (Tacticals) like the Infiltrators. Truly, the Chad to the Virgin Infiltrator.