Incest Smith

Incest Smith, as codified by /tg/.

Incest Smith, smith of sides, crafter of dicks, and maker of shields in memory, is a /tg/ original invention of highest quality, much like the sides he forges for those who stumble upon his antics.


Incest Smith was born of an anon's error and two separate threads, who intended to post the origin story of a party member, a blacksmith who traveled with his thirteen year old daughter, seeking ores to forge weapons and shields. Unfortunately, the anon in question failed to differentiate his folders or double check his file names, and inadvertently posted a rather NSFW image instead, alongside the following character description:

"I'm a musclebound travelling blacksmith who searches for rare ores to craft legendary weapons and armor. My thirteen year old tomboy daughter travels with me as my assistant. I teach her my trade so she may one day become a fine smithy herself. She usually rides on my large muscular shoulders and swings around on my biceps. We miss my wife, her mother dearly and I crafted a fine runic shield in her memory! Would you have room in your group to accommodate me and my girl?"

Demonstrating his detachable chin.

This thread swiftly died after garnering the proper amount of mockery.

Hoping that his Classic Blunder would soon be forgotten, the anon attempted to make a new thread, only to be met with a deluge of incest jokes, and soon the character was twisted into something far greater.

In the end, Incest Smith became renowned as a man with a diamond dick of untold hardness and a detachable, well-forged chin of even greater quality, passed down among his family for generations, and his daughter, whom he fucks as per his name.

Quality Products Forged by Incest SmithEdit

  • Sides
  • Dicks
  • Diamond variants of the above
  • Shields in memory
  • Chins of unspeakable hardness
  • His daughter