Founding Second Founding
Successors of Ultramarines
Chapter Master Unknown
Homeworld Unknown
Strength Less than 100
Specialty Unknown
Allegiance Imperium of Man
Colours Green and Gold

Not to be mistaken with the Inceptor Primaris Marine unit.

Yet another chapter of Ultramarine successors. You'd think with this many Ultramarine successor chapters out there, there would be no way they couldn't be awesome! Nor would they be completely unknown, right? Nope. Just another Space Marine Chapter, whose fluff is blank. Like many, if not all the other "blank" chapters out there, they are candidates for you to do something great. Oh wait, they aren't up to full strength?

Euxcine IncidentEdit

Back during the Macharian Heresy, where the Macharian Crusade collapsed into internecine squabbling, the Inceptors Chapter got involved in a fight with the Doom Warriors. They were supposedly drinking buddies before-hand but shit went south, just like the Crusade they were a part of. Their friendship was broken over matters of "honor". The Imperium, not wanting more bullshit sent in the Minotaurs to beat some sense into these two chapters. The main battle happened in the Euxcine System. The Minotaurs, in their usual style, hit both chapters at once. The Doom Warriors, having some sense gained from this initial strike, left the system. The Inceptors did not leave. Instead they dug in and fought the Minotaurs like men. Eventually, the surviving remnants of the Inceptors were forced to surrender at barrel point. After they surrendered, the Minotaurs jacked their Battle Barge and left. The Ultramarines, seeing at how one of their own got treated like shit, declared that the Minotaurs were permabanned from Ultramarine space. This feud is still in place and probably has worsened since Robby "The Bob" Guerrilla Man has come back. Not likely. If anything he’d say the idiot Chapters fighting each other and ruining one of the Imperium’s greatest crusades got what they deserved.


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