Imperium Asunder Timeline

Part of the Imperium Asunder project.


M31 The Warmaster’s Heresy -Dismayed by death of the Emperor and the incapacitation of their father, the XVIII legion retreats to Amaranth and its surrounding worlds.

The Council of Titans -Malcador, Raydon, and the 200 remaining Custodes call for a meeting of the Primarchs, and High Lords of the Fallen Imperium. Later known as the Council of Titans. The Undying Scions send a small delegation to the Council of Titans, but does not speak.

M32 Forging of the Vigil -The Undying Scions begin a war of conquest to reunite worlds in the western Ultima segmentum. The campaign finishes with the destruction of two entire battle companies of Iron Hearts upon the world of Sarco Primaris, whose original name has been excised from Vigilant records.

-The Karadon Cold Ones are founded

M33 Vigilance Without End -Battlefleet Vigilance is founded, and is baptized in blood as a massive Ork Waaagh! crashes into Vigilant space. -the world of Hadrianus is beset by a daemonic invasion. First known use of the Baleful Blade to divine where the Scions are needed most

M34 Divided We Stand -In order to more effectively police their domains, the Undying Scions follow the example of Imperium Minorum and split themselves into independent successor chapters, each two thousand strong -Following the liquid iron drops of the Baleful Blade, the sons of the XVIII legion push into Segmentum Tempestus and expand their territory

M35 The Fire Rises -The Undying Scions’ primary recruiting world, Amaranth, is attacked by Eldar corsairs. Five hundred aspirants fall defending the complex where the Baleful Blade has its place of honor.

M36 The Teliom Crisis -Forgeworlds across the Teliom Sector suffer from rogue heretek attacks and servitor uprisings. Two whole chapters are required to put an end to the crisis.

Unwavering -As a massive hole in the firewall opens up, Idrias Stern leads the defense of the Unyielding Vigil with the single largest detachment of marines since the Great Crusade.

-Sergeant Marius begins his investigation of a mysterious xenos threat

M37 The Ninth Crusade -The necropolis cult reveals itself and moves to attack the worlds surrounding Amaranth with the assistance of its necron benefactors. Only the timely intervention of the Crimson Warhawks prevents the total annihilation of the world.

Unsung -The Baleful Blade leads the current High Councilor of Amaranth and his retinue to Feingard, a remote world in the Kor Protectorate. Their fate is unknown, but the Blade later appears in its place on Amaranth. The skies above Cydonia play host to blue-tinged comets for weeks to come.

M31 -Immediately following the death of the Emperor, the Paladins of Kor begin to take the refugees to a safer place. Anders Kor spends his time fighting on the front lines to take his mind off the many tragedies that have occured

-Council of Titans takes place, Anders Kor attends

-first encounter with non-hostile xenos

M32 -Countless running battles are fought as the Paladins continue looking for a suitable world to settle

-the Paladins defend many worlds in trouble during this time, earning their favour

-late into M32, the ocean world of Cydonia is discovered. Constructions of hives begin

M33 -Cydonia is settled. Many of the worlds that the Paladins have assisted swear their loyalty to the world and it's protectors, officially forming the Kor Protectorate

M34 -The Paladins spend their time defending their worlds and assisting others

-Bannruod Tenriel, witness of the Great Betrayal and leader of the Paladins' Veteran Terminators, leaves the Paladins and founds the Guardians of the Apocalypse chapter

-friendly relations are established with local xenos, and many elect to join the Protectorate

M35 -Paladins are publicly considered "peacekeepers", and Anders Kor becomes a more political figure as well as a military leader.

-the Battle of Halstadt, a large daemonic incursion, is fought. Heretics flow into the Protectorate to Halstadt, considering it holy ground. A permanent Paladin presence is established, but it is soon realized that the heretics are not there to fight, only pray. This marks the beginning of heresy being tolerated in the Protectorate.

-the Errant Paladins are founded.

OK, I'm thinking the M35 firewall hole is co-incident with a major chaos offensive, not sure if we want to call that a crusade.

But that's the one where I'm thinking Xun goes to Prospero and does some sort of ritual, vaguely hint that it's got something to do with the fact that Prospero is a nexus of fate, something about crimson armor with ivory trim and it's this that is what starts Xun's master plan.

Again, we can also use it as a way to justify new tech being recovered and I'm thinking that the Sky Serpents draw a lot of flack for their mysterious actions during the breech.

M36 -Eldar attack the planet of Sykin II. Paladins are sent to defend, but are driven away. Negotiations are attempted, and it is discovered that Sykin II is a Necron Tombworld. A joint cleansing operation is conducted, and the Eldar leave on neutral terms.

-a corrupt politician whose name is expunged from record attempts a coup with a private army of religious fanatics. He fails when his army is crushed by the Paladins, and is executed for his crimes.

M37 -with the legalization of Chaos worship allowing many heretics to openly practice their religion came many problems. The most dangerous being that occasionally, groups of people who wished to conduct the more violent of their rituals would spring up regularly. To combat this, the suggestion of a group to deal with this rising issue is presented. The Lawbringers are founded.

M38 -a team of Errant Paladins goes beyond the borders of the known galaxy. They do not come back. Their last transmission is recovered, and mentions of 'giant insects' are recorded. Pictures of what would later be known as the Swarmlord are also found.

M38 Swallowed Whole -One of the Undying Scions’ successor chapters, the Heralds of Hadrianus, are baited into attacking the Negators in their base of operations in a commorite sub-realm. They are never heard from again.

Wisdom of Ancients -The Undying Scions send representatives to each of the other crusader states in an attempt to ameliorate the rising tensions between primarchs and gain support for a crusade into the heart of the Dark Imperium

M39 Eldar Resurgent -Several craftworlds move through Vigilant space towards Segmentum Tempestus. The Undying Scions are manipulated into attacking forces that may have presented a threat to the Eldar.

Fury of the Ages -Soon after discovering their manipulation, the Undying Scions are led against the rising Eldar Empire by Idrias Stern, who first meets his rival Muirthandril.

M40 Chosen of Eldanesh -The war against the resurgent Eldar Empire rages on, bringing destruction to scores of worlds throughout Segmentum Tempestus. Notably, Idrias Stern destroys a Blackstone Fortress in a boarding action.

Undead Vs. Undying -More and more worlds reveal themselves to be tombs for the ancient necrons. Forces must be diverted from the western front against the eldar to deal with them. The Baleful Blade is instrumental in identifying tombworlds and begins to glow as if molten in the presence of the ancient race.

M41 Terror out of Space -Battlefleet Vigilance successfully fends off Hive Fleet Megalith

Dire Savagery -Unbeknownst to the Scions, the Eldar Empire influences several Ork Waaagh!s to attack them. Three chapters of Undying Scion successors are depleted to dangerously low numbers.

Late M31:

– Negators continue harass the Loyalist Legions as they retreat from the Segmentum Solar.

– Raydon’s Warhawks ambush Aodhán’s own Reaver Fleet, ramming his flagship in attempt to bring death to the traitor. The two Primarchs duel atop the fiery debris of the collision, eventually parted by the catastrophic overload of a nearby plasma battery.

– While their Primarch recovers from his injuries, the lesser warlords of the Negators have free reign, many of them quickly going astray and targeting disparate foes of their own choosing, some of them taking the opportunity to settle their squabbles with captains of other Legions.

– The Reaver Fleet of Mágach Crom harries the Ark Mechanicus Endurant as it flees toward the galactic east. Depleted by various minor skirmishes with other Traitor Astartes, they are unprepared for a protracted battle when the Fists of Mars arrive to retrieve the vessel. It will be many years before Mágach‘s forces recover from the defeat.

– At council with his brothers, Aodhán states that he wishes to be as far from Imperial authority as possible, insulting several other Daemon Primarchs and almost plunging the meeting into chaos. [REDACTED] promises him a realm far to the galactic north, and assures his brother that he will not be interfered with, so long as he keeps the region secure. The Negators become regents of a domain in the very farthest reaches of the Chaos Marches known as the Casket of Souls.


– The far reaches of the Casket of Souls become a haven for pirates and lawbreakers. Aodhán rules from the citadel-world of Dalquiel, accepting tributes from the minor xenos that dwell there and daemon princes that flock to his realms.

– An exploratory mission by the Iron Hearts awakens an Iron Men machine-god from its slumber upon the isolated world of Abraxos, which quickly infests the abandoned titan legions scattered across the planet. The Túath of Rhydderch Kane move to assist their brothers.

– Directed by a fevered vision, Aodhán recovers the Hand of Doom, felling its Bloodthirster guardians and binding them to a set of blades. He gifts to his most trusted warriors.


– Mágach Crom persecutes a bloody campaign of unprovoked raiding and pillaging across Bloodhounds territory. The response is swift and brutal, and his Túath becomes embroiled in a lengthy blood-feud.

– Eldar assassins attempt to poison and kill Aodhán. Their motivations are unclear, even under extreme duress, and the Primarch eventually has them executed via stranding upon a known Second Sons ritual world.

– In retribution for the actions of his Legionnaires, Balthasar the Bloody leads a crusade upon the Casket of Souls, intent on depopulating a world for every planet attacked by Crom’s forces. Aodhán is delighted and the two Primarchs settle the dispute through a duel. M34

– As if in response to some undetected signal, strange, metallic hosts of grim warriors begin to arise from beneath the surface of worlds across the Casket. They prove difficult to eliminate, often vanishing before a battle can be truly concluded.

– Iorveth of Gaspar, one of Aodhán’s inner circle, is killed in battle with a fleet of Crimson Warhawks. Bran Konnor succeeds his position, embarks length campaign of retaliation, often appearing to assist words or Legions under attack by the Warhawks.

– Aodhán begins to actively encourage the use of Morrígna sorceresses, rewarding his Astartes for the capture of psychically talented slaves, particularly seers and soothsayers.


– Battles between Negator forces and the warriors of steel intensify as several Necron Dynasties awaken in earnest on the edges of the Casket. Aodhán begins to realize why [REDACTED] was so eager to give him free reign of the region.

– Moriaen Vale fights a series of bloody skirmishes with Warp Raider forces, the elusive mystics apparently searching for some prize he himself has set his sights upon. The battle concludes when the sun of the host system goes supernova several billion years ahead of schedule, collapsing into a black hole. Which party is responsible remains unknown.

– On the world of K’phra, Aodhán’s battle with a Transcendent Shard of Aza’gorod becomes a staple of Negators’ bardic legend. Unknown to the Primarch, the utter destruction of the C’tan Shard’s form leads to a mass awakening of other sufficiently powerful Nightbringer shards throughout the galaxy, the star vampires tearing free of their Tesseract Prisons as the dissipated Shard’s power is parcelled out through each of its remaining kin.


– A vast Necron warhost, its vessels sufficient to block out a world’s sky, encroaches from beyond the galactic rim. The Negators rally to combat the threat, and worlds burn beneath the feet of both armies.

– Facing the legion’s silent king in single combat, Aodhán eventually reaches an accord with the creature. Negators across the Casket of Souls begin to remove their assets from various worlds edgeward of the region.

– Tired of serving as a bandage over [REDACTED]’s Necron problem and desiring even greater freedom, Aodhán and his Astartes abandon the Casket of Souls, leaving it to the Necrons. They roam for a time as a fleetbound Legion.


– The Negators ambush and destroy a piratical Eldar fleet roaming the edge of Segmentum Tempestus. After some convincing, its Princess surrenders the secrets of the Webway. The Legion amuses itself by striking at undefended Exodite worlds for a short while.

– Forcing their captive to lead them to Commorragh, the Negators descend upon a district of the Dark City, crushing its ruling Kabal in a frenzy of sustained violence. A century of on-and-off war ensues after Aodhán claims it as his own, renaming it Dún Scáith. Certainly by utter coincidence, it is the outspoken enemies of Asdrubael Vect that suffer most during this period.

– An agreement is reached between Aodhán and the Kabals, the proceedings overseen by Lord Vect. Business continues mostly as usual in Commorragh, and many Kabals quickly find that fostering good relations with their friendly neighbourhood Space Marine Legion can lead to interesting opportunities.


– On a raid upon the border worlds of the Unyielding Vigil, the last vestiges of Mágach Crom’s sanity are lost forever. What was intended to be a brief jaunt through Realspace becomes an orgy of bloodletting spanning several systems. His Reaver Fleet is eventually driven back by the combined efforts of the Vigilant Sons, the Flamebearers, and the Adamantine Knights successor Chapters.

– Aglovale Tor throws his lot in with the Legion. He quickly ascends to prominence.

– The Wych Cult of the Bloody Hand begin to revere Aodhán as one of their icons.

– Voivode Moriaen Vale hunts and binds Skarbrand the Exile, chaining the ancient daemon below his estate. Working in secret, he placates the Bloodthirster with sorcerous, blood-mingled wines and beautiful maidens. In the rare cases where a woman conceives, their child is brought into the Legion and trained to serve as Moriaen’s personal guard.


– Voivode Kuronn the Black is wiped from existence by a lance bombardment from the Ark Mechanicus Wisdom of Mars, his forces clashing with the Fists of Mars along the Tempestus Gap. He is succeeded by Aglovale Tor.

– A Negators warband engaging in a sporting war with Waaagh! Goretusk are set upon by the Undying Scions. They escape with their numbers decimated.

– The Free Company of Corlannn Kells ventures into the Ghoul Stars, following rumours of a mysterious alien beast that stalks the region’s silent worlds. They do not return.

– Voivode Anomatar is struck down by a Seraph of the Emperor. He is succeeded by Neirin of Uhulis.

– Aodhán’s first living son, Aenaric, is born.


– Aodhán’s first son betrays his father, trying and failing to strike down the Primarch. Amused to no end by this turn of events, the Giantslayer allows Aenaric to flee Commorragh.

– Voivode Breunor allows himself to be possessed by the Bloodthirster Khargenthul. The daemon constantly battles for greater and greater sway over the Marine’s mind.

– Voivode Brynmor Cadwen is slain on Luther Macintyre IX by the combined efforts of the Sisters of the Dolorous Blade and the Undying Scions, the Loyalist forces isolating his flagship and forcing him to crash-land upon the desert planet’s surface. He is succeeded by Deucalion Caerrick.


– The Reaver Fleet of Voivode Caollaidhe battles the Sekhemet Dynasty, whose Tomb Worlds awaken in the midst of the Voivode’s favoured recruitment systems. Eventually, an accord is reached, and the Sekhemet are recognized as Honoris Negatus.

– Aodhán becomes taken with Shadowseer Naya'il of the Leaping Stars, resulting in a bloody pursuit across several Twilight Cities of the Webway until his prize is finally won. The Masque of the Leaping Stars toast to yet another successful performance.

– Warlord Dagfinnr of the Bloodhounds declares a hunt upon Mágach Crom. He and his warband are later found strung by their entrails through the canopies of Tlacuache, a Death World within the Jade Empire.


– Aodhán emerges during the Twelfth Crusade, promised a duel with Sarco Funerus. He does not get what he wants, the Eldar having deceived him into defending them from the Undying Scions, and he butchers his way through both the Eldar and Astartes forces until his rage is spent.

– Voivode Brulieac of Red Henge is struck down by Aenaric at the conclusion to a campaign through Jade Empire space. The son of Aodhán is purportedly seen clad in Knights Errant regalia.

– At the request of his favoured Morrígna, Aodhán dispatches Voivode Rhydderch Kane to do battle with the Silver Spears reaving Eldar territories.

– The Negators are drawn into bloody conflict with the Sautekh Dynasty, who claim the worlds of Sekhemet as theirs by right.

– Voivode Bran Konnor is ambushed by rogue Lawbringers Samael and Decanos Ventaceaster during one of his habitual raids upon Unyielding Scions’ territory, the Lawbringers having predicted his movements and alerted the nearby Dust Striders successor Chapter. Escaping with severe injuries, Konnor orders the planet bombarded to ash, but the brothers escape on their innocuous voidship, the Impaler. The Dust Striders are decimated but survive.

– Through his Morrígna, Aodhán watches branches of the future begin to converge. He has by now assembled a court of some of the most adept seers in the galaxy, and he believes it will soon be time to shift the course of the galaxy’s fate forever…

More M42 stuff:

– A lone blackship returns to its patron Abbey to find the voidstation under the control of Negators Marines, its defenders either slaughtered or enslaved. Subduing the vessel's crew, the Negators make off with its cargo of psykers.

– At the height of the Thirteenth Crusade, the second great Rak'Gol migration in recorded history sprawls out across the Tempestus Segmentum. Warlord Victarus Ravenmane of the Negators issues a challenge to Corsair Prince Olorinn - they will campaign for five years, and whoever destroys the most Rak'Gol vessels is the victor. Their game is disruptive to both sides of the Crusade, and is cut short when efforts are made to hunt down and destroy them. Prince Olorinn's flagship, the Cry of the Wind, wins renown by destroying the Storm Hammers Battle Barge Foebreaker.

>Great Crusade The Angels of Light bring more worlds to compliance than any other legion, their numbers boosted by the large number of diplomatic compliances they manage to broker. Worlds that do not obey are conquered swiftly and without mercy, bringing in Imperial colonists from Terra to repopulate them.

>The Heresy The Angels join the heresy late when the Void Lords are chased into Imperium Minorum by the blood hounds. At first the Angels fight neither party while they try to ascertain what happens. However, the Void Lords and Bloodhounds' fighting causes a great deal of collateral damage, and Alexios finally manages the unthinkable, ordering his men to defend Imperium Minorum against his insane brothers until they can establish diplomatic contact. Once they do, Graha'nak manages to convince Alexios to aid him with the help of more level-headed Warhawks and Fists of Mars who are fleeing with him. With a second legions' full support, Graha'nak manages to turn the hunters into the hunted.

>M31 Alexios strongly opposes the first crusade along with Malcador. As the crusade grinds to a hault against the fortress worlds of the Iron Hearts, Alexios and his captains are instrumental in convincing the other legions to attend Malcador's Council of Titans, where they can discuss the fate of the Imperial Remnant.

>M32 Malcador convinces Alexios that the Legions, and by extension the Crusader States, are too powerful. With overwhelming destructive force in the hands of so few, Malcador and Xun fear further betrayals akin to the Warmaster's. Alexios unleashes his Codex Astartes, which, in addition to codifying astartes tactics, proposes splitting the legions up into numerous chapters so as to disperse authority and prevent such catastrophic civil wars. The Sky Serpents, Undying Scions, and Crimson Warhawks do accept Alexios' codex for various reasons, while the Storm Hammers, the Fists of Mars, and the Broken Blades embrace it. >M33 With cautious Alexios no longer directly controlling the Angels of Light, numerous Angel of Light successor chapters join the second and third crusades. Other chapters expand and fortify Imperium Minorum, colonizing new worlds and protecting old ones. Alexios spends more and more time in seclusion

>M34 More crusades n stuff

>M35 Alexios secludes himself and is not seen again until late M36. In his absence, the civilian bureaucracy and ecclesiarchal population begin pushing for more administrative control on the core worlds of Imperium Minorum. Civil war breaks out, and by the end of the century they have near total control, even issuing orders to chapters of Astartes. Imperium Minorum, unlike the other Crusader States, becomes nominally ruled by ordinary humans.

>M36 Alexios emerges from seclusion to publish his Theologia Eugangelia, volumes of theological, cosmological, and astropathic wisdom, as well as commentaries on the nature of both the Daemons and the Seraphs of the Emperor, the Apotheosis of the God Emperor, and the death of the Imperial Truth. This further cements eccleriarchical control in Imperium Minorum. The text is seen as heretical by the Priests of Xun, and the Acolytes of Imperium Minorum see the Jade Empire as heathens. All hope of friendship between the Jade Empire and Imperium Minorum is lost as numerous diplomatic incidents occur.

>M37 Alexios almost never leaves his library. The Theme system Alexios developed for his successor chapters leads to them fighting amongst themselves for territory, resources, and even grudges. The religious civil wars of the previous century have cooled to slow burn. Heretics are regularly lynched and burned at the stake, and diplomatic relations with neighboring states become increasingly tenuous.

>M38 Many Angels chapters fight in the Ninth Crusade, and it is the official stance of Imperium Minorum that the scions have been tainted by necron heresies. Alexios himself has to come out of seclusion to prevent full-scale war. Maybe he fails.

>M39 An upstart xenos race called the Tau has claimed unpopulated worlds which are official property of Imperium Minorum. A number of chapters are chartered to retake the territory and put an end to the Tau threat. They find their mission much harder than they expected, as some unknown enemy seems to be supporting the Tau from the shadows. As the war rages on, Gryphonwing Chapter Master Ionnas Komnene discovers the involvement of the Kor Protectorate, and Imperium Minorum declares a holy crusade against their once brothers. Alexios is shamefully and brutally murdered during the peace accord. While Imperium Minorum officially blames Anders Kor, some accounts blame an agent of the Eyes of the Warmaster. Tau and Tau'n are issued Exterminatus orders, and the Ecclesiarchy of Imperium Minorum officially brands the Paladins of Kor as heretics.

>M40-M41 The krill begin galactic attacks with unprecedented numbers attacking areas along the dark imperium and ultima segmentum.first contact is made at valos. the krill attempt to absorb the biomatter of the planet tyran and are halted by a contingent of omega marines who performed exterminatus upon the planet as a means to slow their advance. while the planet is destroyed the fleet is forced into a disastrous retreat as the krill turned their eyes upon the fleet which destroyed their food source while managing to escape heavy loses are caused by the swift fleets of the krill that would pick apart at the ships venting their atmospheres into the void leaving mostly astartes to pilot the ship encased in their armour. some lost to the imaterium as they fall victim to the shadow in the warp.

7th(?) Crusade After centuries of odd behavior, the Firewall blinks out along large swathes of space, exposing parts of the Storm Kingdoms, Jade Empire, and Undying Vigil to the Chaos Imperium. The loyal legions have prepared defenses for this very contingency, but for a time, nothing happens. Hawkish voices overwhelm caution and loyal forces go on the offensive. This is just what the traitor legions have been waiting for and counter-attack. The loyalists are hard pressed and losing ground, when reinforcements from the Angels arrive. The Fists follow, thrusting for the abandoned forgeworlds of Graia and Ryza. Simultaneously, the Sky Serpents abandon their defensive positions to Auxiliae and en Masse make for the Prospero system. What transpires there is unclear, though rumors of Xun wrestling with a oni and feasting with a crimson king persist alongside more reasonable tales of Anshul and Oramar. Whatever happens, the Sky Serpents depart the system with their holds laden with books, the reignited Firewall flaring behind them.

Following this, a large contingent of psykers aid the Warhawks in a massive hunt for several cults of the Warp Raiders and Arms of Asura.


>M30 Like all of these worlds are brought into the Imperium. Except Suka. The Argon Correctional Facility is built on Argon to house criminals in the sector. Suka is discovered.

>M31 Heresy Era Anthrax is attacked by the Second Sons with bioweapons. A toxic jungle covers the planet, confining the remaining population to the chem-bastions. House Hidalgos fends off a Bloodhound invasion force on Conquista. House Melkor swears fealty to Chaos and sacks the Villis Sector. Khorne grants Baron Gilgas Daemonhood when he destroys Houses Johansson and Streltsik with a massive daemon weapon. An asteroid impact awakens the Firespitters on Karadon. Chief Ka-So-Tusok tames the Firespitter Artul and joins the Undying Scions in their fight against the traitors. The Mechanicum of the forgeworld Banis V disappear. Techpriests from Segmentum Pacificus take refuge on Grogan. Magos Scittatrix is caught siphoning geneseed from a space marine legion and disappears. The librarians of the Crimson Warhawks banish Gilgas. >M31 Morgoth is razed by the Crimson Warhawks. Gilgas returns and turns it into a daemon world. First factories are built on Grogan. Prison world of Umma is destroyed by renegades in the Jade Empire. Prisoners of that sector are rerouted to Argon. Corps Zero regiments first appear, and destroy Crusader positions in suicide attacks during the First Crusade. Anthrax Chem Guard 38th Legion turn Planet Tryxes into a toxic jungle in the Undying Vigil. Battlefleet Vigilant purge the world with virus bombs. A passing planet-sized meteor disturbs Sabbath's orbit. The 121st Brimstone Fire-Eaters defeat the Anthrax Chem Guard 144th Legion on Chit in the Unvielding. The Argon Apemen 300th Penal Legion is purged for heresy by the Silverback 225th Regiment on Planet Vakos in the Unyielding Vigil. The planet is lost to the Anthrax Chem Guard 382nd Legion. The 140th Hot Year of the Karadon Cold Ones defeat the Tor Ironheads 508th Regiment on Planet Ignis in Contested Territory.

>M32 Sabbath freezes over. Chaos Traders bring Steelborn from Suka to join the Behemoth Guard. Gilgas leads house Melkor against Baron Ramos of House Hidalgos and the Angels of Light. Angels of Light Librarians banish Gilgas as Ramos holds him in place with his own knight suit. Lindemann's Black Band of House Rammstein repels a boarding attack by Corps Zero and Steelborn mercenaries on the battleship Xun's Helm in the Dark Worlds. Grogan is besieged by the Anthrax Chem Guard 555th Legion. Holtz's Black Band and the Undying Scions break the siege. The Karadon 282nd Cold Year land on Sabbath and destroy a city ship. Sabbath bars the Undying Scions from its surface for a thousand years. Gilgas leads a host of slave warriors against Grogan. He is repelled by the intervention of the Oathsworn and Hass's Black Band. Steelborn mercenaries commissioned by the Sky Serpents raid Dark Imperial outposts in Contested territory.

>M33 Gilgas invades Meinherz. Sabbath Ice Maidens and Suka Steelborn are hired by the Grey Realm to assist House Rammstein, and the Black Bands are recalled to repel the daemon prince. The Vytorian Highborn 650th Battlegroup land on Sabbath. Paladins of Kor arrive, and sink their tanks by shattering the ice sheet with atomics. Battlefleet Vigilant encounters vessels of the Grey Realm in the northen Undying Vigil. Avalon Manslayers fight Kroot mercenaries on Wespa in Forgespace. House Hekaton fights WAAAGH!! Orgard in Forgespace. Avalon Manslayers hunt and kill the commanders of the Anthrax Chem Guard 1701st Legion on High Hass in Contested Space. The legion scatters and is run down by House Hekaton and Sabbath Ice Maidens. Argon Silverbacks 567th regiment, and Apemen 1329th and 1331st Penal Legions, fight on the hiveworld Wyspa against the Vytorian Highborn 704th Battlegroup. The campaign ends in a Chaos victory when Vytorian grenadiers decimate the Apemen in the Battle of Hive Four. Suka is invaded by House Hidalgos. The knights are unable to push into the underground villages, and flee when the Grey Realm fleet arrives with House Rammstein.

>M34 Scittatrix reappears after several thousand years and founds the Imperium Mechanicus in Contested Territory, defended by renegade space marines he created himself from stolen geneseed. He leads a Jihad into Forgespace, but is repelled by the Fists of Mars. Corps Zero escape captivity aboard the battleship Wicker Titan and destroy the bridge and engines. The Anthrax Chem Guard 2016th and 2017th Legions set siege to Grogan. The Grogan Thunderheads successfully break the siege. The Grogan Thunderheads 1055th Regiment exchange artillery with the Vytorian 946th Battlegroup on Wilco in Contested Territory. The Undying Scions later inform them they had a catastrophic kill on their prized Leviathan battlefortress. Three regiments of the Brimstone Fire-Eaters are wiped out by House Melkor and Sabbath Ice Maidens on Prosul in Contested Territory. The Necron Tombworlds of the Indigo Sector awaken in the Dark Imperium. The Vytorian Highborn muster ten battlegroups to curb the Necron resurgence. Gilgas leads an incursion on Meinherz again. The Paladins of Kor and Kroot mercenaries come to House Rammstein's aid. Scittatrix's successor Falson leads another Jihad into Forgespace. A united force of Crusaders destroys the Imperium Mechanicus. House Hekaton's rear detachment leads auxiliaries of the Fists of Mars against Gilgas's invasion of Forgespace while the space marines are away on campaign in Contested Territory. The 1861st Brimstone Fire-Eaters purge Somalos X after WAAAGH!! Waghul passes it in the Storm Kingdom. Kroot mercenaries raid worlds outside any Crusader State. The Karadon 1457th Hot Year burns their camp on Quixotia.

>M36 Gilgas assembles a legion of Chaos to invade the Imperium Minoris. He is defeated by the Angels of Light and banished.

>M37 The Grey Realm brings Kroot Mercenaries to Contested Territory to fight on worlds infested by the Anthrax Chem Guard. The Oathbreaker Serpentio unleashes the Gene-Plague on the Paladins of Kor. Hundreds of Paladins are exiled and their progenoids are destroyed to prevent its spread. The female ward on Argon slides into the ocean. The other wards become Co-ed.

>M38 Multiple regiments of the Brimstone Fire-Eaters are deployed on the hiveworld Saxon to fight WAAAGH!! Greygut.

>M39 The Steelborn Holk and his band capture a Prexes-class cruiser and christen it the Black Maul. They begin raiding in the Undying Vigil. The 2662nd Fire-Eaters accidentally destroy the forgeworld Hierars in the Grey Worlds. Gilgas slays Baron Orthros of House Hekaton on a battleship in the Grey Worlds.

>M40 The Hosts of the Vigil drive back the Vytorian Highborn and Anthrax Chem Guard on Grogan. Corps Zero destroy several Karadon Cold One regiments on the deathworld Bellistus in the Undying Vigil. House Hidalgos defends worlds in Imperium Minoris from Hivefleet Basilisk.

>M41 House Hidalgos defends worlds in Imperium Minoris from Hivefleet Basilisk. Several Vytorian Highborn Battlegroups set siege to Grogan. Gilgas leads House Melkor against House Hidalgos and three other houses of Imperium Minoris. Dozens of Argon Apemen legions and Silverback regiments are used to defend the Jade Empire from WAAAGH!! Rehab. The Negators discover the Grey Realm, within the ancient Dyson sphere Kazad. They turn their attention from the Thirteenth Crusade and assemble a massive army of mercenaries and pirates to destroy the Grey Realm. Signs of the Gene-Plague are found in other legions. The Oathsworn work to find a cure. Hivefleet Ancalagon reaches the Dark Imperium. The Anthrax Chem Guard assemble dozens of legions.

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