Hunter Fan Compacts

A collection of several compacts made by fans on the Onyx Path forum and for other fan game lines.



The Silver CrossEdit

A bunch of dropout med-students were hunting for a ghoul, but when their ghoul died they took to the Vigil for real. Recognizing that Null Mysteriis was more talk than action, they banded together and formed the Silver Cross as the Vigil's combat medics. They aren't exactly numerous, but they do have a reputation as actually helping people compared to Null M.

Strategic Resource OfficeEdit

Here's an interesting little idea: An insurance company that insures hunters. Turns out that in a place like the World of Darkness, there's a lot of weird claims out there, and a lot of haunted art. One insurance company's leader decided that he could make some money off this.

Bureau des Circonstances ExtraordinairesEdit

France's answer to TFV reformed shortly after the Nazi's dismantled their predecessors in WWII, the BCE are known more for their various "open secrets" and their ability to apply the typical methods of French bureaucracy to the Vigil and still appear more competent than TFV.


The German counterpart to the French counterpart to TFV, SG-14 was initially splintered to prevent the group from being used in a possible Fourth Reich, but now are a bureaucratic mess that still does their job but is running into roadblocks with inter-department cooperation.

The DiFillipo FamilyEdit

Mobsters from New York state, these guys are actual organized criminals compared to the drug pushers of the Ascending Ones or the borderline street gangs of the Night Watch. They also aren't above working with monsters, so long as the money's good.


The WordsmithsEdit

Literally bleeding hearts who think that all vampires need is a shoulder to cry on and a a sympathetic ear. The jury's still out on whether it really works or not.


The Silver SyndicateEdit

Once a street gang that was practically annihilated by their dealings with a werewolf pack, the Syndicate was rebuilt from a street gang in the Bowery to a leading investment and hedge fund corporation. So they're only slightly more diabolical than they were before. They basically see spirits as an investment, and are using the werewolves game against them.


The Sons of CuChulainnEdit

Formed out of an Irish fraternal group, the Sons basically started hunting fairies when they came back from a trip to Ireland and found a lost Celtic village in the Thorns. They see all fairies as Seelie or Unseelie, and unfortunately they're rather militant in their actions.

The Wilde SocietyEdit

You know that one art teacher that was so far out to Mars you didn't think they'd ever return? This is an entire compact of those guys. They're only "hunters" in the fact that they seek out the glamour that enables the fae to hide among mankind.


Publicly a support group for those families with missing and kidnapped individuals, Searchlight is secretly waging a war against the fairies and trying to save as many as they can.


The CarversEdit

Little better organized than the Union, the Carvers were organized against slashers and often roam the country in pursuit of them. "He Who Fights Monsters", you know the deal by now.

The Baker Street IrregularsEdit

Amateur and often "defective" detectives who love a good mystery, the Irregulars love to match wits against intellectual monsters and slashers.