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Quite a looker for an undead machine girl.

Heavy-Chan (fan name: Karen) is a Necron fan-character developed by /tg/ regular Wickedstar. She has gone on to become rather popular with /tg/'s userbase, for the usual reasons. She is the older of Papalith's children, as well as Lolicron's big sister. She is also a Heavy Destroyer, and tends to pack on the biggest, heaviest weapons available. Despite this, she takes great offense with being called "Heavy," as she insists that her anti-grav platform makes her actually quite light, and she simply has a large chassis. Despite the fact that Heavy-Chan and the rest of her family originated back in 3rd Edition, she's actually seen a bit more of a fanbase since 5th, when someone pointed out that due to the changes to Necron fluff, she is actually quite capable of actually existing now.

Despite having Hatred: Everything! like all Necron Destroyers (presumably this includes jokes about her weight), Heavy-Chan is remarkably cosmopolitan for a Necron. She has been established as being a fan of Doomrider's concerts and loves heavy metal music. In addition to tending to Papalith and Lolicron, she also pulls double-duty as the de-facto pinup girl of her faction, something she has seems to have accepted with grudging acceptance. Lolicron has been trying to get her to take more pride in her appearance. She has periodically dated Trevor, an Ordos Xenos Inquisitor, but all evidence is that it did not work out because things "got weird" in their relationship. Accounts seem to vary.

Stories and FluffEdit

Heavy-Chan's first appearance was posted on /tg/ in the wee hours of the morning when Papalith took offense with the enormous amount of promotional content covering his youngest daughter that graced /tg/. In response to this, Papalith forbade Catherine from engaging in close-order drills with the Imperial Guard and insisted on Heavy-Chan escorting Lolicron into battle. Heavy-chan takes offense because she had a date with her pet human and then takes double offense because Papalith called her Heavy.

Heavy-Chan features prominently in /tg/'s Warhammer High series, where she's part of a class of mean machine girls alongside her sister, a Flayed One, and more.

Heavy-Chan also featured in the grimdark /tg/ writefaggotry To Hate Even Love.

In one particularly humorous thread on /tg/, a contest was held over who was the bustiest Warhammer 40,000 fan character. She won handily, and then mods deleted the thread because fun is disallowed in the Imperium.