Hc Svnt Dracones

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In case you had any doubt this was made by furries.

Hc Svnt Dracones (or HSD) is an RPG made by and for furries. Despite saying multiple times in the beginning that this is a Transhumanist RPG a la Eclipse Phase, the fluff, crunch and accessories make it very obvious that this RPG was made solely so you could make your fursona. The cries of "but we're really just trying to help you get in touch with your human side guys!" get drowned out by how awful humanity is depicted, and by how much time they spend jerking off (literally and figuratively) the furries as bastions of the future. They partially write this off as the "spirit" of humanity getting corrupted. With Ayn Rand levels of shilling for the GLORIOUS CAPTAINS OF INDUSTRY and an understanding of biology that would make your average high school graduate cringe, HSD shows little to no self-awareness and is solely focused on making furries. At least Ironclaw has decent enough crunch and fluff to justify the setting, and if you want you can swap out the furries for regular fantasy races too. HSD does not have either saving grace.

There is a second edition of the book, which throws away most of the crunch (but not the fluff) of the first book after they realized that the crunch was horribly imbalanced shit. In case you needed a further reason to regard this RPG in horror, their website sells 3D Printed miniatures with realistic animal vaginas. God help us all.

The FluffEdit

This is mostly based off of stuff from the first edition. A fair warning: one of the books implies that the history as presented below might have just been Megacorp propaganda to subdue the masses.

Sometime in the far future, humans make giant 3D printer bots that can crunch entire plots of land into materials, which allows for the rapid development of technology in the setting. Nevermind the amount of damage this would cause to the ecosystem. Eventually, every single Megacorp on Earth decides to give the collective governments the middle finger, and move to Mars so they can become GLORIOUS CAPTAINS OF INDUSTRY, UNIMPEDED BY THE WEIGHT OF GOVERNMENT. Ignore the fact that Mars was not terraformed at this point, they still need a source of food not beholden to Earth, and that Mars gets less sunlight - we have furries to make!

The first furry was made at a celebration of giving Earth the middle finger, much to the horror of everyone. The Mark I furry was an uplifted animal with human-level intelligence, genetically modified into a servitor-like obedience. This essentially made them a genetically modified slave-race. Justified outcries of morality and ethics arose immediately, as did reports of people fucking said slave race, because of course, they would try to fuck them. HSD implies that the reports of people fucking the Mark I furries was just drama stirred up by the media but then why even mention the reports in the first place? The collective governments of Earth immediately set out to deliver the banhammer to these abominations against nature right from the get-go, but they just so happen to be not fast enough, and the plans for the Mark I furry are sent elsewhere.

Offscreen, the governments of Earth get ready to go to war with the Megacorps, but a space virus from the stars crashes down on Earth, which then turns into a computer virus that launches every single weapon of mass destruction, killing most of humanity. Half of the Earth gets covered in weird blood-crystal stuff that outstretches towards the moon.

Without the pesky governments around, the Megacorps get to cranking out more furries, because humanity is royally boned at this point. The Mark I furry plans are immediately discarded for the development of the Mark II furry. Dubbed the "vectors," they are made by taking human fetuses, and sticking animal bits on them which makes them better for reasons, shut up. Over time, with lots and lots of boning, the vectors become the dominant race of the setting, outnumbering humans and eventually fully supplanting them entirely. The final humans of the setting got murdered trying to see how the Earth was doing, finding out that the blood-crystal stuff was sentient and very angry.

This leads us into the present day, where the vectors have collectively grown to be much, much better than humans! Except not really. The bird-type vectors nearly got hunted to extinction by the cat-type vectors over the span of THREE different race-wars. The wars were justified by the vectors succumbing to their animalistic genetic tendencies, falling into preconceived human stereotypes. This doesn't make any goddamn sense because genetically speaking, the vectors are more human than animal, and it undermines their supposed superiority if they start genociding each other due to their animal genes. Add onto this the fact that human media depicting animals is extremely rare, and it becomes another instance of the author writing with his fursona in mind.

If you aren't convinced that the fluff is kind of just a flimsy excuse to inject the author's Magical Realm into an RPG, every Vector has a built-in safety made when there were still humans around to give a damn. Whenever a human voice speaks to them, a Vector will fall into a lull-like trance that makes them highly impressionable. Ignoring the fact that you would think that a sufficiently advanced race with command over biotechnology would cut something like this out, this doesn't have any major impact save for an excuse to have devices that play human media (which are extremely rare) turn into date-rape drugs.

The Crunch (1st Edition)Edit

When you make a character, you get to choose three things, based on what kind of furry you want to be: Family (what general class of furry you want to be EX: Canidae for dogs), species (self-explanatory), and morphism (Body shape. This is how you become a taur.) After that, you get to assign classes of dice to four stats: Mind, Body, Community, and Economy. There are five categories of substats that sort of act like skills, which determine the number of dice you get to roll for a particular check: Dexterity, Resilience, Acuity, Strength, and Presence. This seems innocent enough until you start to think about just how much overlap there is between the three "physical" stats. After all, there is not a ton of difference between Mind:Acuity, which is about sensing things, and Body:Acuity, which is about feeling things with your sensory organs.

The last column, the Economy stat, is the thing that makes the entire system go out the window. Ignoring the idea of substats in economy making little to no sense, the Economy stat is a measure of your Ledger, which is a thing that grants you money every so often by simply... doing nothing. That's right, the biggest incentive to go out and go on an adventure as a murderhobo, cold hard cash (or credits in this case) is handed to you for free by sitting on your ass and doing literally nothing. There is, therefore, no incentive to do anything in the setting, when combined with the fact that the Corps are mechanically able to retcon anything that happened as something completely minor. You will never make an impact on the story, the setting, or anything else in furry space taking the game as written. Truly, in the grimdarkness of the far future, there are only furries.

By min-maxing the Economy stat you make it very, very simple to buy pretty much anything you want while still having points to allocate so you aren't a withered, anti-social husk of a furry. Within a few sessions of doing nothing, it is entirely capable to buy the strongest weapon in the game, with a set of power armor to lift said weapon, and then absolutely trivialize every single combat you might want to get involved with. It is no surprise that the Economy stat was totally scrapped from character generation in the 2nd edition.

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