Hammerbro is a wargame set in the Mario universe, and a companion game to Megaton.

Factions include:

  • Mushroom Kingdom: Rumors include:
    • We're talking fragile. Their models usually fall over in a single hit.
    • Lots of "buff" options. One of their main leader choices looks to be called a Starseer, and can use starspirits to heal, cause enemies to fall asleep, buff the statlines of units, etc.
    • Another hero is the Fortuneteller, who allows the Mushroom Kingdom player to draw on a Tarot deck in order to apply gamewide buffs and debuffs.
    • Heroes are able to equip "Badges" from the Armory which either unlock new abilities or enhance existing ones.
    • Should you be taking Mario as a hero, he has the option to take a Party of Sidekicks, sergeant-level models which give a variety of special attacks and abilities to him.
    • Karts *are* in. They use a modified version of the old Nintendo Kart Kommando rules They can either move 6" and turn up to 90 degrees in a turn, or they can move 12" and turn up to 45 degrees. With a successful drive check, some kart drivers can instead perform a "Power Slide", where a vehicle moves 6", turns 45", but remains moving in the same direction; a failed check results in the vehicle spinning Out-of-Control.
    • Karts are fragile. Lots of upgrade options however, including Mushroom-charged engines, Shells, decorative Fireflowers...
    • The old Yoshis from the Rogue&Watch series of games are in as a mount option. They can eat small models but a single well-placed hit will result in a morale check to ensure the Yoshi doesn't run away.
    • In addition to normal deployment options, they have the ability to deploy by Warp Pipe, with 2 pipes available per Mario Brother taken (so 4 should Mario and Luigi join up). They either act as additional points to enter from reserve, or to rapidly move from one point of the map to the other.
    • Rumors remain at large as to whether Bowser is available as a mercenary ally.
  • Koopa Kingdom
  • Boo Kingdom (from what I saw, King Boo is an associate and not necessarily a subject of Bowser)
  • The Shy Guy Kingdom (scattered throughout a series of pocket dimensions, lairs, etc. While they occasionally do mercenary work for Bowser, Smithy, Wort, or other enemies of the Mushroom Kingdom, they're isolationist otherwise.)
  • The X-Nauts (these guys are supposed to be "new" and all technological and all).
  • The Smithy Gang (although they're at risk of being Tatanga'd).