It's exactly what it says on the box

In an attempt to give their TOW missile teams some mobility, the US Military began to mount them on the ever versatile HMMWV (or Humvee). The HMMWV could keep up with armor and mechanized infantry and provide dedicated anti-tank fire.

In Team YankeeEdit

The Stat Card

The HMMWV-TOW is a pretty decent AT unit. The Improved TOW missile dishes out AT 21, FP 3+ hits from up to and including 48” way. The TOW is quite capable of dealing with MBTs and is simply overkill when dealing with transports.

The down side is that you have an all round armor value of 0. That’s right, 0. Now, this isn't as bad as it seems because even though it has no armor, the HMMWV still technically has an armor save. Therefore the Brutal special rule does not kick in and you might actually survive any hit with a AT value less than 6. That being said, DO NOT GET SHOT.

Since the Humvee is a wheeled platform rather than tracked, it has a surprisingly fast Road Dash Speed. If you need to suddenly deal with a threat that is an entire board away, you can just hop on the freeway and be in their face before your opponent can blink (and by in their face, I mean in a bush with clear line of sight 40" away). In addition, since a lot of people limit themselves to tactical speed to ensure that they can use their guns, the Humvee can surprise them by tearing around the board by dashing every time it has to move. Since you can't fire the TOW on the move anyway, why would you ever not dash?

In summary the HMMWV TOW is a dedicated sniper, even more so than M901 ITV. Sit back, eat some cheese burgers, pop the tops off of Warsaw armor, and if anyone begins to target you, zip away to do it all again.

You can take HMMWV TOW in Platoons of 2 for 2 points in your US Armies.



The mounting of a TOW on HMMWV was meant to improve TOW team mobility and to give the US Army a counter to the USSR's use of ultra light ATGM vehicles. It more or less copied and improved the concept of the Spandrel, and the weapon performed to expectation on the occasions that it actually saw combat. Of course that combat was against the USSR's successor states and certain middle eastern nations so how it would have performed in a hot nonnuclear WW3 is up for debate.

US Forces in Team Yankee
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