Gunslinger Rick


Gunslinger Rick is a Call of Cthulhu character who single handedly fucking shot fucking Cthulhu back to fucking R'lyeh. He has been compared to Old Man Henderson in terms of badassery, but in reality he never really derailed much of the plotline.

He wielded a single army revolver, and wore a dark grey trenchcoat and a wide brim black felt hat. He spoke in a rasping texan accent, and swore viciously at everything and anything. A hardy alcoholic, Rick never failed a save for getting drunk and did so frequently. He lost his revolver many times, but always pulled out another from some secret pocket.

His party eventually got pissed off at his angry drunken tirades, and got him arrested. He paid off the cops, and went after his own party, slaughtering them all. Afterwards he went to the pub and promptly got pissed. Not bad.

After much deliberation and drunken abuse, the now rejuvenated party made their way through the campaign nicely, up until Rick got his hands on a copy of the Necronomicon. Suffice to say, he traded it for a whiskey bottle and buggered off to get drunk somewhere. Ka poof, cultists summon Cthulhu. Other player make their last stand, while Ricky boy is still downing his piss.

In addition, once he discovered the cultists had summoned Cthulhu, Rick's player (name omitted) gives this evil look at the game master(Keeper) and says very slowly and deliberately "I douse the book in whiskey and burn it". This was, of course, the Necronmicon, the only book we could have used to banish Cthulhu.

How the hell he did itEdit

Gunslinger Rick had the strange ability to never run out of ammo. He would always succeed his luck saves to pull extra out of his sock/hat/coat/gun/nearby corpses and reload to continue shooting. The GM made him do nearly 500 consecutive luck saves, nearly all of which he completed, with the assistance of half a bottle of Vodka(both in game and out).

3000 bullets later...

Cthulhu gets shot down, and crawls back to R'lyeh in disgrace. Rick-1, Great Old One-0. Rick was then killed by falling debris caused by Cthulhu's exit. No I'm not bloody well kidding.


After being accused many times of fudging the dice, Rick's player allowed the party to swap his dice. He still succeeded his rolls however. None of the players really knows how this happened. He would ask the Keeper, "can I roll to see if I have more ammo?" the answer was of course yes. He would roll, and succeed. There was just more and more and more ammo. Eventually it just got bloody annoying. We all got preeety pissed off at that point, it was nearly midnight and we hadn't all died. Rick had burnt the Necronomicon, and it was nearly over. Cthulhu was bearing down on our party, and there was nothing we could do to stop it. Then, Rick makes his way to the top of a building, and starts shooting Cthulhu. He rolled 3 consecutive critical hits, and Cthulhu was stunned (he pulled out a set of obscure rules that state consecutive critical hits cause various effects) Cthulhu is stunned. Cthulhu. Fucking Cthulhu. Anyway, Rick keeps on shooting, succeeding all these bleeding luck checks to find ammo. Check after check he succeeds.

Eventually the Keeper gets to his limit, and remarks tiredly that Cthulhu runs away and that the characters have won. Rick ends the game by going to a local pub, and getting drunk. Well, drunker.