Guardians of the Covenant

Guardians of the Covenant
Guardians heraldry.jpg
Founding Unknown Founding
Successors of Dark Angels
Primarch Lion El'Jonson
Homeworld Mortikah VII
Strength ~1000
Specialty Armoured warfare and fighting Xenos
Allegiance Imperium of Man
Colours Gunmetal grey, a black trim and crimson robes

The Guardians of the Covenant are a Dark Angels Successor Chapter of an unknown founding, though sources suggest it to be around M36. Their home planet, Mortikah VII, lies close to the western rim of the galaxy, in the Segmentum Pacificus and more specifically, near the Halo Stars. The brothers of the Chapter have stood vigil for thousands of years, defending the Imperium for whatever threat may lurk betwixt the borders of the Imperium and ancient stars of the Halo Zone. The Chapter is known to spearhead Crusades into that benighted region of space.



It is known only to few Guardians themselves from which time their Chapter stems. Knowledge is power, and the origins of the Chapter are secrets well guarded deep within the catacombs of the Spire, a vast baroque Fortress-Monastery hidden deep within the mountains of Mortikah VII. The only thing that is certain, is the fact the Guardians of the Covenant were founded to stand vigil against the horrors that lurk beyond the Halo Stars, on the edge of the Segmentum Pacificus. Inquisitors place the founding of the Chapter around M34, though their chapter iconography (the crossed swords) is identical to that of the original Deathwing of the First Legion during the Great Crusade. During their millennia-long existence, the Chapter has stood watch over a region of space from which many alien threats find their origin. One of their better-known exploits is their rescue of an entire sub-sector during the Lelith Incursion. Described as a "particularly appaling" Xenos subjugation by 40K standards, one can only wonder what manner of sick fuckery they put an end to. To better understand the myriad threats the galaxy has to offer, the brothers of the Guardians of the Covenant took upon themselves to record and catalog all knowledge and information they could gather. It is this the Battle-Brothers of the Chapter are renowned for and it has earned them both praise and ire from the various institutions the Imperium consists of.


The Chapter places knowledge and understanding above all else. As dogmatic worship of the Emperor is frowned upon by members of the Chapter, certain freedom of thought is given to Brothers of the Chapter. Every teaching from the Emperor and the Lion El'Jonson is studied, analysed and debated so that few can match them on the theoretical field of battle.

They even appear to have an uncharacteristic reverence (as members of the Unforgiven) for Guilliman's Codex Astartes and inscribe their arms, armour, banners and war machines with passages and artistic renderings from that ancient text, as well as other sacred documents. What drives the Guardians of the Covenant to do this is not entirely understood, and is suspected by some that it is part of an Unforgiven conspiracy of misdirection. Or, perhaps, they simply realized through their debates that Guilliman made many very good points in his Codex and it would be stupid to ignore the wisdom of a primarch just because he is not your primarch. Just as stupid, in fact, as following that wisdom blindly without any initiative.

Chapter DoctrinesEdit

The Chapter is unique in that they value scholarly arts on an equal level to martial arts. Most Battle-Brothers are gifted individuals with unique skills that range from poetry to masonry and from biology to exact science.
The Guardians of the Covenant march to the courtroom, preparing to lay down the law war

In fact, player characters in the Deathwatch (RPG) all begin play with Infused Knowledge, representing the extreme amount of education imparted to the Guardians of the Covenant as part of their training process. Much of it implanted hypnotically so they do not even realise how much they know until the situation arises. In essence a Guardian of the Covenant may theoretically have a basic knowledge of EVERY subject so long as it is not forbidden or restricted lore.

Uncharacteristically for most of the Imperium military (let alone the Dark Angels) they, comparatively, seem to show a great amount of care for the common citizens living in their dominion.

Status as UnforgivenEdit

Though part of the Unforgiven and close ties to other Unforgiven Chapters, the Guardians of the Covenant, mostly due to their remote location, do not actively hunt the Fallen like their progenitor and fellow successor chapters. Though aid will be given when requested, the Chapter's Second Company, which was originally formed after the progenitor's Ravenwing, seldom rides out for one of the cast-down members of the legion from whence they originated. This has further lead to an already isolated status apart from the rest of the Unforgiven. Nevertheless, the Guardians of the Covenant are proud of their heritage as Sons of the Lion and follow many traditions laid down by their parent Legion and Chapter.

Amongst other chapters however, the Guardians of the Covenant are not well known or highly regarded, due to their isolation and secrecy. This is represented in the Deathwatch (RPG) with the fact that any team led by a Guardian will have a reduced group cohesion, as the team members are less inclined to follow a recluse commander with few acknowledged battle honours.

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